Monday, April 5, 2010

Seven Point Two

Easter dinner was very nice yesterday, as I said before Cindy’s brother Bruce came for dinner with a friend who we had not met until then, Kathryn is a very nice person and we all fell in love with her, she made a chocolate cheesecake which ran my blood sugar through the roof but an extra insulin shot got me back into line by this morning, Cindy’s Grandmother who is ninety five years old and has better wits about her than most people half her age also joined us for the day, it was so good to have family together for Easter dinner and we hope to see more of Kathryn real soon.

After dinner it was decided we would go out and groom the horses, Bruce and Kathryn went to gather up flash and Cindy went to harness Sally, OK this wasn’t working for anyone, Flash just kept walking away from Bruce and I am not sure why Sally wouldn’t cooperate, Whiskey walked right up to Cindy and placed his nose against the bright pink harness she was carrying so to make a long story short he was shortly wearing a bright pink harness and being led with the matching lead rope, Bruce finally talked Flash into his harness and also led him to the rack for a good brushing, I sat back and watched all of this and helped Cindy tie up Whiskey, she turned and told Sally “see what you are missing” so I walked over to Sally to see if she would come to me which she always has in the past, we walked together over to the rest of the group and Sally also got a good brushing from me without a harness or lead rope, not that I am an expert horse person but I thought I would at least give it a try, I actually think she saw the other horses standing together and wanted to join them, the brushing was just a bonus. Remember Sally is the Mustang we rescued from the shelter and it is beginning to look like we just may have adopted two rather than one because she sure is getting round in the middle, I’ll let you know when we find out for sure.

Flash, Sally, and Whiskey grazing in the pasture

In the middle of the horse brushing I hear screaming coming from the direction of the house, I actually thought it was kids playing across the street, Bruce stops and says “Did you feel that” Kathryn agrees with him and he says “I think we just had an earthquake” the screaming continues in the house and the kids next door are running toward the house screaming “Earthquake” I actually felt nothing and Cindy says neither did she, I guess it rattled inside the house pretty good but there was no damage in our immediate area other than Cindy’s Moms nerves, Dad got her calmed down pretty quick, fear is a big thing and I have been inside the house when it shook just the sound of the dishes shaking and the sudden swinging of the ceiling fan’s chain is enough to get your heart pumping a bit faster.

The initial news reports showed a 6.9 Earthquake had hit near Mexicali, Mexico this was very quickly upgraded to 7.2, Mexicali is about 400 miles from us but I guess that is pretty close when it comes to feeling an Earthquake of 7.2 magnitude on the Richter scale, Melissa called and said it was really strong at her home near Los Angeles and Cindy’s brother was in Hemet and mentioned that he was rocking and rolling there, pretty scary stuff but all of our family is just fine with no damage. Pray for those who are affected by tragedies like this and Thank God for those who were blessed to not be involved.


  1. I was wondering how my Cali buddies were doing after the quake. Glad you are ok! Hope I hear something from the others. (Beautiful horses)

  2. Thank You Ms A,

    Hopefully the rest will be checking in soon, from what I am thinking most should be far enough away to be just fine.

  3. I called what happened yesterday a rockin' and rollin' earthquake since that is how it felt over by me. I was having my hair colored and all of the sudden the room is swaying. My first thought was I was glad it was not the BIG one...or what the heck would i have done about my hair doused in bleach and all wrapped up in foil. The moral of the story is make sure when you are experiencing a very large earthquake to be well-coifed already with all your clothes on. Otherwise who knows what could happen!

    I am glad you had a nice Easter and am glad you are okay!

  4. Hey Susie,

    I figured you felt it a lot more than we did by how Melissa explained it to us from her place, Glad it wasn't the Big One, wonder if it coming at the time it did may be why the horses wernt too cooperative.

    Sounds like you all made it through just fine and I am proud to hear that.

  5. First, the photo of the horses is wonderful Jimmy.

    How beautiful they are!

    Second....WOW WEE!!! An earthquake?!?!? OMG, I bet that's a very scary and strange feeling to feel the earth shake. What is it with all these earthquakes lately?

    The only thing I can compare it too would be the hurricanes I experienced while living in Florida, but what's REALLY scary about earthquakes is that you get no warning, it just happens.

    So glad to hear everything was ok for you and your family.

  6. Thank You Ron,

    It is pretty nice to just sit and watch them at times, the pasture is directly behind the house and down one side so just sitting at the dinner table is quite a view.

    The number of earthquakes lately are scary, I have never been around one until we moved here a year ago, was sitting in the house when we got a little rolling/rumble and the chain on the ceiling fan started swinging, no one made a move, and Cindy's Dad just said "Earthquake" that was my first one.

  7. I left a response to your comment on my blog about irritation. Take a look.

  8. Glad you guys are ok. The horses are pretty...and that chocolate cheesecake sounds divine.

  9. Love the horses.

    I need to call my aunt and see what she felt. I didn't even hear about it. Glad everyone is okay.


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