Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making A Change

I have been working on the blog last few days changing the background adding a picture to it and trying to decide which one I like, I think I made a wise choice there, the biggie is the name I began with Just My Opinion in an attempt to rant and rave about things on my mind but soon found a lot of good friends here who have helped me along and I began telling more stories about my family and such more so than venting, and I like it.

So how about lets call it Jimmy’s Opinion I began thinking, heck my url right now says jimmysopinion anyway.

Now for the question, what do you think about the change?


  1. I'll read you, name change, or not.

  2. I like Jimmy's Opinion but what about something more creative like Jimmy's Journal.,Jimmy's Judgment..or I know how about Jimmy's Two Cents' Worth? I like the last one. But of course I like anything you do!!!

  3. Thank You Ms A,

    That means a lot to me

  4. Hey Susie,

    Now don't make me start thinking Ha Ha

    You have me looking at the others now, may just stick with Jimmys Opinion to match the url, never know it didn't match before.

    Thanks a lot my dear Friend

  5. I love the sketchy background with the big smile. That is sweet!

    I like it when names and urls match too, of course, mine doesn't. HA. It's funny how blogs evolve. Yours revolved..I think that's cool.


  6. Looks like I'm not the only one who has been changing up their blog. Must be something in the air, I've notice a lot of folks doing changes.

    I like it! I really like the scetch background too!

    I wish I had thought my page through when making my url, but I didn't know what I was doing.

  7. The sketchy background is cool, and still it is easy to read. Well done, young man.
    And, no matter what you call it, I will still read it.

  8. I'm pretty new here, so I don't remember the old one...I'm gonna read it either way, so do what pleases you!

  9. Thank You all I do appreciate your positive comments:

    Angelia: Thank you for coming along for the ride, I have enjoyed your blog and hope you enjoy hanging around with us here.

    Hey Heather: I have noticed some changes on your and as far as the url goes it can change only problem is losing people until they find you again, switching to a custom domain both urls will go to your page though, looks like you know exactly what you are doing now my Friend.

    Joe: Thank You Sir, I was hoping the background was not overpowering the text, it looks good on my machine but you never know how it is working elsewhere, You have answered a major question in my mind and I do appreciate your input.

    Pat: I started out with a brown scribe template which was easy to read but hard for me to play with Ha Ha, I changed to the blue and started playing with different banners, finally figured out how to add a background and here we are, your pictures are amazing and I do enjoy reading your blog also, Thank You Sir

  10. I've enjoyed ALL the various changes you've made on this blog in the past month or so.

    Isn't it fun to change things? To me, that's the whole point of having a blog - it changes as you grow.

    LOVE the new title. It's PERFECT!

    Way to GO, boy!

  11. Thank You Ron,

    I have so enjoyed this, writing my stories and making new friends, never knew that they could all tie together.

    Making the changes is key to making it your own and as you know I like playing with the codes to see what will work.

    Thanks Buddy I Appreciate You.

  12. Love it, just how I love you buddy!

  13. Thank You Trisha,

    I am honored


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