Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Evil Twin

How many of you remember the My Buddy doll? This doll was introduced back in 85 for little boys, “to teach them about caring for their friends”, a lot of kids had one of these dolls including two of our boys, My Buddy has been given a bum rap, and the lessons taught have gotten him into more trouble and/or raised the eyebrows of unsuspecting victims/onlookers on more than one occasion, especially since his evil twin came onto the scene a few years later.

My nephew Kevin had one of the My Buddy dolls and took it everywhere with him, My Buddy had a way with teaching lessons and the lesson he taught my little sister was quite funny in my opinion, Sissy is Kevin’s Mom, on a trip to the grocery store she loaded My Buddy into the grocery basket with Kevin and his sister Felicia, and allowed him to help with the shopping, now with two young kids and a My Buddy doll, her hands and basket was overflowing really quick, but she made it through, paid for her purchase and was happy to have a bagger carry the groceries out to the car for her.

Groceries in the trunk, kids in the car, pocketbook on the seat, everything is good, what could go wrong so she drove away, she thought it funny that so many people were waving at her, so she waved back, then people started yelling, she smiled and yelled back “Hey”, they are now pointing so she looked around thinking there must be some trouble in the parking lot, so she turned to drive in the opposite direction, now cars were flashing their lights and honking their horns, she just knew something bad was happening so she sped up only to be blocked by a police car. Sissy had placed My Buddy on top of the car as she buckled the kids into their car seats, and everyone thought My Buddy was a real kid lying on top of the car. This was My Buddy’s last trip to the grocery store, because Sissy learned he could be a troublemaker.

My Buddy was a real friend to our boys until the movie Childs Play came out, introducing the world to a whole other doll, although not identical twins My Buddy was now mistaken for Chucky and the boys freaked out whenever they saw him, one of the dolls met an untimely demise to which I cannot get a straight answer about to this day, the boys are grown now and the secret remains between them, I actually found the other My Buddy doll in the trash dumpster, when I brought it back into the house, no one claimed him so I tenderly packed him away just waiting for the right day to come.

The right day came when Randy decided to give us a hard time for a while, little things like the racing incident with Scott I told you about in You Know I Was Winning, and just typical teenage mouth running, so just for fun Cindy and I unpacked My Buddy and took him down to the store where Randy was working, we went to the dark side of the store where his truck was parked, using the spare key we unlocked the door placing My Buddy into the drivers seat, My Buddy did survive, but I have to report he did lose an ear drum from the sounds of someone screaming like a girl, he suffered a severe beating, and I am sure Randy’s co workers got a good laugh watching him try to kill a doll in the store parking lot.

My Buddy did come back to live with Cindy and I, He survived the move to California and is patiently waiting for the right day when he surprises someone else, even though My Buddy is not possessed, he is getting that look in his eye, I think it’s getting close to being the right time for another boy to receive the gift he was promised a long time ago.
“Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?”


  1. OMG...I remember My Buddy. My son was the right age for it but I just couldn't get into the whole boy/doll thing while it is perfectly ok for others that I knew. He did get a bad rap from Chucky. This story was too funny and if only there was a video of your little truck escapade! Great post.

  2. I got a huge laugh out of your prank! That is so funny! I was in college during the My Buddy years, so I must have missed it. But I remember the movie ads for 'Chucky' and it gave me the creeps.

  3. Love this! I think my son had GI Joe dolls. That "Chucky" sort of ruined boy dolls for me. I didn't even trust Ken after I saw Chucky.

  4. My sister once asked my nephew if he wanted a My Buddy when they were in the store shopping one day, just to find out if he'd be interested in it. His eyes got big and he said, "Mommy, he looks like Chucky!" I don't think my sister ever figured out how he knew who the hell Chucky was.

    By the way, there's something on my blog today that might interest you. :)

  5. Oh, and I meant to say, you and that Cindy are just evil! I love it. LOL

  6. OMG i remember the My Buddy doll but none of my brothers ever wanted one

  7. Dolls are scary!! Miss 2 loves them and they creep me out. I remember someone telling me some story about Cabbage Patch Kids coming to life and killing people when I was about eight maybe. I had a bunch of them and treated them like they were murderers the whole time. They had pillows and blankets in my bed so they would be happy. Yeah, I was kind of a nutso kid.

