Monday, August 1, 2011

Computer Age Gardening

We have been working on getting our garden growing and have gotten pretty successful if I say so myself, I moved my pepper patch this year to give Cindy more room in the garden for what she calls “actual vegetables”.

Next to the driveway in full sunlight I planted six jalapeno pepper plants, two hot banana peppers, and two chili pepper plants of an unnamed nature (actually I lost the tag and forgot what I bought) that are loaded down with more chilies than I ever could imagine, the first one set me on fire so I have a plan to pick a whole bag full and sneak them in on Tim. Five bell pepper plants got relocated back to Cindy’s garden since they are really not “actual peppers” and shouldn’t belong in a pepper patch.
Crookneck and white patty pan squash we have already begun feasting on, I say slicing them lengthwise and marinating them in Italian dressing then cooking them on the grill is the best, give it a try if you haven’t done so already, works well for zucchini also.
Corn will be coming on before too long, as the plants are already about as tall as I am and tasseling out, we had a few cucumbers and are seeing at least four cantaloupes already, an egg plant blooming back in the corner showing promise of good things to come.
Tomatoes we are going to be overloaded with it appears, I have been working so hard, tying up limbs and pulling up weeds, pruning and staking vines, hoeing and digging dirt, I told Cindy that I was a “Good Hoer” which got me a non amused look and a “Yeah right. You are sick” as she walked away.
What else we have that is threatening my tomato crop is “Critters”, I have already lost about ten tomatoes and my second red one was partially eaten, looks like birds have been pecking my crops as the marks appear to be peck marks, although the half eaten one has me wondering, so I had to investigate.

Getting online and searching for the terms that took me everywhere but to sites about "birds pecking tomatoes", still not sure where "bird peckers" came in nor how they got one that close to a magnifying glass but that is entirely a post for another site.

The computer age told me something I already knew, I have seen aluminum pie tins and little mirrors hanging in gardens to deter birds in the past, I am sure we have a bunch of computer savvy birds now days so I did something that should remedy my bird problem and scare the majority away, you know all those old AOL discs you never knew what to do with:
You think this will help.


  1. I love a good recycling project like that!!!!

  2. At my home old discs, AOL included, end up as drink mats and bird scarers but they're more successful as mats. Around here the birds have learned to take no notice.

  3. Hey! What a great idea. Those birds will know an up-to-date guy planted this garden! (They will probably discuss it while eating your produce anyway.)

  4. LOL that is a great idea! Loved the are just too funny!

  5. Okay, first, I am sooooo impressed with your garden, Jimmy!

    WOW! And corn too? Oooo....I love me some fresh grown corn with LOTS of butter!

    Isn't it amazing the information you can find online?

    Great idea! Sure hope it works!

    Wishing you and Cindy a FAB week!

  6. It seems like a good idea to use a varied seclection of CDs. Afterall, you never know what kind of birds will be stopping by. They could be into punk, or metal, or even classical...

  7. Your garden is magnificent! We have lemon trees, a plum tree, rosemary, mint, and a few other things. We also have a ton of squirrels who eat all the plums. My husband wants to get a slingshot, but I won't let me.

  8. Someone will be having some fine grub! I don't do peppers, however, my kids sure do. My Dad couldn't sit down to a meal without his peppers. This weather is packing plenty of heat, though. I'm ready for winter.

  9. I didn't realise that peppers weren't actually vegetables. I was taught that vegetables with seeds on the inside WERE actually FRUIT!
    Love the idea of using C.D.s. WE get overloaded with free ones that you get with magazines!

    Very funny post, Jimmy!
    {We could use some good weather over here, though}
    Hugs to you both!

  10. impressive garden you have...congrats on that...lets hope the birds do not come again to spoil your crops :0

  11. Thank You everyone,I am proud of our little garden and hope that the birds don't start thinking the flashing lights are like a disco and start gathering around to dance Ha ha

  12. What a great idea! And what a great post! I love produce, but hate gardening. Your post has made me hungry for some good fresh veggies! Looks like I'll be hitting up the Farmer's market tomorrow!


  13. Hahahaha!!! Oh- PLEASE let us know if that works:)))

  14. Hey Spot, I do love a good garden and working in one kind of relaxes me, you just cant beat fresh veggies :^)

    Dawn, Not sure if this is really working but the flashing lights sure are pretty Ha Ha

  15. good information ... I have read and will be added to my personal knowledge... thanks


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