Friday, May 28, 2010

A Few Extra Flowers

Went for a short road trip today mainly just to get out of town for the day but made the trip worthwhile by going down to Riverside to put flowers on Raymond’s grave, (Raymond is Cindy’s first son who she lost at four months and seven days old) the cemetery was really nice today as a lot of people were there placing flowers for the Memorial Day weekend, never actually thought of that until we found Red, White, and Blue carnations we just had to buy to add to the bouquet Cindy already had picked out, we got all the flowers arranged and added the pinwheel we always bring with us to place on his grave also. The grave next to Raymond’s is a little girl who we have seen no visitors to in the whole time we have been together, last year I went ahead and dug up her vase and now each time we go we also add flowers to her grave, we make the joke that it is now Raymond’s girlfriend and this is how we refer to her, actually the whole time our kids were growing up, our house was the one that all the kids seemed to gather at and we unofficially adopted a few of them who still call Cindy Mom so why can’t it be the same here I mentioned while we were sitting at the cemetery, I told Cindy it’s no surprise that we have adopted yet another kid, but that’s OK a few extra flowers is not that big of an expense anyway.

After leaving the cemetery we decided to go to lunch before heading home, we drove to the Riverside Plaza which was quite impressive as we had never been there before, we parked and walked a little bit enjoying the music and cleanliness of the area, there were a good many choices of places to eat but outside the scenery was very nice, I actually enjoyed the view of the flowers blooming and the birds singing, Cindy said my blood sugar was low but I think I was having a good time anyway. We chose the Chipotle Mexican Grill for lunch, the food was good and we sat outside of our own choice not because they made us and it was really neat eating with the sparrows, Cindy is not much for eating with birds but it really doesn’t bother me.

We noticed a Marie Callenders Restaurant when we left that was kind of out of the way across from the plaza and after Cindy pointed it out I mentioned that I didn’t know that restaurant was over there, Cindy said hey I didn’t know it was there either, we could have eaten there, I said yea we could have eaten there had we known it was there, I bet you only know it is there if you are a person who already knew it was there, Cindy said this is true I bet had we known it was there we could have eaten there, I said the only problem here is that we didn’t know it was there, OK so I suppose we can eat there next time we come here if we remember it is there.

After we got our heads cleared after that conversation we drove past the Do Not Enter signs that lead us right into Sees Candy and spent a good bit of money for some really good candy which I will surely regret buying after I get into these Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins that Cindy twisted my arm and made me buy for myself along with the box of chocolates for her Mom, making a left at the No Left Turn sign we headed back toward the freeway, do you ever notice some of the signs along the road you just have to laugh at, like the one that says “Slower Traffic Keep Right” and immediately following is another sign that says “Right Lane Ends Ahead” or even another that said “Lane Ends Merge Left” I kid you not I actually saw these sets of signs today along the freeway, another sign that said “Right Lane Turns Right Ahead” now I really didn’t expect to go left from this lane or to stop on the busy highway with the sign that says “No Stopping On The Road” OK enough of that, the sign we finally saw that we really enjoyed seeing was the one getting us off the freeway and heading back toward the house.

We had a good day and got away for a little while, Cindy’s blood pressure is getting some better and these little road trips seem to be helping.


  1. I love that you place flowers on the little girls grave! How thoughtful and touching. Will admit when reading, and you said, ...I went ahead and dug up her... I wasn't at all sure what I was about to read. Thankfully, you said "vase".

  2. Thank You Ms A,

    We have a knack of taking to kids, pets, and unattended graves, we spent a complete day cleaning up one in New Mexico that had not been visited in what looked like several years, the grave was about fifty years old but got a cleaning and some flowers that day.

    The little girl next to Raymond will be taken care of as long as we are around :)

  3. I agree with Mrs. very thoughtful about the little girl...and I also paused for a moment when I saw 'dug up'!
    We don't have Marie Callender's OR See's over here in Texas...another reason why I miss California.

