Thursday, March 4, 2010

Diabetic Frustration Vent

I have really been ticked off today at everything but nothing, I am not ticked to the point some get where they yell and throw things I have come to learn nothing is gained by this type of lashing out, I really don’t like throwing stuff because I have to go and clean it up and yelling only makes the ones you love think you are lashing out at them, writing it down sometimes helps you deal with it but who knows where the problem actually is?

As most of you know I have been a Type One Diabetic for about thirty five years, I get my test strips for testing my blood glucose through a company who “takes care of all the paperwork and bills my Medicare”, my Doctor tells them how many times a day I test and they send the supplies, well here we go I have had some problems and need more test strips, I contact the company because I am almost out and explain the situation---Your supplies will not be shipped until the 27th---OK still I am running low can we do anything to get more strips for me---See your Doctor and have your next shipment upped---OK but I need test strips now can I buy some---nope you are only testing this many times a day and until your Doctor tells us different this is the amount you will get, this is when I asked “With your vast knowledge of my condition and care do you suggest I just stop testing until you decide to ship?” This is when they offered to send me a cheaper meter with a set of strips at no cost to get me through, a backup so to say, in the meantime I can get my doctor to send orders upping my number of times a day and get my normal test strips on the 27th.

The first of the month came and the mail ran and I received no test strips, Cindy gave them a call, they said test strips wont be going out until the 3rd, OK what happened to the 27th? After Cindy got through with them they explained they were faxing my Doctor to confirm the new numbers and would be shipping my normal brand test strips this same day with the upgraded amount. OK all is in line once again or so I thought.

Shipment arrives and the amount is for my old numbers and the brand is the cheap strips they sent me for backup, their explanation for this is I asked for the cheap meter and my numbers can’t be changed until my next shipment June 1st, and I need to send them my Blood Glucose test records for the month of January so they can confirm I am actually using them, How in the world can a medical supplier make the decision on how many times a day I can test contrary to my Doctors orders, it’s not like I want to poke my fingers average seven times a day and take four to five insulin injections but this is what I have to do to be able to rant and rave here, I am not in the business of selling the test strips I get from them for a profit either, Diabetes is not easy to deal with on it’s own and companies who are making a huge profit on my condition should be making it easier rather than more frustrating, I think I will be throwing something real soon and it will be this medical supplier because they are not the only ones in the business.

Thanks for listening; sometimes you just have to get it off your chest.


  1. I am glad that you vented and didnt throw anything..there is nothing more aggravating then medical suppy companies or insurance companies thinking they are more educated then our Dr's..When a dr writes an order it should be followed to the letter and not questioned.
    I would have your dr contact them and make it very clear what you needs are and if they are incapable of following orders then i would find another supply company.. i am sorry you had to deal with this and hope this get rectified..

  2. Thanks Nan,

    You know it's not over yet, Miss Cindy don't give up that easy and it will be straightened out when she is done :^0

  3. I am like your husband turns things over to me so I can put my "bitch face" on. And believe me you don't want to come up against me when I am wearing that mask. Add in diabetes to the 'bitch face" adds fuel to my out!! I hate drug companies and everything they stand for. I think you should throw the whole kitchen sink at them. If not, this is a good place to vent. There...I feel better now!! I hope you do too!!!

  4. "I hate drug companies and everything they stand for." I agree with you here Susie they are in it for a profit and don't actually care if they are helping or not, I have opinions as you know about Diabetes and drug companies but it is probably better suited for a future post.

    "Bitch Face" mode I Love it, I never actually had a name for it but this works well, I know your husband appreciates you for it and Cindy will gladly go into "Bitch Face" mode to stand for what is right especially when it comes to Friends and Family.

    They will be getting the kitchen sink, I feel better just knowing that and that we are not alone here.

  5. lol no doubt in my mind that once they are done dealing with cindy you will have all the supplies you need.. remind her that she still has the "bitches tiara" and she knows how to use it..

  6. OMG, this is so much fun reading your other comments and knowing that other people use the phrase "Bitch Face."

    I LOVE IT!

    So sorry to hear about this MAJOR hassle, Jimmy. My mother goes through much of the same ordering her meds from drugs companies. She is SO over it! And medical profession in general.

    Listen, vent any ol' time you want on your blog. Isn't it great therapy?

    *however, I've been know to throw things too.


    Enjoyed this post, bud!

  7. Yes Nan,

    We may have moved but she never officialy gave up the tiara and believe you me I have faith she knows how to use it Ha Ha

  8. Thanks Ron,

    I knew you would be with me on this one as everyone else has been, this is a great little family we have growing here and if we get too much out of line I see a few know how to use the "Bitch Face"

    That's enough to make me smile and to keep them smiling.

    Thanks Bud we all have to vent and it's appreciated when you all let me.

  9. Wow, that is frustrating. I hate how companies try to dictate the medical needs of others when they have no medical expertise. Just ticks me off. I'd want to throw something, too, but like you I'd have to clean it up and pay to replace broken object!

  10. Geez, Jimmy. How freakin' frustrating is that? I really have no respect for drug companies at ALL but I also have no medical condition that puts me at their mercy and I feel for you because, yeah, throwing something only gives ya that, well hell now I have to clean that up TOO feeling. Bitch Face. Love that phrase. Hope its straight, and thanks for all the great comments on my post. I sort of took a day off after my little meltdown/revelation.


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