Monday, March 7, 2011

Remember Me With A Smile

Looking back I see mistakes made over a lifetime, I see lessons learned from those mistakes and I also see the faces of those I wish were still here, looking ahead I see possibilities and promises of good things to come, what will happen I don’t know, but I can see the faces of those yet to be born and join our family.

Looking back there are things I should have done differently but now it’s too late to change those things, looking ahead I know which things will definitely not work now, because if it didn’t work then why should it now, I can’t dwell on things that do not matter.

Looking back I see the memories of good times I have had, fun places we have been, and peaceful times shared together, looking forward I see memories yet to be made, fun places we plan to visit, and peaceful times just sitting and enjoying the beautiful life God has given us no matter where that place will be.

Look back and remember where you have been and where you came from, look forward and plan for things that will come your way, opportunities to help you grow and directions to go in preparation of fulfilling your life’s dreams, but live for today because what you have right now is important and will be lost if you look backward or forward too far.

Life is not always easy, we think that we have to look in so many directions to make it work, if we look backwards all of the time we will trip over what is in front of us, and if we look ahead too far the same thing happens because we trip over what we have right now.

Looking ahead and behind is not a bad thing, but remember to look right in front of your own face, because those things and loved ones you are blessed with right now, will be no more than a memory before you realize, if you fail to enjoy them now.

Time marches on and things change whether we see it or not, kids grow up and move on, friends move away, grandbabies are born, friends and loved ones grow old and pass, there is nothing we can do to change these facts of life because this is how it works, all you can do is try to enjoy and love everyone around you while they are here.

Treat everyone with respect and make the kids laugh when they are around, look for the positive in every situation because you never know when a positive outlook just may be needed, and for God’s sake be nice rather than hateful because you never know when it will be the last time you look into that persons eyes, and myself I would rather be remembered with a smile than otherwise.


  1. Experience today whether it be good or bad. God gave us THIS day. Do not waste it with what ifs or say "tomorrow I'll,...."
    Be here NOW.

  2. Amen MC, Well said my friend.

  3. Amen!
    Everything you wrote...I second!!!!

  4. Such a faaaaaaaaabulous post, Jimmy!

    Everything you shared here is so true, and things we ALL need to be reminded of constantly because we so easily forget them while busily living our lives.

    "Looking ahead and behind is not a bad thing, but remember to look right in front of your own face, because those things and loved ones you are blessed with right now...."

    Yes, right NOW.

    Thank you for sharing this, my friend!

    Hope you and Cindy had a marvi Monday!

  5. Thank You Dawn, I appreciate you my Friend

  6. Hey Ron, You are so right in how easy these things can be forgotten, I have to remind myself once in a while :)

    Good to see you Buddy

  7. just the reminder I needed today! Thanks...;j

  8. I love this post, it is so full of wisdom. Leaning from hubs who lives in the past I tend not to look back too often. For me the past is there to look at when I want to but there is a danger of staying there and not moving on. I see myself more as a traveller meeting the excitement of what is to come.

  9. I always tell my kids, "Don't wish your life away!"

  10. That last paragraph sums it all up. Excellent.

  11. Such beautiful thoughts and exactly what I needed to hear today, Jimmy! Thanks so much.

  12. Loved this, Jimmy, as always! Yes, things happen that we have no control over....just get on with what life throws at you.
    It's like the poem, "I'd rather you remembered with a smile than a tear."
    I always find a sense of peace in all of your posts.
    Big hugs to you both!

  13. Jojo, So glad you enjoyed it my Friend.

    Hey Valerie, You have a good outlook, look back but don’t allow yourself to get stuck there, I know I have made this mistake before, meeting the excitement of what is yet to come is a whole lot better than being stuck in the past.

    Thank You Becca, :^)

    Hey Bijoux, Excellent advice "Don't wish your life away!" because so many of us tend to do just this.

  14. Barb, Thank you my Dear Friend, my main thought on all of this centers on the be kind to one another scenario because there have been so many times we have wished we had been.

    Thanks Tress, I appreciate you :^)

    Glad to see you Betty and I am honored to have said what you needed today my Friend.

    Hey Emily, I am honored by your kind words my dear friend, yes we have to get on with life in spite of what has been thrown in our laps because most things are out of our control, what is in our control is how we handle life.

    I am proud to have you as a friend, Hugs right back to you.

  15. Jimmy, you have the best attitude and I think it pays off for you everyday. I really think you are a very special person and doubt that you even realize how great you are!

  16. Hey Linda, You have me at a loss for words other than Thank You my Friend, I am honored.

    Caterpillar, Thank You also :^)

  17. "This is the Day that the Lord hath made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it".

    Whether a believer or not--you can CHOOSE how to approach your day!

    I'm smilin Bro--I'm smilin because of you!


  18. Hey John, "Whether a believer or not--you can CHOOSE how to approach your day!" wise words my friend.


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