Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Chicken Ranch

Now that all the construction is finally completed on the new Chicken Coop/Pen I thought I had better fill you all in on the happenings of the last few days with our so called Chicken Ranch.

The chicks have all gotten big enough to get themselves up in the morning and put themselves to bed at night so to say and actually are becoming quite entertaining to watch, there is one that was a good bit smaller than the rest of them from the start and she is coming along really well.
The chicks gathering around me
The coop itself has two windows facing the horse pasture and vent holes at the roof level, two perches at different levels made from tree limbs and a couple of nesting boxes that can be accessed from the rear without having to go inside the pen, a larger door where we can get inside if need be and a small access door for the chickens with a ramp made from limbs. The pen is completely enclosed with wire and a six-foot door to walk through.
Looking at the coop from inside the pen

Back side with access door to nesting boxes
All of the chicks really stick together and are doing good, one has come through as the leader and all the others seem to listen to the smallest one out of the bunch.

So everyone please stand and give your full attention to the newly named leader of the Chicken Ranch, coming down the ramp I would like to introduce you all to the little chicken we are fondly calling:

Bossy Betty


  1. I love it!
    I am so jealous of your lifestyle!
    and Bossy Betty is great!

  2. That is absolutely the most gorgeous chicken I have ever seen! Those feathers! That color! Just take a look at that perfect form! That incredible stride! She is obviously of high intellect as well. No wonder all the others follow her. My hope is she is getting the finest food and the most loving attention.

    What was her name again?

  3. OMG, I laughed my butt off at this!

    And I laughed even harder when I read Bossy Betty's comment. That was BRILLIANT!

    And I gotta say, she's gorgeous!

    The coop looks FAB, Jimmy!

  4. Thank You Joe, I am honored to have you say this.

  5. Betty, this choice was not an easy one, only the finest chicks were allowed to apply and the qualifications of this particular one stood way above the rest, it is easy to say that this was the best and most qualified of any, they applied from all over the world but this one is a California chick from Cherry Valley who may not be taller than the rest but can Boss her way to the front. :^)

  6. Hey Ron, A lot of work went into this and we finally came out with a winner to carry the name, oh yea the coop was a bit of work too :)

    Glad you enjoyed the post Buddy.

  7. Ummm...Where is the chicken named drsoosie????? Hmmmm not I am not feeling as special as BB...LOL!!!!

  8. Jimmy, the new pages are just awesome! This is great, now I can easily look at all your past stuff! Thanks a ton!

  9. Bossy Betty's chicken ranch...love it!

  10. Bossy Betty is beautiful, I love her colors!
    Hard work paid off real nice and I bet the chicks love it.

  11. ROFL, love that chicken, what a wonderful name. Stoping by from Bossy Betty.

  12. Hey Susie, You never know one just may come up with that name Ha Ha little Betty is the only one actually named right now, although one has kind of taken to me and is being really friendly—Hmmm you never know :^)

    Joe, I appreciate your suggestion on this and I am really pleased at how it is looking, Thank You my Friend.

  13. Hey SuziCate, Bossy Betty’s Chicken Ranch the name just may stick Ha Ha

    Yes Heather, They are really doing well, funny how much running around they are doing with all the new space they have.

    Hello Michelle, So glad to have you stop by to see Bossy Betty’s namesake, come on back anytime :^)

  14. Bossie Betty! That's classic Jimmy!

  15. oh i'm so glad I did the Click Here from Bossy Betty -- love the blog and the other BB.

  16. Hey Pat, Betty said the same thing Ha Ha

  17. Dreamfarm Girl, Im proud you came by also, hope to see more of you.

  18. Hi Jimmy,
    Sound like you have a wonderful life... with chicken, horse, dixie...around you and especially a wonderful wife beside you...
    And the beautiful chicken above... his name sound familier to me.... like the name of someone I known around here..haha..

    Thanks for the post.

  19. Thank You Nensa, I am so happy with my life here, I do love living in the rural area where everything is peaceful and with a good wife life is good.

    Yes that little chicken's name does sound familiar Ha Ha

  20. I think the little ones sometimes HAVE to be bossy to survive! LOL

  21. Yes Peg, I think that is a big part of it, this one was always smaller and always Bossy :)


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