Monday, November 8, 2010

You Can’t Be Too Careful

I have all the respect in the world for Law Enforcement officers and the Job they do, but have you ever had a Law Enforcement officer draw his weapon on you and yell, “Freeze”

Not once but three times in my life have I been on the wrong end of the gun so to say, from three different agencies of the law and each time I actually froze just as they commanded me to do, because I believe in respecting authority and the option of running was not a good idea due to not being able to outrun a bullet, and I have to trust that their aim has to be pretty good since they are trained to be accurate, and I don’t want to take the chance that they may not shoot me, so if an offices ever yells for you to freeze I suggest you do so.

My first lesson in how to stand and talk with a police officer came when I was a teenager, myself and a couple of friends were camping by the lake when a State Trooper pulled up into our campsite and began questioning us, said we were trespassing on private property and we were being asked to leave, we had a good campfire going, a tent set up, and our fishing poles propped up waiting for supper to bite, I argued with the officer that we were on public property and took a step toward him to talk it out, he asked me to stay right where I was so I relaxed, took a step backwards and placed my right hand into my back pocket, not reaching for anything just resting my hand, next thing I know I see his pistol come into my face and he yelled “Freeze, let me see your hands” my two buddies hit the ground, my hands went into the air and I think I just may have peed myself a little bit, I was immediately searched and deemed safe, the Trooper explained what I did wrong and to make a long story short he said that we were technically on public property, everything but our tent which he helped us un stake and drag off of private property, he sat around and visited for a while and left me with the lasting impression to never place your hands in your pockets when talking to a Law Enforcement officer.

While working for the water company I was on call from time to time which meant I could be called in for emergencies at any time, about two in the morning I got a call to turn someone’s water off due to a leak, I recognized the address and knew right where their water meter was located, the only problem with it’s location was that I had to park my truck on the street and walk across a grassy area to climb a fence, into the trees behind a couple of houses to which this meter didn’t serve, I got the water shut off and threw my valve wrench across the fence, with my flashlight in my teeth I climbed up onto the wooden fence and jumped to the ground to meet with a bright light in my face and the loud yell of the words “Freeze, let me see your hands”, Yes I had two Sheriffs Deputies with guns trained on me, I was actually looking for red dots to be shining on my chest but I guess that was just on TV, after being questioned and deemed that I was actually working I was released to go about my business.

Another late night I got a call to turn the water off for repairs at a convenience store in the downtown area, the meter for this one was out back in a dark alley, I parked my truck to shine the headlights on the meter and was kneeling down digging the dirt out from around the meter with a garden spade when I heard those familiar words, “Freeze, let me see your hands” I stood and raised my hands and said “I’m with the water company, we are shutting the water off for repairs here”, he asked me to slowly turn around, and said how do I know you are with the water company?, I said it’s written all over the truck you are standing beside, he dropped the flashlight from my face and while placing his gun back into the holster said, “Hey Jimmy, I didn’t recognize you there for a minute, you can’t be too careful you know”, this was a City Police officer I have told you about in the past that I had known for a while, the same one Cindy had a couple experiences with in Why We Don’t Fly.

We have several family members in this career field and children who are pursuing their dream of working as Law Enforcement personnel, as I said before I have all the respect in the world for them as they are not paid near enough in my opinion and their job is one I know I couldn’t handle, if you are ever out and about and hear the words “Freeze, let me see your hands” just stand real still, raise your hands, and follow their instructions because if you did nothing wrong, then it will be cleared up real soon as they are not just doing this for fun, they really can’t be too careful when it comes to their own safety.


  1. Too funny. I cannot believe that has happened to you 3 times! If it happened to me just once I'd be shaken for life. I can't even function for hours after I get pulled over...ummmm...I mean....when I SEE an officer;))

    It's all about the respect thing again- huh?

  2. You're actually pretty lucky it was not any of the PROPERTY owners asking you to freeze when you were on their land doing your job.
    That could have been bad...

  3. Also, when pulled over for speeding, don't make any quick moves and stay in your car! I've known people who went thru your same experiences because they got out of their cars.

  4. Jimmy--This is not a problem, I find it best to throw up my hands, freeze and yell out "I didn't do it!" whenever I see a police officer--even in the grocery store or at a sporting event. Funny, they pull their guns AFTER I do this! Hummm....what's up with that?

  5. Wow. I can honestly say I've never had a cop yell "freeze" at me. I can't believe you've been there three times, but it's a truly funny story! I would totally pee myself too.

    Lu is now considering a career in the criminal justice field. The other day she said "I'd like to be an FBI agent, but I don't want to be in dangerous situations." LOL. I think she's leaning more torwards forensics.


  6. “Freeze, let me see your hands”



    I'd be like, "I sware...I didn't do it! I didn't do it!"

