Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elvis Sightings

Seems I left you kind of the middle of our Family Vacation trip, after we left Arkansas we headed for Tennessee stopping at the first exit in Memphis which is on the eastern side of the Mississippi River, if you are ever in the area it is worth a stop if for nothing else but the view, The Welcome Center has the normal stacks of area attraction brochures to go along with the view, there is also a large statue of Elvis Presley with a sign that reads “Do Not Touch” Randy and Timmy are looking at it and you can see by the look on their faces what they are thinking, Randy says “How are they going to know if I touch it” I reply if you touch it an alarm will probably go off, he laughs and lays his hand on Elvis foot, I kid you not just as he touches it a SWAT team comes into every door everyone is surrounded, the building is sealed off, the restrooms are searched and everyone is questioned, I thought Randy was going to die on me right there, seems there was a shooting in the area earlier in the day and a tip had come in that the suspect was hiding by the river, what a coincidence that Randy picked the right time to touch the last statue he will ever touch.

After the Swat team cleared us and our van was searched we hit the road and headed for Graceland, heck we had seen the statue we might as well go see where he lived, Graceland is pretty impressive although not as large as you would think, it is a nice Southern home with a lot of stuff inside if you are an Elvis fan it is well worth the trip and if you are not you will like it anyway, after the tour of the house and grave we went back across the street to go through the shops, first thing Cindy ran into was an Elvis impersonator who just knew he was Elvis, every time we turned around there he was trying to sing for Cindy, the kids and I thought it was funny but Cindy was not impressed, we went down the street a bit for another shop and guess who was there, a “Fat Elvis” impersonator who was equally talented as the previous one, we were having fun but time to hit the road was upon us.

Music Row was our next stop in Nashville, there is a lot of history there and you just have to see it for yourself, yes Elvis made an appearance for Cindy while we were there and it was getting late in the day so we went to find a motel to which we had better luck than the last one, we found a very nice place with all you could ask for, there was a pool and weight room for the kids, a restaurant and a large room we could all be comfortable in, after supper we could hear music coming from the bar downstairs, we went down to find a group of people who we were told are trying to make it in Nashville, we were allowed to bring the kids inside as long as we were not drinking, I had no problem with this and we all really enjoyed listening to a talented group of people sing for us, after this group there was a karaoke type performance in which there were a few good ones, then out of the blue there he was “Elvis was in the building” he started singing and Cindy started laughing, she was having such a good time at seeing Elvis again she just couldn’t stop laughing after seeing him so much this day, Elvis noticed her and here he comes through the dark crowded room with a spotlight following him to pull up a chair and sit right down in front of her, she is still laughing and he is leaning in close singing “Love Me Tender” I was laughing too hard to help her, he finished the song and said “Thankyouverymuch” (yes that is one word) then Elvis left the building.

We really like visiting Tennessee and it is the longest state to drive through on I-40 heck it even shares two time zones, Knoxville is beautiful on the eastern edge nearing North Carolina and our last major town before leaving the state, the Great Smoky Mountains just take your breath and we didn’t see Elvis anywhere here.

to be continued:


  1. Oh, wow...what a fun trip this sound like!

    A few years ago, my brother got a timeshare in Tennessee and said that it was one of the nicest places he ever visited. He said the people were AWESOME; friendly and welcoming.

    The story of Randy reminds me of when I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and had the same thing happen to me when I touched one of the statues in the Roman section of the museum. Scared the heck out of me!

  2. That was a Fun trip, so much happened to us that year I just couldn't put it into one post Ha Ha, so I guess I will be adding more later on.

    The people in Tennessee have always been good to us and there is so much to see and do there, execpt for touching statues Ha Ha

  3. First you write about one of my mom's favorite all time artists..Elvis. She was fortunate to see him perform live several times in Las Vegas. She even caught one of his scarves that he threw out into the audience.

    One time when we were in Washington DC doing a family trip when the kids were little, we visited the White House. You are told not to touch anything there...just look. My son was five at the time so this did not mean much to him. While visiting one of the rooms, my son kicked a part of the wall and a vent cover came flying off. No one saw but me and my husband...and of course my son. We say to this day that he "redecorated" a room of the White House!

  4. I bet one of his performances was something to see, Tennesse is a place she would like.

    Redecorating the Whitehouse---I can just imagine Ha Ha I bet he will never forget that feeling, I just know the hair on the back of all three of your necks stood on end.

  5. You guys sure have exxciting things happens to you when you go on vacation!

  6. Yes SC, we have had some interesting times while on vacation, I think this was the one with the most activity Ha Ha


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