Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Let me give you a little background on this one, as most of you have figured out we do have a Grand baby on the way, Tim and Elisa will be parents in August it's kind of scary thinking about it but watching them with other peoples kids I can see they will be loving parents.

Tim and Elisa started dating about five years ago and you could see back then that she was here for the long haul, in other words she became family a long time ago, they have been saving and planning this wedding for the last couple of years, Tim bought her a ring right before he moved about seven hours away to finish college, she stayed here and they worked through a long distance relationship, they planned to marry when he returned home and they made it work.

The wedding date was set and final details were made, Elisa went and bought her wedding dress and called us to share how happy she was with her choice, a week later Tim called to give us the news that she was expecting a baby, he was so scared and wanted to be the one to tell us, I actually had expected it but thought it would be soon after the wedding, needless to say we are so happy for them, I think her parents freaked out a little but on our end a lot of phone calls were made to share the good news, I have hinted around about having a Grand baby some here but wanted to share the news officially with all of you here.

I really don't think that it's an issue myself but I have heard some comments of a marriage coming due to a pregnancy but in this case a pregnancy came due to two people loving each other, the wedding just came in the middle of the process. It kind of reminds me of a statement I heard once about how things have changed, "Used to be you would hear "Pregnant? I didn't even know she was married" now you hear "Married? I didn't even know she was pregnant"

Today the kids went for a sonogram and invited us to go with them because we will not be back in town until after the baby is born, it was so neat to watch this baby bounce around and appear to be sucking his thumb while kicking and being really active, yes I said his so as you know already by the title that "It's A Boy" and as of now Benjamin Wyatt will be our first Grandson around August third, and from watching him today I feel really proud to know that he will be an active little boy who will come by it honest because Tim was always a handful.

Congrats Tim and Elisa, Granny and Papa are just waiting to begin the spoiling process.



    And CONGRATS to Tim and Elisa!

    YAHOOOOOO....a baby on the way! I bet it was so cool to watch the sonogram!

    Benjamin Wyatt. LOVE the name!

    "but in this case a pregnancy came due to two people loving each other, the wedding just came in the middle of the process"


  2. Thank You Sir,

    I asked if she was going to name the baby Jimmy and got a quick NO Ha Ha, I really like the name they picked also.

  3. Grandpa Jimmy...congrats!!! This sounds so good. I don't think you know I have my very own Timmy...my husband! Just an aside...when my husband's dad received all that info recently on his family history and found out his great grandpa was in the Civil War and his name was James...my son said," I am officially claiming that name...James Hanigan...when I have a boy someday." He made this proclamation to the whole family, cousins included, so no one would steal the name. So you see...my son is going to name his first boy after you!!

  4. Thank You Susie,

    Timmy and Jimmy is so close we both have been confused over the years, when Cindy calls one of us we both come running Ha Ha I'll remember your husbands name now.

    I am honored and proud to see him claim the name James for his firstborn, James actually is common in my family back to the early 1800's so I am kind of partial to it.

  5. Congrats. So happy for all of you. They say there is nothing compared to being a grandparent. I know someone who says she wishes she could have skipped raising kids and gone straight to grandparenting!

  6. Thank You Suzi,

    This is going to be so great.

    "I know someone who says she wishes she could have skipped raising kids and gone straight to grandparenting!"

    Seems I have heard this also, and I know good times are coming our way :^)

  7. Oh that's amazing!! What a blessing! You will be amazing grandparents.

    My husband and I were engaged and the wedding was six months away when we found out I was pregnant. We moved the wedding up four months. As you said, the baby came about because two people loved each other. And we did not get married just because of the pregnancy. We celebrated 20 years last month. Now days the trend seems to be to have your first child as your flower girl/ring bearer. It seems ridiculous to me.

    I'm so excited for you! Congrats to your son and his wife.

  8. Thanks Spot,

    Life happens and you either live it or fight it, I like living and enjoying life as it happens, babies are part of life no matter what the timing is.

    Congrats on your 20 years that is something to be proud of.


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