Friday, October 29, 2010

The Devils Mansion

On Wednesday I had my Baby Sister Melinda pop in on a comment and make some accusations about me, heck all I was doing was posting a story about the good old days and she just had to come in and let me know that some of them weren’t so good obviously, she had the nerve to say:

Melinda Said:
Jimmy you haven’t changed at all. Do you remember when we went to the devils castle on I think paris mnt. Talking about peeeee your pants. Tell some of those stories, and you were mean even when it wasn’t Halloween. These stories make me miss yall even more. I LOVE YOU

Well maybe the comment wasn’t so bad but it did give me reason to call her to clarify some of the details about the Devil’s Castle. According to her It seems that I took little Miss Melinda for a ride that scared the wits out of her or as she put it scared the peeeee out of her, must have been bad with that many e’s, I remember taking her for a fun filled ride through the mountains, showing her some historical sites, and gave her a race car experience back down the mountain that made her laugh that laughter that only a happy kid can give you.

Now for the consolidated version:

My buddy Robby and I always liked to ride up Paris Mountain and hang out at a place called “The Rock” this place looked over the area and was a very nice and beautiful place to hang out, we loaded up and decided to take a ride up to The Rock, Melinda who is eight years younger than me always liked to ride around with me, she would have been about eight or nine at this time so her memories are a bit different than mine although the story is the same.

On the way up the mountain Robby and I were talking about a group of Devil Worshipers who were supposed to have a mansion off the road going up the mountain, we discussed this possibility with Melinda and asked what she thought about trying to find the place and she begged for me to take her to see this place, well maybe she didn’t beg and yes maybe this could have scared her but at any rate we began searching for the “Devil’s Mansion”

Driving up to the huge iron gates that boasted a “No Trespassing” sign we figured a quick drive around the circle drive would cause no harm and would give us all a thrill, the first half of the circle was filled with the sounds of barking dogs, by the middle of the circle the huge Doberman Pinschers were actually biting the tires of my Pontiac Lemans, Melinda was crying by this point and when they started jumping onto the car and against the door we were all a little freaked out.

Coming out of the circle and heading back to the road a set of headlights lit up behind us, the dogs were still bouncing off the car and there was a long haired scraggly looking man standing in front of us, OK would any of you have stopped at this point? I didn’t think so and neither did I, I made a right hand turn onto the road leaving a bit of tire rubber in the driveway.

The car was still on my bumper and Melinda’s cries were now a scream, Robby is watching to the rear and I am watching the rearview while driving as fast as that Pontiac would go through the curves, the car was still on our bumper flashing his lights for me to stop which was not happening in the middle of this chase, all at once I began to lose him and started to feel pretty good about my driving skills, you all remember how skilled you were at driving when you were about sixteen years old, well I was just that skilled, his headlights began to fall further and further behind and we were relieved now that I had completely out driven and outsmarted them, this relief was tested when at the bottom of the hill sat the car that had been chasing me with the men pointing at me and up the hill, this was my last visit to the Devil’s Mansion.

Whether or not there is an actual Devil’s Mansion, or whether or not Melinda thinks I am mean, I do know that there is a road that leads up the mountain and goes across to the other side, the circle drive was filled with tire eating dogs and I had a screaming kid in the car with me, how this car fell so far behind and was waiting for us at the bottom I don’t know nor do I want to know, because I probably wouldn’t like the answer, I am just proud they only pointed at the bottom because that was lesson enough for me.


  1. This cracked me up! I have some of those crazy teenage stories...but I was usually the one screaming and peeeeeing!!!!!!!

  2. Now that was a crazy and scary adventure!
    another great one Jimmy...

  3. My brother is about 8 years younger than me too. I remember driving him around and going places we weren't supposed to be. I'm around 17 at the time and making it very clear to him that he IS NOT supposed to say anything to our parents. Of course when we get home, the first thing out of his mouth is telling dad EVERYTHING, and in specific detail. Of course, our excursions weren't as scary as yours, but memories nonetheless.

  4. Jimmy, you have so many scary story.
    I think its great to tell us this time since its still halloween??

    btw I love the scary story!
    Looking forward if you have more scary story.. hehe..

  5. Devil worshippers or not, a car hanging on your bumper is not a good thing. I am glad you out-drove them. You are quite the redneck, aint'cha??
    Promise me you will never utter the phrase: "Hey, ya'll, watch THIS!" Because if you do, they will be your last words!

  6. Okay, please tell Melinda that I was a MEAN brother too.

    And trust me, my younger brother could tell her 100 stories of just how mean I was to him - HA!

    "this relief was tested when at the bottom of the hill sat the car that had been chasing me with the men pointing at me and up the hill, this was my last visit to the Devil’s Mansion."

    OMG Jimmy...that gave me CHILLS! It was like reading an excerpt from the Stephen King book, "Christine!!!"

    FAB story, buddy! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Happy Halloween!


  7. Hey SuziCate, I suppose which end of the crazy teenage story you are on depends whether you are the oldest or youngest sibling at the time, I think you and Melinda were always on the end of being the youngest :^)

    Thank You Pat, Yes Sir it was pretty scary, just enough that I didn’t want to try it again.

    Hello Matty, I didn’t remember it as scary as she did but after talking for a little while it all started coming back, those dogs freaked me out pretty much as I had never been up against any that aggressive, glad we were inside the car.

  8. Hi Nensa, I wrote one especially for Halloween I will post this evening; I hope you enjoy it as much, I wont give it away yet but look forward to your opinion of it :^)

    Good Morning Joe, That is exactly something I would be scared of too, I really don’t want those to be my last words so I will try to be careful Ha Ha, really glad we got a pass on this one as we were too young for last words then.

    Hey Ron, Hopefully Melinda and your brother wont get together to compare notes and gang up on us Ha Ha

    I think I would have been less freaked out had they flipped me off or shook their fists but the calm pointing at me then up the hill made the hair stand on the back of my neck.

    Glad you enjoyed it Buddy.

  9. Sweet Little MelindaOctober 30, 2010 at 6:32 PM

    As I read this it was like I was there.Robbie was behind me as I read it to him we both was laughing.Robbie told me him and a friend went there once and walked to the gate then heard something screaming and dogs they turned and ran as fast as they could.Now thats funny, Robbie running, I dont care who you are thats funny.Oh by the way you wasnt mean to me, you just did mean things to me but you are the best

  10. Hey Toot, "Now thats funny, Robbie running, I dont care who you are thats funny." now that is funny Cindy is still laughing at what you said here :^)

    I am glad he ran especially if they were the same doge we were up against, they would have eaten his shoes.


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