Friday, February 19, 2010

In The Public Eye

Tiger Woods apology this morning had everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for details of his past aggressions and news on when he will be returning to professional golf. His apology in my opinion was well rehearsed and well written, he made a lot of valid points and gave us some insight into who he is. He made it clear he did not want his wife and children dragged through all of this and I appreciate the fact that he wants them to be protected and kept out of the fishbowl so to say.

Now what if this had happened to a “Normal” man, someone like me that is not known publicly? If it had been me the accident would have been investigated by the local police and I would have probably spent the night in jail, the media would have paid no attention to this and my past would not have been under the microscope, now say I did have a secret harem of women and all of a sudden my wife found out about it would the paparazzi be following her around waiting for her to go in for the kill? I don’t think so because she would have gotten to me way before they did. Seriously why is if fair for people like us to be rightly left alone while going through life and celebrities are fair game to have their every move documented and pictures of them sold for a profit.

News is news and should be reported on but so much of it is buried beneath the private struggles of people whose celebrity stature makes their private lives fair game, look at the news for example and see where the headline of the man who crashed his plane into the IRS building in Austin compares to the Apology of a man who cheated on his wife.


  1. Good question!

    I honestly think it's about money.

    Newpaper and magazine sales.

    If it's a story about a well-known celebrity they will always seem to make it a top headline over someone who is not as well-known. It's not fair by any means, but I think they know it SELLS.

    But what really amazes me, is that some big celebrities (such as Kevin Spacey, Tina Turner, and Meryl Streep) always know how to keep their private lives, private. I honestly don't know how they do it.

    That's the thing about being a celebrity that I wouldn't like. I enjoy certain aspects of my life to remain private. Especially when it comes to family.

  2. I agree with you Ron, Money Talks and if it can be made it will be regardless of feelings.

    You have to respect those celebrities who manage to keep their private lives,private. My hat is off to them.

  3. I think in some way celebrities know when they enter into that realm that their lives are fair game for public consumption. It goes with the job. Just like I have to do certain things for my job, like take continuing education to keep my license current, a celebrity must conduct himself/herself in a certain manner if they want to maintain the "facade" that they work hard to create. In an age of instant media, they must be aware that their private lives are vulnerable. do what you want for sure...but don't cry over spilt milk. I mean if a man wants to have multiple affairs with multiple women that's fine...just don't promise someone to love, honor and cherish til death due you part. That is my opinion on the matter!

  4. Very good point Susie it is kind of in their "Job Description" and it is up to them how they treat their job and family privacy so to say.

    "I mean if a man wants to have multiple affairs with multiple women that's fine...just don't promise someone to love, honor and cherish til death due you part." Amen this sums it all up just because you have celebrity status does not change the rules for you, if you want to keep your family safe and private then dont put them into a situation that draws attention to them.

    Thank You

    I think you will like this post by my friend, Karal. This was in response to Gloria Allred's press conference about Tiger's press conference.

  6. Thank You, I did enjoy Karal's post she hit the nail on the head.

  7. The problem today is that men do not know how to keep thier zippers zipped. What happened to fidelity? Tiger got caught and because of who he is it made headlines. He should have known better and so should the bimbos he was with. I think enough has been said about Tiger and now it should remain between him and his wife,they have a lot of learning and forgiving to do for thier sakes and the childrens.
    The truth always has a way of coming out and if you play the game you are gonna pay the price.

  8. Now Nan you don't mean All Men do ya lol

    True if you play you have to pay and it should be now between he and his wife. Fidelity is still out there it just don't make the headlines.


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