    But then again, I'm so overly paranoid whenever I see a policeman - HA!

    One thing I've gotta say about Philly police officers, is that they'e very approachable and actually really friendly.

    Thank god!

  7. Hey Dawn, Looking back I can’t believe it happened three times to me either, although I really don’t get myself too shaken up when I see an officer unless of course he has a gun pointed at me.

    “It's all about the respect thing again- huh?” Yes Mam that it is :^)

    Yes Sir Joe, I agree with you, I’m actually glad they called the Sheriff instead; end result was better this way.

    Good Morning Coco, Good point about not making any quick moves and to stay in your car, you don’t need to make yourself look suspicious by doing these things.

  8. Hey Betty, I just can’t understand why they would pull their guns after you do this, heck they already have you complying at this point, my only advice would be to not run :^)

    Glad you enjoyed it Spot, Hopefully I wont have it happen again. Forensics would be an impressive career field, tell Lu to stick to her guns and learn all she can because it takes hard work to get there and she can do it.

    Hey Ron, There are so many people who like you really get themselves shaken when they run into a police officer, but like you mentioned of the Philly Police most every officer I have talked to have been really good people, really no different than you or I just that they have a badge and a gun :^0

  9. Hi Jimmy! You know that lewis my nephew is a new police officer and that is something I am so proud of. Recently I asked him how often he draws his weapon. He replied.."multiple times a night." I then asked if he had to shoot would he just try to injure the perpetrator. He replied "no...we shoot to kill." So I do believe you are correct when you say be very careful an officer tells you to freeze. They really mean it!!!

  10. Hey Susie, Yes I knew your nephew is an officer and knowing that he has to draw his weapon that regularly is scary, I don't blame him for shooting to kill as there are none who would be against him that would shoot to injure, as I mentioned they don't earn near enough money for the chances they take, but I am proud that they are out there protecting us.

  11. My dad was an SF cop. I don't really have all that much respect for cops one way or the other. But I do EXACTLY what they tell me to. They are armed. I'm not. (Or at least probably not!) I don't think my dad ever drew his weapon during his 20 year career as a member of SFPD. I've known good cops and bad ones, but still say the only way to interact with them is to do what they say.

  12. Hello Linda, I suppose with any job you have both good and bad people and whether good cop or bad cop if you refuse to cooperate end result will be the same.

    Glad to have you stop by.

  13. I am definitely going to trust you on this one...sounds like a very good idea, what with the lethal weapons and all. I hope I never hear those words directed at me, though. PS sounds like your job has some hazards!

  14. Yes those words coming at you really gets your attention, weapon drawn or not you are better off to pay attention and listen to their commands. My job was quite an experience, I should do a post on it.

  15. Not once, not twice, but THREE times? You sure do have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I guess with so much suspicion these days, anyone seen at night causes the neighbors to call the police.

    Earlier this year, I visited the neighborhood where I grew up. I haven't been there in a long, long time. It was high noon on a bright sunny day. I pulled up in my convertible, in my shorts and t-shirt, in front of the house I grew up. I took some pictures to email to my parents who live in Florida, to show them how the old house looked. I then saw an old neighbor outside and stopped to chat. We were standing in the driveway catching up with each other, and next thing I know, two police cars coming FLYING up and surround my car. They walked up and asked me for ID because someone saw me taking pictures. No guns drawn, but interesting nonetheless.

  16. Wow Jimmy! Three times?? Yikes! I think you did real good all three times. I am amazed at your patience and calm demeanor.

    I was in a store late one night when I was 18yrs old. Upon walking back to the drink cases I see from the windows a RUSH of men with guns come into the store. They point the biggest silver gun I had ever seen right at this guy at the counter's head. I thought the place was getting robbed. The clerk behind the counter was scared to death. They took the guy outside and laid him on concrete then found blocks of cocaine in the back of his car. By then POLICE had been uncovered from the back of their jackets. The clerk and I were huddled together until the cops gave us the okay to come out of the bathroom where they had directed us. Apparently they had been watching the guy for a while. That was one trippy night.

  17. Hey Matty, You are right, there are so many suspicious things going on now days and if I saw someone outside my house in the dark I would be either checking them out or calling the police.

    I can’t imagine a reason to call the police for you taking a picture, but as you said suspicion is everywhere, and the police are required to check out complaints, too bad they can make you feel like a criminal while doing so, but they do have to protect themselves too.

  18. Angelia, I can say it takes a lot to get me to fly off the handle, I have been good to sit back and weigh things out before reacting, calm has gotten me further than anything else in the past.

    Wow that situation in the store is one for the record books, I would have most likely been huddling with you too Ha Ha, it is amazing the people we come into contact with and never know what they are up to unless something like this brings them to light right before your face.


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