Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whose Pie Is It Anyway

Went to hang out with Bob and Martha last night, you know we always have a good time with them so instead of hanging around the house we drove up to Mentone to have supper at Mill Creek Cattle Company we have never been there before and I about died when I saw the menu, I am the type person who does not like a whole lot of choices on a menu because it just confuses me and when I see these type of prices I begin to wonder if I am going to be washing dishes.

After going over the menu I finally decided on the seafood combo and was reassured by Cindy that the price was just fine, about that time I realized that I still had my cowboy hat on so I removed it and sat it on the floor beside me, Bob kind of gave me a look and I didn’t think much about it, half way through dinner the waitresses came out ringing a bell and went to the table next to us and stopped by a young man wearing a red baseball cap and began singing Happy Birthday, he looked kind of surprised but just smiled as they served him a plate of apple pie a la mode (this is just a fancy way of saying apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on top) and wished him a Happy Birthday, I was kind of tickled because I like to see others enjoy their birthdays and mine is Monday so I was also tickled to not be pointed out as of yet.

The meal was excellent and the atmosphere of the place was very unique so we really enjoyed the company and the food as well, another birthday song came around for a lady celebrating her ninetieth and she looked so happy as she clapped away while they sang to her, Bob and Martha clapped along and Cindy sang Happy Birthday with everyone else OK I dodged another bullet I was thinking, we got our check and paid our bill, I grabbed my hat ready to leave the restaurant when the waitress came back with Bob and Martha’s credit card and receipt to sign, there was a lot of whispering and writing on the receipt, Bob and Martha didn’t look real happy and Cindy whispered to me that there was a problem with their card, I’m thinking this has to be embarrassing and sat back to relax while things sorted out.

The waitress leaves the table and returns right away with a bell announcing VERY LOUDLY that there was a birthday in the house and JIMMY is turning twenty one, the birthday song goes on with everyone clapping and there comes the fancy apple pie and ice cream sliding in front of me, seems everyone is pointing and laughing at the twenty one comment (the age twenty one idea was all Martha) and evidently I had a red face which just added to everyone’s enjoyment, not sure about the red face thing as I didn’t see it but that was part of the conversation for the rest of the night.

From what I found out is when we got there Bob told someone that we had a birthday at the table in the corner and the guy with the hat was the one having the birthday, hence the funny look when I removed my hat and when the young man at the next table wearing a hat got a Happy Birthday song, there was no credit card problem and all the scribbling and whispers was confirming whose pie that was and where my birthday song was, whether they forgot or gave the wrong guy a slice of apple pie a la mode I had a really good time and even though the song came a couple days early I’m afraid that the red face would have been there even if they had waited until Monday.

Bob, Martha, and Cindy got together and planned this one out even though they are giving each other the credit, just remember it will be your Birthday and I will be the one laughing at your red faces one day, I know it’s my turn right now and whether I show it or not I want you to know I am actually Loving it.

I'm sure this is not over yet so I will keep you informed on what Cindy plans out here.


  1. That's a pretty funny story.
    Hope you have a good one...

  2. Thank You Pat, I appreciate you sir.

  3. OOOOHHHH it's your birthday soon friend...Hmmmm let's see..I believe we have discussed the number attached to this birthday. Should we now compare you to the kind of architecture found so readily in Southern know the kind I am talking about...Mid-Century!!! Please tell me the exact date so I can wish you a real happy birthday when you do reach the 50 mark!! I hope your dinner was good. I guess Bob, Martha and Cindy all under-estimated your proper manners and expected you to leave your hat on in a restaurant. Don't they know better than that???

  4. Hey Susie,

    The big 50 grabs me tomorrow the 14th Ha Ha Mid-Century yes you have a way with words my dear friend.

    Dinner was very good I was happy with it, it seems no matter what we do it is a fun time, I do love that about my family and friends, my hats off to them Ha Ha

  5. Happy Birthday and,....leave your hat on from now on!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!
    Make it a great one, that is an order!

  7. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jimmy.... (Pretend I'm singing cause if I really was, you'd be crying).

    Hope you have a great one. Funny story. I enjoyed it.

  8. Thank You MC, Actually just may go get me a new one today :)

    Ms A, Thank You so much my Dear Friend.

    Joe, Thank You Sir and will do :^)

    Hey Peg, I caught myself singing along Ha Ha, glad you enjoyed it.

  9. That is crackin' funny! Sounds like a great birthday gag.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy birthday from a new follower.

  10. Thank You TS,

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog and I'm proud to have join us here.

  11. Happy Birthday!!! OHHHHH! You got TS as a present! You are lucky!

  12. It's really great to get together with the people you love. I love it when they go around singing the birthday song.

  13. Thank You Betty,

    Yes it's a good thing to have TS join us, I am looking forward to it.

  14. So right Cindy,

    It is always fun no matter whose birthday it is.

  15. Sorry I'm late...Happy Birthday! Sounds like you all had a hoot of a time!

  16. Right on time Heather we don't worry about late here :) it was a blast for sure.


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