Friday, October 1, 2010

Where Have All The Children Gone?

Remember that little kid, you know the one the apple of your Mom and Dad’s eyes, the one that went to school and got good grades, cleaned their rooms when asked to and played well with the other kids, well some went to school and got by and didn’t necessarily play well with others but that’s OK.

We all grew up mostly the same, we came into this world the same way, naked with a lot of lessons to learn and most of us are still learning today, I joke that the terrible two’s only last until you are twenty one and for some of us it takes a bit longer, and for others clothing is still optional.

Growing up we learned that we had to be serious, take responsibility for our own actions, get a good job, and be a success at whatever we chose to do with our lives, no matter what that was, we had to be serious about it and do the best we could because anything less was just not good enough.

We grew up and raised our families, some of us are still raising ourselves and whether we have children or not we have seen a lot of things happen with friends and family, some that makes you happy and others that just scares you to death, Love and laughter from the birth of a child, the marriage of a good friend or even your own wedding are things that have made us happy, pain and suffering from injuries and sickness or even the loss of loved ones have made us cry and a whole lot more serious about taking care of ourselves, being faced with our own mortality is a strong reminder to get serious about life, and being serious about life is what this post is all about.

Where have all the children gone? You know the ones I am speaking of, the apple of your Mom and Dad’s eyes, the ones that grew up and became the leaders of the world so to say, the ones that got so serious about life, let’s get serious now and find those little kids because we have children and grandchildren that would love to play with them.

Enjoy life and laugh a little bit, heck laugh a lot because you will feel a whole lot better if you do, try to find that little kid because as they say “Growing Old Is Mandatory, Growing Up Is Optional” it’s time to get serious and be a little bit less serious at times, play with the kids a little longer, laugh with your spouse or a friend over things that don’t matter, let the dogs run and laugh at their antics, and don’t allow the serious things in life get you to frowning because it’s a whole lot more fun to smile than it is to worry about things that may or may not happen.


  1. What a SUPER post, Jimmy!

    I'm sitting here having my morning cup of coffee while reading this; smiling.

    I TOTALLY agree with you. We often seem to lose touch with that "little kid" inside us, as we get older. I think life has a way of making us too serious at times. But it's as you shared so perfectly....

    "you will feel a whole lot better if you do, try to find that little kid because as they say “Growing Old Is Mandatory, Growing Up Is Optional” it’s time to get serious and be a little bit less serious at times."

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Enjoyed!

    Wishing you a "child-like" weekend!

  2. I think about that little girl in me and i miss her.. she was carefree, unscarred and just ran amok on the seashore.. I know she is there, i just need to wake her up so we can run amok some this made my day.. your posts always affect me in some manner and I thank you for that Jim-Man...

    Have a beautiful weekend...

  3. Jimmy--What a great post. I think that little girl comes out every day! It's the adult one that has trouble sticking around!

  4. Good Morning Ron, Yes Sir life does have a way of making us too serious and if we allow ourselves to continue on this course we become bitter, this is why I love reaching back and grabbing the hand of that kid I used to know so to say, laughing at simple things feels a whole lot better than crying over things we can't change.

    Thank You Buddy, I enjoyed our morning cup of coffee :)

  5. Hey Lynne, You are so right she is still there, just needs a little nudge to wake her up and running amok on the seashore or anywhere else will be just the answer for a few laughs.

    Glad you enjoyed it my Friend and a Wonderful Weekend to you.

  6. Betty, I can just see that little girl peeking her head around the corner, what a welcome addition to daily life she must be, sometimes it's our adult side that needs to take a backseat and it appears you have a good balance on the whole idea :^)

  7. Yes sir Jimmy, the older I get, the more I realize this. The things I thought were important years ago, aren't so much anymore in my older years. The things I did less years ago, I do more of now.

  8. I'm still trying to decide what I want to do when I grow up!
    My husband used to always say that I thought about thinks too much...I had this tendency to dissect everything, just as a child does. But I didn't go to formal school until I was 12, we had a governess, and the last year of my education was spent in Switzerland before going on to University. Strange how people change and how people are brought up so differently.
    But, when it come down to it, we are all the same no matter what sort of education we have. What worries me more is now that we are having second and third generations of utter yobs with no standards growing up. It makes you wonder just what sort of lives that they are going to lead, and what they will leave behind them.
    Big hugs to you both!

  9. Yes Sir Matty, it's funny how those almighty important things from years past mean very little now and how the simple pleasures in life are at the top of our list. Live, Laugh, and Love is the way to keep ourselves happy now.

  10. "I'm still trying to decide what I want to do when I grow up!"

    I like that Heather, overthinking things is not so bad at times as long as you don't spend more time on it than necessary, I am of the mindset also to over analyze or research things before making a decision most times.

    We are all the same when it comes down to it, our needs are the same and what it takes to survive is also the same, I have seen the types you mention and worry how they will ever make a positive influence on their kids, I suppose they don't and thats why thier children live the same lifestyle.

    Big Hugs back to you my Friend.

  11. Great great post Jimmy!
    You know what my childhood was like. The little kid NEVER really had a chance to be one. So now I try to make up for those lost years. Things aren't always perfect, but I try not to let them "in." I just don't have time for much drama!

  12. Hey Pat, I can relate to a whole lot you say my Friend, we are so close in so many ways that it is not funny.

    Being a little kid is an experience a lot of us actually missed out on due to circumstances but being a kid now and helping our kids and grandkids to experience the blessing of just being a kid is an experience that makes all of the other stuff just not matter as much.

    I'm with you Pat, no time for the drama because it's not worth it.


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