  4. and Cindy went to Tim's hometown! We go to Riverside often so I am very familiar with all the places you have mentioned. It is a nice place Riverside..I think a bit under-rated. There must be a hole in Cindy's heart where she lost her dear son. I cannot imagine the pain she must experience and it ives me even greater respect for her that she managed to carry on with life after the loss of a child. By the way..I was reading on DD that See's candy has peanut brittle bars that are only 15 grams and don't seem to spike least that is what Cissa wrote. Anyhow, just wanted to share and hope you have a terrific weekend.

  5. Thank You Joe,

    I had never seen either until we moved here, Cindy always talked about Sees Candy and now she can go when she wants :)

    I guess I should have thought through the "dug up" phrase Ha Ha

  6. Hey Susie,

    Well we will just have to plan and meet down there sometime, I did like that area and would like to go back and explore it a bit more.

    I'll have to look a little closer at Sees to see if they have something a little better for me, although it is good you know what it does.

    We go and visit Raymond often, I wouldn't deny her that.

  7. I love stories about you and Cindy's little trips. I'm so envious of all the time you guys get to spend together. I can't wait til I can have that with my hubby.

    We adopt extra children all the time too. And I think the flowers for the little girls grave is fantastic. You and Cindy are both big hearted, warm and generous people.


  8. "The grave next to Raymond’s is a little girl who we have seen no visitors to in the whole time we have been together, last year I went ahead and dug up her vase and now each time we go we also add flowers to her grave.

    Ya see, THIS is what I like about you!

    Bless you, Jimmy!

    Never been to a Marie Callenders Restaurant, but I have eaten her frozen dinners and they're AWESOME!

    Thanks for sharing your day, my friend!

    Always enjoy reading about them!

  9. Jimmy, the more I read your blog, the more apparent it becomes...

    You are a good guy!

  10. Hey Spot,

    Your time will come and time together with your husband will be stories we will hear about too, I can't wait :)

  11. Thanks Ron,

    I appreciate you Buddy.

    Marie Callenders Restaurant I have been to once with Cindy and it is really good, I know we will be going to the one we saw before long :)

  12. Pat,

    I am so happy to have quality people like yourself that continue to come back and read my stuff.

    Thank You Sir.

  13. It's wonderful that you have found something to help w/ her blood pressure!
    She's one lucky woman to have you in her life, to care for her, and help her through the hard times.

  14. I always find it so peaceful to visit the graves of those we love. I know they are not there, but it brings comfort to tend to it, remember them, and talk.

    My sister lost to baby sons. I know how hard it is. Give her a big hug from our family to yours. Taking care of that little girls grave is a Godsend, and probably no accident she ended up next to her bf Raymond. :-) You guys are truly heart led people.

    I ate at Marie Callendars restaurant for Thanksgiving one year with my mom and Sydney. We were in Norman, Oklahoma. We had just seen my Grandma in her assisted living home. I'll always remember that. It was really good. They have yummy pie!

  15. Thank You Melissa,

    I feel it's an honor to be there :)

  16. Hey Angelia,

    We actually went there last night and yes the pie was too much for me but very good at the same time :)

    Cemeteries are a very peaceful place for me also and I agree the Good Lord has a plan for everything and things happen for a reason.

  17. That's so sweet that you've adopted an abandoned grave. You guys take some neat little day trips. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  18. Good Morning Suzicate,

    Thank You so much for coming along for the ride and being part of our little family here.

  19. Hey Jimmy I love your stories! We as a family go to the cemetary every year . My husbands brother died at 6 months old and when he was buried they couldn't afford a Stone for it so a couple of years ago my husband suggested that all the siblings chip in a surprise my mother-inlaw with the stone. Well that year we went to the site like we alway's did and we had her go up to it and she was so surprised. It was a precious moment anyway since my husbands brother Gary is buried by himself I told my husband that we should by the 2 plots next to him so he wouldn't be by himself. He agreed!When we die we will be buried next to him!

  20. You two have hearts of gold!
    Glad you had a great time out, but boy that conversation had my head spinning!

  21. Very Nice Cindy,

    I too think a person should have a stone and I am proud that you two got it done for him and buying the plots next to him is great in my opinion.

    Thank You

  22. Hey Heather,

    you think that was bad you should have been in on it :)


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