  8. PLEASE give a BEVERAGE ALET b4 these kinds of Posts!!!!

    For 15 or so years--my Mother and Sister have exchanged a Bart Simpson doll! (My MOTHER HATED) Bart-- and she loves everyone!! He has been buried in the yard--placed in an get the pic! And he showed up again after an absence of 3 years- this year in Fl!!!!!!

    Not having any children I think we escaped some tough life lessons!!

    Great Post!!

    Blessings Chuck and Bride of Chucky! LOL


  9. HAHAHAHA....Oh too funny. When I saw the thumbnail pic come up on my side bar I thought it WAS Chucky.
    Had no idea about My Buddy....and I just may have thrown him out as well;)))

  10. Lordy Barb, What I wouldn’t give if we had a video of him opening that truck door Ha Ha, Chucky did take all of the goodness away from My Buddy, they should have teamed up as good twin bad twin

    Hey Cocotte, The Chucky character gave a lot of people the creeps, can’t say he was ever my favorite but he sure made pranks with My buddy easier :^0

    Linda, I agree with you, that Ken was a shady character in my book, just had too many resources for a normal guy.

    Yes Krissy, This just goes to show how much Chucky actually took away from My Buddy, the advertisements for the Chucky series was more into our families than we ever realized it seems.

    Thank you I’ll pop over.

  11. Becca, The My Buddy dolls that were in our house spent most of the time stuffed up on the top shelf of the closet, still not sure where the other one went.

    Welcome Tame One, Yes I remember those Cabbage Patch dolls, those were creepier than most in my opinion, came with birth certificates and everything, an evil twin movie with them would have been something Ha Ha

    Glad to have you join us and look forward to hearing more from you.

    Hey John, I’ll have to come up with a Beverage Alert logo to post from now on, “Please place beverage on the table and swallow before reading further”

    I can see Bart ending up in the oven or buried Ha Ha never liked that one myself.

    Dawn, See it just goes to show that mild mannered My Buddy got a bum rap Ha Ha, just how many of these dolls got tossed because of Chucky’s antics :^0

  12. Bwhahahahahahahahhaha!

    "everyone thought My Buddy was a real kid lying on top of the car."

    OMG, I laughed so hard at that because I could actually SEE it happening!

    And you something, you're right. I never thought about that, but My Buddy does look like Chucky!

    When I was a kid, I had a Beanie Boy Doll from the cartoon Beanie and Cecil. And he TALKED when you pulled the string on his back. My mother finally gave him away to Goodwill when I got older, but I've never forgiven her for that - HA!

    Funny, funny post, Jimmy!

  13. Oh yeah! Chucky caused a lot of large dolls to hit the scrap heap. That is fine with me, cause I've always thought dolls and clowns were creepy!

  14. Oh lovely, now I have that darn , "My Buddy, Mu Buddy" commercial jingle in my head..LOL

    I always wanted one to go with my Chatty-Cathy..
    Now Chucky and that little leprachaun scare the beejesus out of me.. Yikes!!!

  15. Ha! both of my boys had My Buddy's. Here's a post I did a long time ago this story cracked me up...and tell Cindy I have my boys Buddys packed away, too...they're waiting...

  16. Hey Ron, I had to look up Beany and Cecil and the Beanie Doll looks pretty close to the My Buddy, I bet he would be worth a good bit now if you still had it, just think some other little boy got to be happy due to the donation of your Beanie doll, I know that don’t help just tried to find a positive :^)

    Yes Sir Pat, I am sure Chuck did run a lot of them out of business, not only are dolls and clowns creepy, the ones that aren’t, Chucky helped to be.

    Lynne, “My Buddy, My Buddy” Ha Ha it’s been a while since I have heard that jingle, yes and Chatty Cathy, we will have to post about these toys from our pasts

    Hey Suzicate, How did I miss that one, funny thing it sounds so similar to our experience with the boys here too. I gave Cindy your message and she is laughing because she said she is with you on this one :^0

  17. Think we missed that trend here in Aus. Looks pretty creepy tho.

  18. Hey Mynx,My Buddy didn't look near as bad until Chucky came aroung Ha Ha

  19. Thanks for keeping the faith. It's sad what pop-culture has made out of things that were supposed to be special.

  20. I remmber watching chucky from behimd a doorway and it made my my buddy doll and every other doll in this world my enemy.I am 25 and I get freak out by dolls.there eyes follow me0_0. P.s. when I was 6 I killed my barney doll by throwing him into a lit grill when my brother left me infront of it.he said he was so proud of me when he saw barneys eyes melt in the flames


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