Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not Gay Enough?

OK I first saw this on the news night before last night and really got a laugh at first but it’s really not funny, read the story Gay Softball Team Disqualified for Not Being Gay Enough and let me know your take on this one.

It seems that five players of the second place team in the Gay Softball World Series were brought into question while playing during the championship games, they were accused by players from one of the teams they had beaten of being heterosexual rather than gay, it appears that no more than two heterosexual players can be on a gay softball team nor does it appear that they can be bisexual either, but this one has not been directly answered.

After the accusations were made five players were brought into a room filled with about twenty five people and were forced to answer questions about their sexual preferences, they had to state whether they were predominantly attracted to men or women, and then after a vote from the panel they were labeled either gay or non gay.

The second place team in the Gay Softball World Series was then stripped of their title due to being labeled as Not Gay Enough, when questioned whether a player who was attracted to both men and women could play a panel member stated "This is the Gay World Series, not the Bisexual World Series."

Now I think it’s pretty sad that a Gay Softball team is disqualified for not being gay enough, I think it’s even sadder that these men were brought in front of a panel and questioned on their sexual preferences, I really don’t care what anyone’s preferences are, and I don’t think anyone should be brought in front of a panel to answer questions of this nature, if they were to be deemed as qualified to play in this series then all questions should have been asked in private before the games began rather than after accusations from players that had lost to this team.

Gay, Straight, Bisexual, or all of the above no one should be put into the position of answering questions of this nature in front of a group of people for the purpose of being labeled as anything.

Just My Opinion


  1. I have to agree...nobody should ever have to explain their sexuality to anybody at any time. Being of any sexuality doesn't change what you are capable of as a person.

  2. Forgot to say I came over from Ian's blog!

  3. Gee, why am I not surprised to read this?

    I agree with you that nobody should have to explain their sexuality to anyone at any time.

    Being a gay man, I can tell you that there is more distrimination and prejudice between gays against gays, than straights against gays. And heaven forbid anyone say that they're bisexual, because many gay peole think it's just a cop-out for gay people who don't want to say they're gay.

    Quite frankly, I've never understood why there has to be separate groups/teams for different sexual preferences. I mean if your qualified to do the job, who cares what your preference is?

    I live in a city where there is tremendous segregation, and even within the gay community. Which is why I refuse to be a part of any specific group.

    We're all in this world together.


    GREAT post, Jimmmy! Thanks for posting it!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  4. Why is there a Gay Softball League anyway? I've never heard of a Straight Softball League. It's just another example of reverse discrimination. We don't want you to discriminate against us, but we're going to against you. Discrimination is WRONG, no matter who's doing it. Two wrongs do not make a right, no matter how you add it up.


  5. That's how I see it Melissa your sexual preference should not be a factor in what you can do, it's just wrong in my opinion.

    Thanks for stopping by I'm glad you joined us.

  6. Good Morning Ron,

    Isn't it sad that people tend to go against their own so to say, the discrimination within a group seems to be more so than from the outside, the problem is there is an inside and an outside which is also wrong.

    I agree we are all in this world together and it's about time we see that and take care of each other rather than treating each other in this manner.

    A Great weekend to you too Buddy, and Thank You

  7. "Why is there a Gay Softball League anyway?"

    Good point Spot if you are good enough to play then why do you have to pick a team depending on your sexual preferences?

    I am with you this all comes down to discrimination and as you said it don't matter who is doing it, Wrong is Wrong.

  8. Well, I think there is a Gay softball league because as humans we like to congregate into groups. It has been happening since the beginning of time. In fact, it occurs in the animal kingdom as well. We tend to like to be with others who are of our makes us more comfortable. That is why the world is divided into so many different groups...ususally based on religion. It is why wars happen. That being said, I would love for all of mankind to embrace your viewpoint of" live and let live." That truly would be Nirvana. I just think we have a long way to go before we get there!

  9. Well said Susie,

    You have hit the nail on the head so to say for the reason we act as we do, people are afraid at times to accept someone who is different but because they are different I have a hard time understanding the reason they should be trated so badly.

    If I don't agree with someone it doesn't give me the right to hate them or make them feel as an outcast.

    I guess Wars and protests have been started over lesser things, too bad we all can't "Live and let Live" and yes mam we have a long way to go before we get there, we just have to stick together and hopefully make the ride a little easier.

    Thank You Susie

  10. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with ability to play softball, or do anything else.
    Who ever set up the league should have the authority to make the rules concerning eligibility. But eligibility should be decided before hand, not at some public 'trial'.
    If the complainers hadn't lost, would they have complained. I don't think so.
    It's win at any cost. Everything in our culture is like that. Lie, cheat, steal, harm others, what ever it takes: just win.

    The golden rule has become: Do unto others before they do it to you.

  11. "But eligibility should be decided before hand, not at some public 'trial'.
    If the complainers hadn't lost, would they have complained. I don't think so."

    There is my point Greg, if they were eligible to play beforehand then they should have been allowed to win and not brought into question by a losing team.

    Sexual orientation should have nothing to do with it.

  12. We had similar situation in our advertising softball league. Except our issues we're about people not working for our company...not about sexual orientation. Guess that's sorta different.

  13. Sorta different but the point is the same so to say, if they were deemed eligible to play before the game started then they should be allowed to win, regardless of who they work for---or who they sleep with, sorry not the point at this game huh LOL

    Welcome Copyboy, glad to have you stop by

  14. Good Lord. It's like the whole "black enough" thing about Obama. People are so odd. What do they expect the players who are deemed "gay enough" to behave like? Do they want them to sing showtunes while at bat? Make sure their outfits are coordinated properly?

  15. I think discrimination against anybody by anybody is wrong. Every one should be more tolerant.

  16. "Do they want them to sing showtunes while at bat? Make sure their outfits are coordinated properly?"

    Amen Gretchen who is to say how anyone should act, I think the whole thing was pretty sad, probably would have gone just fine had they not pulled them in and humiliated them as they did. Black enough, White enough, Gay enough, Straight enough it's all just stupid in my opinion.

    Thank You Gretchen for joining us.

  17. Amen Peg,

    You are so right any type of discrimination is just wrong and so many are allowed to continue acting this way.

  18. Well this is just upsidedown and insideout isn't it?? I mean, come on and just play the game. I don't care if you're a purple alien.

    Peg - Don't even get me started on tolerance. I'm still fuming over the post I read about how as Christians we should not be tolerant. That's sooo wrong on sooo many levels..

  19. "I mean, come on and just play the game."

    That's it in a nut shell Trisha, we as Christians should be tolerant, and as Peg said we should all be tolerant.

    This old world is made up of too many different people to not be.

  20. I really think the whole thing is aweful, to be questioned like that. Horriable! BUT, They are on a softball team that uses the word GAY as its title. So it would make common sense that they would be gay. Tricky subject, they should just have a softball team and not worry about what is going on in their bedrooms.

  21. Good Morning Heather,

    "they should just have a softball team and not worry about what is going on in their bedrooms"

    I think this would eliminate the problem all together, but simple solutions are hard to see at times.


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