Thursday, September 2, 2010

No More Bungees

I really have to do some reading and catch up will all of your blogs, I have not posted everyday like I did for a while and I sure miss it but you all know how it is, real life pulls you away at times and when this happens your computer time is limited.

We did get that fine laptop but I just haven’t figured out how to strap it around my neck as of yet and I know a couple of bungee cords positioned just right would work but Cindy wont let me play with bungee cords anymore since the time I hooked a few together to tie down a load of goodies on the back of my truck, you know how it is the cords are just a little bit too short so you just pull a bit harder and about the time I got it hooked the one on the opposite side decided to break and yes it came across at a high rate of speed and tagged me right in the eye, here I am sitting on the ground holding my face with a handful of blood, I get up and look into the side mirror of the truck and see that my eye is still in place although almost swollen shut by this time, my next trick was to let Cindy know what had happened and remove my contact from that eye. Needless to say my eye was not seriously hurt and I am not allowed to play with bungee cords now.

We have a whole slew of Hummingbirds around here and we do our best to keep the feeders full and really enjoy the antics of them fighting for the position of who is in charge I suppose, there will be up to four at a time dive bombing each other and stopping for a drink in between the dives, there is one it seems that always appears whenever another shows up to take a drink, he gets himself really tough and for the most part keeps the others at bay, it’s kind of funny to watch the little ones swoop in and feed while the fight is going on amongst this one and some of the others. I actually started watching this little guy and he will swoop in to get a drink or run another off then take a position in the tree within view of the feeder, I positioned myself at the base of the tree to watch and there he was just sitting there really still watching the feeder until another one arrived, he would dive bomb the intruder so to say then return right back to his perch.
I was going to add this picture for Wordless Wednesday but had too many words to go along with a hummingbird that wasn’t humming, I have always had the pleasure of seeing them on the move but was pleased to catch this one at rest.


  1. I am currently hiding all bungee cords around here. If you read my post of two days ago, you'll see why.

  2. Ouch!! I have had the pleasure of being snapped on the finger by a bungee cord and I swear it felt like a missle blew it off..

    Hummingbird=My Daddy called me that :-)

  3. Man, that must have been scary! I like my eyes, and I really like having TWO of them.
    I had a similar experience years ago, and I was afraid to look in the mirror to see if my eye was gone...

  4. Yawza! I bet that bungee cord hurt like the dickens! Glad to hear you're okay, buddy!

    LOVE the photo of the hummingbird. A dear blogging friend of mine posted a photo of one in her backyard last week. She too shared about their "dive bombing" the squirrels - HA!

    Wishing you and Cindy a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

  5. Hey Betty, I just read it and can see why you are hiding them :^0

    Lynne, It is amazing how much force there is behind one that snaps loose, Hummingbird is a good nickname.

    Hey Joe, “I was afraid to look in the mirror to see if my eye was gone...” That was my fear too; it was soon after we had gotten married, she probably was wondering why she had gotten hooked up with this winner Ha Ha

    Thank You Ron, It was hard getting the picture as he kind of blended in, I was pleased at how it turned out. They are so neat to sit back and watch.

    A Great weekend for you too buddy!!

  6. Holy cow! You are very lucky your eye was still in place! Yeah I agree with Cindy..No bungee cords for you!

    Love hummingbirds! I haven't figured out why, but all the hummingbirds have left already, too hot?
    Great pic!

  7. I've been snapped by those cords a few times myself. I can't bring myself to throw the unbroken ones away that are behind the seat in my truck...I usually just use a fairly light rope instead...
    love them hummies!

  8. I agree with everyone else... NO MORE BUNGEE CORDS.

    As bor the hummingbird, I don't think I've ever seen one at rest before. Cool beans!

  9. Hey Heather, Not sure if the heat drives them out or not I guess they do slow down when it's hot, they sure have been busy here lately :)

    Yes Sir Pat, I still have quite the collection myself, easier to hold on just in case I need them. The Hummies are really cool birds.

    Hey Peg, I have never seen one at rest before either, since the picture I have seen quite a few, one was sitting on the wind chime this morning :)


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