Friday, December 17, 2010

Look Into Their Eyes

A few years back Collin Raye sang What If Jesus Comes Back Like That, the words to this song have always gotten to me, since my post yesterday the words have been running through my head, you know how it is once you have a song stuck in your head, rather than sharing the random thoughts I am used to being in my head, I decided out of the goodness of my heart to share this song with you.

♫ He came to town on an old freight train,
He jumped off in the pourin' rain.
Everybody said, "He's insane",
"Just a low down no account hobo."

He made his bed 'neath the county bridge.
The city folk said "Hey that's not his!"
They signed a petition, They're gonna get rid,
Of that low down no account white trash.

What if Jesus comes back like that,
On an old freight train, In a hobo hat?
Will we, let him in or turn our back?
What if Jesus comes back like that? ♪

The very first verse gives you a view many of us have seen, an old man trying his best to find some compassion within a community that looks down on him, no matter where he lays his head it seems he is in the wrong place, many people may want to help but the only time spent on this man is an attempt to get him to move along, no one ever wonders where this man came from nor will they ever take the time to ask him, What if Jesus comes back like that?

♪ She was born into drug abuse,
She couldn't help what her momma used.
It wasn't like she got to choose,
Now she's layin' there all alone.
Gotta monkey on her back,
The nurse's say they never saw a smile like that.
Dr. says she might stand a chance, If somebody takes her home.

What if Jesus comes back like that?
Two months early, Hooked on crack.
Will we, let him in or turn our back?
What if Jesus comes back like that? ♫

Children are our leaders of the future, but the little ones who have nobody really tug at my heart, how many people right in our own town go out of their way to send money overseas to help underprivileged children, how many of our celebrities have you seen pat themselves on the back for adopting foreign children, and how many children right under our own noses need a home and someone to love them? What if Jesus comes back like that?

♫ Nobody said life is fair.
We've all got a cross to bear.
When it gets a little hard to care,
Just think about him hangin' there.

He came to town on a cold dark night.
A single star his only light.
A baby born that silent night.
A manger for his bed.

What if Jesus comes back like that,
Where will he find our hearts are at?
Will he, let us in or turn his back?
What if Jesus comes back like that? ♪

Where is your heart? I think I already know the answer because we are all good people and I have faith in all of my friends and family, I really wanted to stick this song in your head because the meaning behind it is so strong, the meaning I see is that we are all the same no matter where we live or where we started in life, no matter how big our family is or how many friends we have, and we really need to take care of one another.

Next time you look into the eyes of that no account low down Hobo just think he has the exact same feelings as you, next time you read about the baby who was left at the hospital with no one to claim her and is fighting for her life, remember she needs the same love and compassion as that foreign child who also needs adopted, opportunities to help others are right before us each day and for the most part we choose to turn our heads rather than look into their eyes. What if Jesus comes back like that?


  1. Beautiful. Good things to think about.

  2. Amen MC, Good message in this song I always thought.

  3. Have never heard this song before....but the message is a good one.
    One never knows just WHO it is they may be helping and loving unconditionally.....

  4. Jimmy.. you are a wonderful, compassionate man. You see what needs to be seen and that my friend is a wonderful gift.
    We are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we must look, listen and stretch out that hand..

    Lovely song lyrics to share.Thank you!!!

  5. Hey Dawn, I went back and added the song to my post if you want to give it a listen.

    This is so true we never know Who we are helping or ignoring sometimes until it's too late, best thing is to treat everyone the same.

  6. Lynne, You are a good friend and I am honored to have you in our little Family here.

    Thank You.

  7. love this song even more now after really reading the words

  8. The words say a lot Becca, sure good to see you and heres hoping you are feeling better :)

  9. That was great Jimmy! Thanks for sharing it...another favorite song has been added to my list.

  10. Hey Dawn, I am so proud you enjoyed it, I have loved this one from the first time I heard it.

  11. My gosh what an AWESOME SPIRIT you two have!

    Love and Blessings my friend!

    John--eating humble pie!! Great post!

  12. Thank You John, Glad you enjoyed it my Friend.


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