Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tiger Blood Or True Friends

What ever happened to being responsible for your own actions? Growing up I was always taught if I did something wrong then doing the right thing was up to me and no one else, so why are we expected to find someone else to blame when something goes wrong now? Is this what we are supposed to be teaching our kids?

Without mentioning any names because Lord knows some folks are getting more recognition than they deserve, I’ll just say that it’s a crying shame that some people think they are allowed to do anything they want, treat others in a degrading fashion, and drink or drug themselves right into the ground and we are supposed to applaud their cuteness, and allow them to blame everyone but themselves for their shortcomings.

If I were to hang out all night long and drink myself into a drunken stupor, bring home a couple of women to fight over me, and treat my co workers like lower class citizens, just how long would it be before I lost my job, and how quickly do you think it would be that my wife would be kicking my rear and pulling out a couple of goddesses hair.

I don’t think I would be able to put out video after video ranting and raving like a drunken idiot, not because I would not be allowed, simply because I would be ashamed of my actions, and whose fault would it be, and who should I blame it on?

So with this said I think next time you see some un named idiot ranting and raving about his self inflicted pain, turn the channel and if he ever lands another gig I think it just may be one I refuse to watch.

Lord knows Rehab should be is this persons future, and accepting responsibility for your own actions should be demanded, because until you do so all of these people who you are supposedly looking down on and calling names will never stand behind you, I don’t care how much Adonis DNA or tiger blood you think you have, this attitude will never bring you any true friends, money may buy you so called goddesses and followers but they will drop you like a hot potato as soon as the funds run out, then you will wish you had treated your true friends better.

Just My Opinion


  1. my hubs asked me today if there was an 'app' for that we could block this person from the media...good idea!

  2. What a whackjob "he" is! I'm still mad at him for being the MAJOR weak link in the otherwise amazing movie Platoon....
    good post Jimmy!

  3. And my opinion as well.
    Seems as though when you have millions, it somehow gives you the right to ease up on responsibility....

  4. Hello, stranger! Can't imagine who this post was referring to. LOL! I'm so far behind I may never catch up, but wanted to tell you and Cindy "Hello!" Bet that grandson is getting big. Mine is due next month. This will be the first boy.

  5. Jimmy, I think you should paste this on a banner and wave it from the rooftops, 'cause it applies to so many. Whatever happens these days it's always someone else's fault, that someone who is commonly known as 'They'.

  6. Amen brother you hit the nail on the head personally i'm so tired of turning on tv or computer and hearing about said person. Bravo

  7. The sad thing is, you could be refering to a lot of people in Hollywood here! I don't know if they are truly psychotic or if the fame gets to their head, but something is seriously wrong when a person begins to think they are above the law AND that the general public gives a crap what they do or think!

  8. *winking*

    Gee....I wonder who you're referring to?


    "What ever happened to being responsible for your own actions? "

    You said it, Jimmy!

    " don’t care how much Adonis DNA or tiger blood you think you have, this attitude will never bring you any true friends, money may buy you so called goddesses and followers but they will drop you like a hot potato as soon as the funds run out, then you will wish you had treated your true friends better."


    FAB post, buddy! This needed to be said.

  9. I suppose he is just one of the reasons why I refuse to turn on the tv any longer. Or open a newspaper. Or read the news on Yahoo. Or read a blog...
    Ooops, I did that already didn't I?

    I'm with you all the way in your assessment. I saw part of the interview on Good Morning America and I was in pain listening to him. Amazing.

    Talk about an ego. yikes.

  10. Hey Jojo, This would be a very useful app, the problem is that everyone is stroking his ego rather than forcing him to take responsibility for his own actions.

    Thank You Pat, I have no sympathy for him myself, I just hope he can get the help he needs and until then I pray he forgets how to make videos Ha Ha

    Hey Dawn, That’s what I am thinking too, how in the world can we allow someone to slide on responsibility just because they make a lot of money; it’s a shame in my opinion.

  11. Ms. A, So good to see you my dear friend, it’s kind of hard to figure who I am speaking of isn’t it Ha Ha.

    Benjamin is sure growing, already pulling up and walking around the furniture and has two teeth already, Congrats on your grandson I am looking forward to hearing more of him once he gets here :^)

    Hey Valerie, Isn’t it a shame that it has come to this, it’s always someone else’s fault and a lot of people just don’t know how to humble themselves and admit they have done wrong, so many look for anyone but themselves to blame when it would be much easier to just take responsibility.

    Thanks Becca, I’m with you, enough is enough but I have a feeling we will be hearing it for quite a while yet.

  12. Bijoux, It is sad that some of the celebrities get to the point that they actually think they can do no wrong and that we will stand behind them no matter what, I think they should be held accountable like everyone else rather than slapped on the wrist and sent home to repeat the process.

    Hey Ron, “Gee....I wonder who you're referring to?” any guesses Ha Ha

    Seriously I’d like to see anyone in this position take responsibility and get themselves back on track, I hate to see anyone suffering but when it’s self inflicted I have no respect when they point the blame elsewhere.

    Hey Nancy, Good to see you my Friend, I am proud you dropped by today rather than shutting me off like the TV Ha Ha

    It is a pain to watch the interviews and I am so dumbfounded just trying to figure out where his mindset is at, I suppose some things can’t be figured out with an ego like this.

  13. I think you know how I feel about- "Said Person"... It would be funny if it weren't a Life!

    Great job as always Brother!

    Sheen....err Shine on!


  14. Amen John, So sad to see anyone throw theirs away like this.

  15. THANK YOU. I couldn't stand the prick before all this bull he's pulling just from seeing the way he treated his wives/girlfriends. I can't get down with anyone who is convinced his or her you know what don't stink.

  16. Jimmy, I think the man is sick and I sort of blame the media for putting him so much in the spotlight. Addiction is an illness. People are not addicts because they are bad people. They aren't alcoholics by choice. This guy needs help. And when and if he realizes it, he may recover. I hope so anyway.

  17. I'm with you CB, It's hard to like anyone who looks down on you, being sure of ones self is one thing but when you think you are above everyone else then it's a problem in my book.

  18. Amen Linda, I pray he gets some help for himself, anyone who has an addiction does need help but before they can be helped they have to admit there is a problem, the media stroking the egos of celebs just makes them think the problem is not there.

  19. We are probably from the same era, because that's how I was raised too. You, and you alone were responsible for your actions. There was no one else to blame. And that's exactly how I raised my children. They knew that they would be held accountable for the decisions they made. Unfortunately, these coddled and babied rich stars think they are above all that. And the media, hungry for a good story, will give them the soapbox.

  20. Hey Matty, I think you are right my friend, we are from the same era. Yes Sir holding ourselves accountable for our actions is the right thing to do in my opinion, the media giving these people a soapbox to spout their nonsense does anything but hold them accountable, it's a crying shame that our families are subjected to the morals they are teaching.

  21. I so agree with you. I just feel sorry for his kids. I think he may be a tad mentally challenged. Not sure if it's a true bipolar thing or from all the drugs and drinking. Either way he's a danger to himself and anyone around me right now in MY opinion....Way to tell it Jimmy!


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