Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wasn’t Jesus Homeless

I have discussed people living on the streets some lately, homeless if you will but no matter what you call them, they are way too many folks in this situation and for the life of me I don’t have the answer.

Yes some may like living out there with no responsibilities, others may be just druggies or drunks you may try to tell me, but I know in my heart that the majority of people in these situations would rather be anywhere but under that overpass, sleeping on the ground or inside their cars.

Talking to my Mom last night got me to thinking on this subject once again, inside the school she works at she had the chance to be inside the nurses office when a first grader came in to see the nurse for a minor problem, the nurse attended to him and during this time they noticed how dirty and thin his clothes were, the shoes on his feet were actually wrapped with tape holding the soles and the uppers together, the little boy mentioned that his family didn’t have a home anymore and these were the only shoes he had, needless to say my Mom sprang into action and a short time later there were seven pairs of shoes sitting in the nurses office, this little boy got himself a brand new pair of shoes and so did his Kindergarten age brother, the remaining five pairs went to other needy children within the school.

The next day she came upon one of the men who also works at the school, he had found two young children sitting outside in the freezing cold waiting for school to open, a young girl in the fourth grade and her brother who is in the first, the little girl was wearing only a lightweight windbreaker to shield her from the temperatures which were in the teens, it was about forty-five minutes before they were supposed to unlock the doors for students but rather than leave these children outside they were let in and to make a long story short the little girl was wrapped with a warm jacket and given a pair of gloves from my moms pocket, another pair of shoes were given to a young girl who only had sandals and a large smile was beaming behind the waving gloved hand of a young girl as she bid my Mom goodbye when she left school for the day.

These are just a few examples of children in but one school in our great nation, I am told that many only get meals at school thus leaving them doing without from Friday until Monday when they come back to school, now my concern is that a two week break is coming up for Christmas and a whole lot of us will throw away a lot more food than some of these folks will see. As I said I don’t have the answer but ask for you to pray for these people who are doing without, and if you can spare anything at all to help someone who really needs you please do so, donate food for the local food bank, or give that homeless couple on the corner a few dollars, donate coats, shoes, and such to your church or give that little kid who has the frozen hands your gloves, it will be well worth it if only to see that smile behind the gloved hand waving goodbye to you.

Christmas is a time for giving and who better to give to than those who are really in need, just think there was once a little boy who started out in this world homeless so to say, born in a manger as the story goes and became our savior, so with this said leads me to think, Wasn’t Jesus Homeless once? Kind of makes you feel differently about looking down on them, doesn’t it?


  1. this so true there are so many children in need here in our country that it frustrates me when i see celebraties giving money and time to people in other countries. i don't mean to be selfish but what about children and people in your own back yard should you not help them first. just my opinio.

  2. I agree with you Becca, we do have too many in our own backyard and we should be helping them first, not taking away from those in other countries but if everyone took care of those under their own noses first the problems would be much less.

    Thank You my Friend

  3. The homeless have always been with us. This is America and I can't understand how this is even possible. Now, with the economy the way it is,..we could all be homeless in the blink of an eye. I have always wanted to take in a homeless family. I always thought if I could help at least one,....

  4. Amen MC, One at a time, if we all help just one would be an excellent start. It is scary but you are right we could be there too.

  5. Sounds like your mom is quite a lady!
    Jimmy, you and I both know what it feels like to be that poor kid wearing the windbreaker. It kills me to see and/or hear about these things....

    In my humble opinion, there is plenty enough money and resources in this world to take care of those who really need it...

  6. Yes Sir Pat, We have both been that kid and I think this is whay I am so proud of my Mom on this one because we have been there.

    You are right there are enough resources to take care of those in need and it's a crying shame that we don't.

  7. Hey Jimmy! How'd you do the musical notes on your comment on my blog? I know I wouldn't understand even if you told me but wow, that was totally cool!

  8. So proud of you, cousin. I really enjoyed reading this. We love and miss you... hope to see you soon!

  9. Your mom sounds like an amazing person. With more people like her, we would have less of those who are homeless or in need.
    I always feel frustrated with this- I feel like I don't even know where to start. But you're right- it's the little things- the simple (take-for-granted) things that we need to give!
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Another wonderful read Jimmy!

  10. I agree with becca.....we need to take care of our own first and foremost.

    I'm always humbled when I hear stories of how average folks reach out. My oldest daughter's 3rd grade teacher would bring breakfast for a child in the class who needed it.

  11. Our Church works with several local compassion agencies. They even gave us a mission to donate time at them too. My work began a food drive and is matching what employees bring in. I am so proud to be part. It breaks my heart what children accept because they don't know anything better. Your mom is an Angel!
    Thank you for reminding us that we need to reach out and look for opportunities. Jesuscwas homeless indeed.

  12. Thanks Jimmy for reminding us all to do what we can for those who need it. There are opportunities presented to us each day.

  13. Hey MC, It took me a while to figure it out but it is pretty simple, Give this a try—hold down the alt button and type the number 13 you will get this as a result ♪ now hold down the alt button and type 14 you will get this one ♫ and that my friend is about all I know on this subject Ha Ha

    Cousin Christy, I am so honored to have you stop by and leave such kind words, but I would not have expected any less from you either :^) We Love and miss all of you also and hope that we can all get together again soon.

    Hey Dawn, Like you, a lot of us are frustrated with this but as you pointed out just the simple things given will go a long way in helping a lot of people.

    Thank You my Good Friend.

  14. Good Morning Cocotte, I am so impressed with people like your Daughters teacher, it doesn’t take much to feed someone who needs it, and taking that step to do so is a selfless act in my opinion, yes we need to take care of our own and as I have said before if everyone around the world would do this, the number of homeless people would be lessened greatly.

    Angelia, It feels so good to see people being helped and know that they are getting what they need, a lot of Churches do have programs like this and the backing of good people like you are what makes these programs work.

    So True Betty, Opportunities are presented to us each day and for the most part we never see them, I pray each of us takes the time to reach out to at least one person, look at how many families will be helped by this simple act.

  15. Jimmy-- What an awesome Post!

    Yes- Jesus was Homeless once--Bt we can let Him live in our Hearts! And when we do, we soften up..and realize like you my friend, that we should care and comfort our own first. Before we adopt "THE WORLD".

    Just my opinion...but we can take care of everyone here, and no one should do without a home, Medical Care, and Love!


  16. Oh Jimmy- your Mom is one of them..the good ones.. I agree with Pat.We are too rich of a nation for each child to not have at least the darn basics. I can tell you a quickie.. When my kids were b/t ages of 14-4 we became homeless and lived under an overpass for 3 days. Do you know not one solitary car ever stopped to see if we needed anything. Know who helped us? Homeless people..nuff said

  17. Amen John, No one should have to do without a Home, Medical care, or Love and one more no one should ever go hungry.

    Thank You my Friend I do appreciate you.

  18. Lynne, This is one of the things that floors me, the amount of money wasted on political campaigns could house and feed our homeless for a long time, it is ridiculous that in our nation so many children are doing without the basics.

    The thing with you and your children living under the overpass and no one stopping to see if you needed anything doesn’t surprise me and it is a crying shame that those who were in your same situation were the only ones to show any compassion.

  19. Jimmy, thank you for being you! We all need to read this.

  20. Linda, I am honored my Dear Friend.

    Thank You


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