Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Planned Wing It

We made it up and around this morning just as I told you all that we would, and made it to the Iris Festival right on time, the weather was nice but soon turned hot which made me happy that I chose to wear my favorite Black Harley Davidson ball cap, I knew there was I reason I have a couple straw hats that are not black, although I could use a black straw hat, recon my wife needs a hint for a birthday gift—hint hint.

We started off by walking by the Yucaipa Fire Department booth we always like to stop and talk with firemen, policemen, or any group of people in this under appreciated line of work, Cindy has been through a good deal of stress with her Mom the last few weeks, as you know Alzheimer’s is a serious condition that takes a big commitment to deal with and Mom has been a handful lately, night before last Cindy’s blood pressure reached a very high range which got our attention and we have plans to talk with her Doctor about this.
Cindy getting Blood Pressure checked by cute fireman
While talking to the Firemen Cindy asked if he could check her blood pressure, well yes I could was the reply do you want your blood pressure checked? Cindy tells him yes I do, to which he replies and why do you want me to check it, Cindy told him what her blood pressure was on that night and was immediately taken to the back of the booth, the young fireman gets out his blood pressure cuff and stethoscope and is talking calmly to Cindy explaining everything he is doing, OK I am going to place this cuff on your arm, Cindy is grinning because as you know she is a CNA but she let him do his duty without giving him a hard time, Now I am going to pump it up you let me know if it seems to be too tight, Cindy smiles and tells him the cuff is too big and he starts over after readjusting the cuff, he is pumping up the cuff and calmly looks at her and says, Now this is not a medical emergency---Yet, Cindy asks what do you mean Yet, he just grins and gives her the numbers which were very good, actually a normal reading which made us both happy, Cindy tells me the reason her blood pressure was so low was because the fireman was so cute, OK now we had to say goodbye to our friend the fireman.

The Festival was nice but seemed way smaller than it was last year, a lot less vendors it seemed and although the exhibits were nice there were not that many to see so needless to say we were through it and on our way to lunch in record time.
Cindy viewing flowers at Iris Festival
Where do you want to go for lunch Jimmy? Now we all know this is a loaded question that could easily backfire in my face if answered wrong, I thought you wanted to go to Chinese I tell her and next thing I know she is pulling into Johns Philly Steak parking lot, it appears the decision I already knew was coming had happened, Cindy had her usual and I decided against the breakfast menu as you all knew I would and got myself a Chili Cheese Burger which was wonderful, actually got it on a wheat bun which I do like, it was messy which makes me nervous but that’s what forks are for so lunch was good, a planned wing it I suppose.

The drive up to Oak Glen was nice, saw a lot of Corvettes actually followed a white convertible about a 1966 model which was really nice on the way up the mountain, we spent the day walking through the shops and visiting with a lot of people we had never met before, a stop into one of the shops at Oak Tree Village where Cindy gets Dark Chocolate dipped licorice every time we go there, she stops by the open cooler to get a sample of crackers and cheese while looking over the store, places her order and gets a sample of cheese and crackers and sausage this time, pays for the licorice and on the way out we decide to get something to drink, we place our order and Cindy is having a sample of Crackers and dip, now she is not quiet about this she is telling everyone how wonderful these crackers are, steps up to pay for our drinks and looks at the samples, I ask her “Don’t you think you are about to get us thrown out?” One lady behind the counter is giving her the eye so we thank them and take our drinks outside.
Jimmy walking up steep hill
The hills seem to be getting steeper every year we go back up here but we sure like it, we had a wonderful day it was relaxing getting off by ourselves, there were no wooden Indians but we did find a wooden bear which I had to make sure was actually wooden before I could take Cindy’s picture with it. We stopped by a place we have seen but never visited they had a large BBQ Grill outside loaded down with all kinds of ribs and other meats it smelled so good and had we not have already eaten this would have been our lunch choice, the whole place was clean and a lot of grassy areas suitable for picnics, I see a future plan coming together don’t you.
Jimmy checking wooden bear for CindyCindy kissing wooden bear


  1. I want to go to the fire station and get MY blood pressure checked now!

    Sounds like you and Cindy had a great day! Thanks for taking us along!

  2. Looks like you had a marvelous time. I haven't been to Yucaipa in many years. I love trips like that to beautiful places.

  3. Sounds like an awesome trip Jimmy! Love the pictures and the wooden bear. And well, of course, the cute fireman. Lol.

    Tell Cindy that I'll keep her in my thoughts. Grandma's dementia was nowhere near Alzheimers, but it was frustrating none the less.


  4. Hey Betty,

    Cindy would probably go along with you to the fire station Ha Ha

    We had a ball and I am glad you came along for the ride.

  5. Good Morning Joe,

    It is so worth it to take off and visit places like this if only for a day, we did enjoy it.

  6. Hey Spot,

    I think the wooden bear and the cute fireman were the highlights of the day for Miss Cindy Ha Ha

    Thank You for your thoughts as this little journey with the Alzheimers is one that wee need a lot of prayers and support to help her deal with.

  7. i am so glad you had a nice day just to yourselves. You both look very happy in the pictures!!! I am always listening to your food choices since I am such a Nazi about what I eat. It was a great day here too. I hope Cindy's stress does not cause her too much in the way of physical problems. Stress has a way of doing that. But spending a day with your hubby in the sunshine, eating what you like and smelling beautiful flowers sounds like the best medicine.

  8. Oh, what a GREAT day that sounded like, Jimmy!

    This made me laugh....

    "Cindy tells me the reason her blood pressure was so low was because the fireman was so cute, OK now we had to say goodbye to our friend the fireman."


    I'm curious about Johns Philly Steak, because I'm from Philly and I've never heard of that before. Here we have Pats.

    OMG, and please tell Cindy that I am SO jealous about her eating Dark Chocolate dipped licorice! Those are two of my favorite sweets in the whole world, but I've never tasted them together.


    Thanks so much for sharing your day with us, my friend!

    Enjoyed hearing about it!

  9. Never thought about asking the cute fireman to take my bp...thank Cindy for the tip! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  10. It was a good day Susie, and I agree that these days are the best medicine, some of the food choices may not have been the best choice but I had a good friend tell me to not worry about yesterdays readings because that day is gone.

    Thank You my Friend

  11. Hey Ron,

    If we can keep her blood pressure in line I'll let him check it once in a while Ha Ha

    I think Johns Philly Steak has been here for a number of years, I actually think it's a local home owned type place though, just my impression, good food.

    You are going to have to try the chocolate dipped licorace, you will love it my friend.

  12. Suzicate,

    I told her what you said, she just kind of grinned and appeared to be daydreaming, not sure what that means Ha Ha

    We really had a good day, I'm ready to do it again already.

  13. Jimmy, tell Cindy to be careful of licorice if she is having any blood pressure concerns. It can elevate it. Being a caregiver is very stressful, make sure everyone involved has lots of support and occasional escapes to unwind. Glad you two had a great day!

  14. Hey Jimmy,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the support! I'm back and feeling much better!



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