Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jest Shoot Em

Sometimes things happen that looked like a good idea when you started but just didn’t end that way, with that said I’m going to pick on my brother in law just a bit but only because I know he can handle it.

Robbie my little Sister Melinda’s husband, a few years back found that a skunk was out in their front yard, so not wanting any of the animals or kids to get sprayed he decided to get the skunk out of the yard, I am not exactly sure how he was going to get this done but end result was the skunk running up underneath the front porch.

Rob got the bright idea to shoot the skunk and remove it after the dirty deed was done, so armed with his rifle and their son Alan standing behind his Dad’s decision by holding the flashlight, stood “Way Behind” and threw a little light on the subject, taking a .22 rifle Rob took a shot under the porch killing the skunk dead as a doornail, but not before leaving a little gift for everyone, no more worries of the kids or animals being sprayed as Rob had taken one for the team so to say, he removed the spray out of the skunk right then and there and also underneath the door they use to go in and out of the house, my Sister said it took weeks for the smell to go away but the nickname “Rob The Skunk Hunter” remains today.
About a week ago Melinda and Rob were coming home after dark and she spotted what appeared to be a skunk running across the road into their horse pasture which has a creek running through it, Rob sprang into Skunk Hunting mode and grabbed his new weapon of choice (a flashlight) and went after the skunk, I want to give Rob credit for learning from his past mistakes, as you have a whole lot less chance of being sprayed when you observe a skunk from a distance with a flash light rather than up close and personal with a .22


  1. Looks like Rob learned his lesson!

  2. OMG...I can only imagine a little bit what that must have smelled like.

    When I was a kid, my family was coming home from some family gathering, and as we drove past a wooded area near our home, there was FOUL odor in the air. I had no idea what it was until my father told me it was SKUNK!


    I guess that's why they call him....Pepe la pew!

    Hope you're having a great weekend, my friend!

  3. I think skunks are so beautiful...from afar. I think there are a lot of skunks in my neighborhood because every now and again I can smell them in the air. It is a very distinct smell and one I am sure Rob will ever forget!! I am going to think of you tomorrow when I am walking for our cause. You will be on my mind!!!

  4. Nice to meet Rob the skunk hunter Jimmy...hehe..
    thank you for the post!

  5. Well, I have to say that the pleasant aroma of a 'wood pussy' is not too bad from far off...but I have never experienced it up close, so maybe I don't realize what I am missing!

  6. Yeah hubby had a little striped "kitty" once that he thought he hit with the car. It ended up hitting him with the scent. For about a month I could smell when he got home before I would hear the car! Great post.

  7. Dang, if Dog the Bounty Hunter ever retires, looks like A&E has a new show, "Get Em", starring, Robbie the Skunk Hunter..LOL

    Too funny...

  8. I'm glad you all liked the little story about Rob, I like to give him a hard time every once in a while and this little episode only gave us something that will stick to him from now on---kind of like that Skunk smell Ha Ha

    When I got home I told Alan to read it he thought it was so funny he said dad is going to love it.So when Robbie got back from the store Alan told him he had something he needed to read and that he was going to love it.So as he read it we heard ha ha ha THATS REAL FUNNY. So yea he loveed it,Well I did any way love ya

  10. Hey Toot, I was wondering if you were going to see this one or not Ha Ha I figured you would get a kick out of it and all I want to know is if it was a sarcastic Ha Ha Ha that Robbie gave you :^)

    Tell Alan I am waiting to tell one on him :^0

    I Love You


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