Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blind Date

But Sis, I really don’t need you fixing me up with anyone; I can find my own dates he said, but Brother this is not a date, she is just looking for a friend, someone to hang out with while she is in town, heck we can all get together and go out on a “double date” if you want to call it that, he laughed and agreed to meet her.

What do you think of a blind date situation, now I am not talking about someone who can’t see you but rather someone you have not met before you arrive on the date? What does she look like he asked, she is a very nice person, she is funny and has a good sense of humor, I even showed her pictures of you and she said that you are a nice looking man, OK but you still haven’t told me what she looks like, she just laughed and assured him that he would like her.

I have already told you that I don’t need for you to fix me up with anyone, I can find my own dates he again told his Sister, and again she said this is not a date, you are just meeting a friend of mine, she is moving out of town before long and has no friends here, I suggested that we all get together so we could all get out of the house and have a good time, no pressure Brother I am not trying to fix you up.

Aren’t friends of the opposite sex you go out with, people whom you really like but don’t want to date, and do these friends have to be your type to hang out with them? Now Sis you know my type, and I want to know is she my type? She laughed, what does it matter if she is your type if this is not a date.

They all went out together and had a big meal, a lot of laughs, and the promise to do this again real soon, sometimes that promise is never kept and other times a good friendship is made if only for a short time, you know the old saying about two ships that pass in the night, sometimes they just pass and wave a lantern at one another, other times they pass without ever seeing each other, and on rare occasions they run into each other head on.

Looking back I remember a good friend who I dated once, we ended up married and I suppose you can say we were the two ships that ran into each other head on, we were never set up on a blind date and the blind date I have talked about here is not our story, but I do know the ending of this one already, we may go out a time or two more with them, and one day when they are living on opposite ends of the country they will wave their lanterns so to say and remember a few laughs and good times they shared with Cindy and I back then.


  1. That was great. It is true though. Maybe not love but great friendships can come from meeting with total strangers.

  2. Jimmy, at this point I'm thinking that one that can't see me might be the best way to go :-)

  3. I have not dated since my divorce over 2 yrs ago but think I am now ready. Blind date would be fun..sort of like a birthday gift.. If no love came of it, it's ok. How nice to have met another person on the planet, right?

    (Thank you for your words of comfort Jimmy)

  4. OMG Jimmy, when I first started reading this story I DID think it was your story!

    I myself have never gone out on a blind date, but have known several people who have, and it ended up being a perfect match!

    Great story, buddy!

    Hope you and Cindy are having an awesome Sunday!

  5. Hey Barb, I think it is true for both, sometimes a total stranger can become the one you have longed for your entire life or your best friend, either way you never know until you meet them.

  6. Chief Dad, Sometimes the right one is right before your eyes and you never see them because you are looking too hard, this was my case, I was looking so hard for someone to love and all the while Cindy and I talked about it, we were friends for about ten years before we ever went on our first date, the rest is history.

  7. Good Morning Lynne, “sort of like a birthday gift.. If no love came of it, it's ok. How nice to have met another person on the planet, right?” Right you are my friend, you never know until you make that step because sitting back and passing up chances to meet someone can lose either a friendship or love, whichever it was to be.

    You are welcome Lynne, I hope you are doing well.

  8. Hey Ron, I suppose this could be anyone’s story depending on the ending, I have heard many people say how well their blind dates worked out and like anything else there are those that didn’t, but if you have a good time and have a few laughs while meeting someone new then it’s a win/win

    A Great Sunday to you also Buddy!!

  9. Love that image of waving a lantern across the country! You never know what life will bring, do you? Gotta get in the dance while you can....

  10. "Gotta get in the dance while you can...."

    Amen Betty this is so true.

  11. I think blind dates are great. I've never expected it to be a "romance" and it usually wasnt'. Still, it's fun to meet new people and have a friend or a relative vouch for them. (That way you don't spend the time worrying that they are a serial killer or something.)

  12. I agree Linda, you go in never expecting romance and it turns out to be a lot of fun, having a loved one vouch for them is a blessing too because dating a serial killer could ruin the whole evening :)


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