Friday, July 2, 2010

My Mexican Girlfriend

Started this morning way too early in my opinion, wanted to sleep in but really had to get going on mowing the rest of the pasture I was telling you about yesterday, it’s much easier to get it done before the heat of the day sits in, so I got myself up and got my morning going with the checking of the blood sugar and Cindy getting to stick a needle in my arm which I know she just hates doing because she likes to poke it in and then ask me some random questions while she is injecting the insulin, she knows I am not going to move or answer since I am deathly afraid of needles so she just grins and keeps talking, I have asked her over and over not to do this but I know next time she is going to do it anyway, not sure if she does this to show me that it is really OK or if it is some sadistic jolly she gets by seeing the fear on my face, either way it works and I am reasonably healthy because of this morning ritual we have and don’t tell her but I’m really not scared of her.

To show her I got right on that mowing, by getting myself a cup of coffee and sitting on the porch with her for a long talk while I waited for the heat of the day to grow just a bit, but the cup did get empty and I had to get the tractor going because I had stalled long enough, and I did get finished just in time for lunch which worked out real good for me because the blood sugar was telling me it was time to eat.

After lunch I wanted to get the front yard mowed but it was really hot by then and Cindy said she had a good idea. “Why don’t you sit on the porch with your wife for a while” I told her because you don’t like it when I do that and to make a long story short we sat on the porch and enjoyed a glass of tea together which was really nice, I did play on the computer for a bit and she got her Farmville Farming done before Suppertime rolled around.

We went up to Cherry Valley and enjoyed Mexican Food at the El Charro with Cindy’s parents, Cindy’s Mom is convinced that the waitress was trying to pick me up and is kind of upset that Cindy was not jealous because the waitress had confirmed twice that I did not want beans and rice, I made a joke when she asked if we wanted anything else something like, “Now you have it down that I don’t want beans and rice right” and she laughed, this sadly turned to that I was possibly flirting back, Cindy and I always have fun with people when we are out but with the Alzheimer’s I know this is going to be questioned again over and over the next few days and hopefully I wont be running off with the waitress at the Mexican Restaurant.

We got home to find the temperature just right for mowing so I dragged out the push mower to tackle the front yard, I may not be too old to cut the mustard but my lawn mower evidently is, I got half the front yard mowed tonight and guess what… well maybe I shouldn’t have cut that mustard out in the round pen and by the street with it last week, so I suppose I will go and get myself a new mower tomorrow, seriously it is old and the cost to keep it running is more than it is worth so there you go--I’m still going to blame it on the mustard, and enjoy a nice cool drink with my wife and get up early again tomorrow to go mower shopping.


  1. You start every morning with an insulin injection? Yikes! I don't do mornings, but I'm glad my day starts with just coffee. I'd dread getting up more than I do now.

  2. Yes Mam, actually and also one before each meal or when the sugar is high sometimes four to five on a bad day, but I do get coffee after the first one :^)

  3. You must feel like a pin cushion!

  4. It's a pain but worth it in the long run.

  5. ya know, Jimmy, the more I read your blog the more I love your lifestyle! Daily injections aside, it sounds so cool to sit on your porch and have coffee with Cindy, have Mexican food, then go out and mow the sounds peaceful to me.

  6. I agree with Joe.. sounds like you have a pretty great set up there.. Mornings on a porch, lovely partner by your side, java, etc..
    Just take care of yourself so so those mornings will continue..

  7. I must chime in with Joe Cap and Lynn H. in saying...

    I love your lifestyle!

    I'm sitting here reading this post while sipping my morning coffee...smiling.

    Thank you for sharing, my friend!

    Have a grrrrrrrrrrrreat Saturday!

  8. You didn't mention all the sticks when you have to check youR sugar for all those injections? I used to load the shots for my Uncle after his stroke but he stuck himself. That I have problems with. Cindy is good peoples.

    I must agree with all above commenters, sounds like a nice day. Simple, but rich.

  9. Oh and Happy 4th of July to you and your family. Hope it's wonderful!!

  10. Hey Joe, It has taken us a long time to get here actually, being retired at an early age really ticked me off but looking at it now I am so thankful to have what I do. Thank You my Friend.

    Thank You Lynne, You are so right it takes consistency in the healthcare part to continue enjoying all of this and it is sure worth it.

    Hey Ron, I am honored my Friend and so glad to have you enjoying your coffee with us.

    Hey Angelia, You are right I only mentioned the injections but not the finger pokes that go along with it; we are looking at average seven a day there and as far as the injections go I am now using the pen which is a whole lot easier than a syringe—I’m going to have to do a Diabetes post don’t ya think? Happy 4th to you too Lady

  11. I'm going to leap at a guess that Cindy chatters on while doing the injections to distract her own mind.

    I just love the thought of having coffee on the porch with lovey, dang I wish I had a big enough porch.

    I think, at some point in all relationships..someone flirting with a spouse is just very amusing. Hubby and I get great laughs over people flirting with either of us.

  12. You just may be right on that one Heather, I always have to look the other direction and when giving them myself my mind is my worst enemy :)

    A big porch and being comfortable enough to where the flirting from others don't matter is just where I like being.

  13. I think Heather is right. Cindy probably is calming herself and trying to distract you at the same time.

  14. I agree you and Heather are right Peg :^)


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