Monday, January 31, 2011

Affair With A Truck Driver

Back when I was still working, the company gave me two breaks per day in addition to my lunch hour, 10am and 3pm were my assigned times, and in an attempt to keep close control on my Diabetes, Cindy would meet me at these times, we would check my blood sugars, have a snack or a shot, you know all the good stuff that goes along with it, as with everything else in life we got ourselves into a routine, almost every day we would meet at the same convenience store, heck it got to where the workers even began to have our snacks ready before we got there.

Across the street from this particular store is it’s main office, next door is the computer/high tech division where all the secret computer type stuff is dreamed up, built, tweaked and distributed amongst their stores, our good friend and neighbor Mr. Bill works in this office, not really sure exactly what they do behind those blacked out windows, I have asked him before but the answer is always, “It’s a secret, if I told you I’d have to kill you” I suppose I’d rather not know than to be killed so I just never asked again, I do know that the high tech efficiency of the Toot n Scoot lies in the capable hands of Mr. Bill and his trusty sidekick, who has asked to remain anonymous.

Cindy always had this thing with Mr. Bill, when he came home from work in the evening she would yell across the street as he was walking to his house, “Hey Honey, I Love You and I Missed You Today!!” then blow him a few kisses, he would sheepishly look across and wave, sometimes he would yell back I Missed You Too and blow her a kiss, this went on up until the time we moved and the joke was that they were having an affair, she always blew him a kiss, and with a sheepish grin he would return the favor almost every day, good thing his wife wasn’t watching..Right?

Some of the people from the convenience store office would walk across the street at the same time we were there for break each day, and Mr. Bill would take his break about the same time also, for a long time none of the guys would talk to us, but you could see them whispering amongst themselves and pointing in our direction, after hearing a Hey Honey, Mr. Bill would stop by and talk to us briefly and then be back off to his secret missions behind the blacked out glass.

It came to our attention one day that we should be more careful sitting in the parking lot because the store didn’t want any problems, the word was out that Cindy and I were having an affair, the guys from the office had been wondering why we were showing up each day at the same time, and rather than ask us, they decided we must be up to something seedy, the rumor spread like wildfire about the people having an affair meeting in the parking lot, the clerks knew us but only from coming in so they couldn’t confirm or deny the rumor.

By the time it got around to Mr. Bill, he helped us out by confirming that we were having an affair, he told a fine story about how Cindy lived across the street from him and that her husband was a truck driver who was on the road a lot, and that she even flirted with him to which her Hey Honey greeting just played right into the story, when they finally approached us about it, we just played along and asked for them to give us a sign if anyone saw a big truck coming down the road.

I’m not sure if we ever told them any better or not, I do know that we continued our affair up to the day I retired; Cindy would still yell at Mr. Bill and he would blow her a kiss with that famous sheepish grin, we got a lot of mileage out of this Truck Driver story, I wonder if the office guys still look for us and I also wonder if Mr. Bill ever drove a truck.


  1. "the word was out that Cindy and I were having an affair, the guys from the office had been wondering why we were showing up each day at the same time..."

    OMG this story is hilarious, Jimmy! Isn't it amazing how rumors start by people assuming what they see as truth, before they even know the facts?

    And please tell Cindy I LOVED this...

    "she would yell across the street as he was walking to his house, “Hey Honey, I Love You and I Missed You Today!!” then blow him a few kisses."

    You GO, girl!

  2. Ha! I love it..We have 2 people in our office that take their afternoon break together every day and people think they are having an affair.
    I am the one who knows the truth..they are not..

    You and Cindy are two rascals:-)

  3. You guys rock. This is totally something that Bruce and I would do. Love it, love it,love it. People can be such idiots can't they?

  4. I'm not sure which is more true - that people are such pervasive gossipers, or that there are so many folks actually having affairs that when you see a couple in the middle of the day, that must be happening.

  5. Somewhere there is a blog in which the writer is telling all about that couple having the affair who met at the convenience store!

  6. That is hilarious!! I like Cindy. And Mr. Bill!

  7. Hey Ron, It is so funny how people assume they know what is going on, simply by sitting in the background watching and thinking you don’t know what they are doing, my only suggestion for people who think they have it figured out, is that we know what you are doing, I see you every time you look at me and I know more than you think :^)

    Cindy always got a kick out of yelling across to him and I know he loved it too.

  8. Thank You Lynne, Yes the truth is usually just the opposite of what those looking in think, Gotta love knowing the real truth :^)

  9. Hey Barb, Yes there are quite a few idiots out there; I can see you and Bruce in this same situation and loving every minute of it.

  10. Bijoux, I tend to lean toward the people are gossipers scenario, most are prone to gossip and believe what they dreamed up rather than the truth, I am sure there are many affairs going on but not as many as there are gossipers :^)

  11. Yes Betty, I am like you, there has to be a blog out there somewhere telling the story from the opposite view.

  12. Hey Tress, I always got a kick out of Cindy and Mr. Bill both, with the two going on at each other sure kept things interesting.

  13. Jimmy & Cindy-- I LOVE the fact that you played INTO it and controlled it! That is PHENOMENAL!!!!

    I think Gossip is one of the 7 deadly sins! Great Great stuff guys.

    Hey HONEY--mmmmmmwahhhh... to Cindy!

    Love ya mean it!


    I couldn't help but think of the Mr Bill character from Sat Nite Live from the Old days! Ohhh.Nooooo.... and he's run over by a Truck with BLACKED OUT Winders!!!!

  14. Hey John, Sometimes you just have to play along because they are not going to believe the truth anyways.

    mmmmmmwahhhh...Right back to ya!! now that is from Cindy OK :^)

    Love Ya Bro.

    Yes Sir Mr.Bill was a classic on Sat Night Live, we have yelled Ohhh Nooooo once or twice.

  15. Was that a Love's parking lot? Sounds like the town I grew up in. Lots of chatter and imagined scenarios. Keeps life interesting. Wouldn't they just love that you are still having an affair? :-)

  16. ok Just in case Mr Bill reads this I am throwing a kiss to him and yelling Miss you HONEY and LOVE you More

  17. Hey Angelia, Funny how many imagined scenarios run rampant through people's minds, I have seen some strange things at Loves :)

    I suppose our affair continues but I wouldn't have it any other way.

  18. Hey Cindy, I'm sure he knows what you said :)

  19. The stories you post here are just great Jimmy! This one is a classic! It sounds like it was a lot of fun knowing that you two had a bunch of toungues wagging and flapping about it!

  20. Thank You Pat, It was fun watching them after we heard the rumor Ha Ha


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