Monday, August 22, 2011

Passing The Torch

When someone makes you a promise do you take it in jest or do you take it seriously? Cindy and I threw out a a promise a few years back that was taken in jest, but proved otherwise while we were in New Mexico.

Do you remember the story I told you back in January of the Evil Twin? If not click The Evil Twin and check it out but be sure to come back and pick up here because I just think you may get a laugh out of this one too.

At the end of The Evil Twin I said “My Buddy did come back to live with Cindy and I, He survived the move to California and is patiently waiting for the right day when he surprises someone else”, with this said My Buddy now has a new home..For now anyway.

Way back then we told the boys that the first one to get married would be the one to get the surviving My Buddy Doll, they both laughed, you know that laugh that says Yeah Right!! This is the laugh that we got.

Now after several years of hiding and protecting My Buddy, the torch has been passed to Tim since he was the first of the kids to wed.

Right after Benjamin’s Birthday party I went to the car and got a gift out of the trunk for Tim, I made a big presentation stating Family Tradition and how something sacred was being passed to Tim to protect and pass down to his first child that married.

Tim seemed to swell with pride, I actually saw pride in his eyes imagining holding onto something so sacred as a Family heirloom to pass down to his children.

When he opened the bag I actually had to hold onto him to keep him from falling out of his chair.

The look of shock pride on his face while I made the actual presentation told me that holding out this long to pass My Buddy along was sure worth it.

Now isn’t he cute with his new Doll.

Now that wasn’t nice was it?


  1. Oh, boy... now I know what I'm going to do with all those Cabbage Patch dolls! Thank you for the brilliant idea.

  2. Hey Ms. A, Funny thing is Cindy took a Cabbage Patch doll to Benjamin, Elisa said it looked like Richard Simmons Ha Ha

  3. A Promise is a PROMISE--just like I consider a HANDSHAKE a done Deal!

    Well done Jimmy!


  4. That's a brilliant family tradition. Wish I hadn't chucked my stuff away!

  5. "The look of shock pride on his face while I made the actual presentation told me that holding out this long to pass My Buddy along was sure worth it."

    Bwhahahahhahaahahahaha! OMG, I only wish I'd have been there in person to see this passing on ceremony and the expression on his face!

    GREAT last shot, Jimmy!


    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed!

  6. NO, that wasn't nice AT ALL, Jimmy! Bahaha!

  7. I love family traditions. You son looks less sure. This is hysterical!

  8. Yes Sir John, A promise is a promise, and I do agree with you on a handshake my Friend.

    Hey Valerie, It’s funny where Family traditions will fall into place sometimes, and the stuff you chucked away was simply not meant to be in the traditions, more important ones will fall into place for you.

    Hey Ron, This was so much fun Buddy, the kids had completely forgotten about My Buddy and the look on Tim’s face was so worth it Ha Ha

    Bijoux, May not have been nice but it was fun, just remember these things to use on your kids Ha Ha

    Linda, I thought he was going to bail out on me when My Buddy popped out of the bag, I literally had to hold him in his chair Ha Ha

  9. Oh my! That is priceless! But as I've spent the last month reading evil doll stories for our upcoming anthology, I have to say my face would look much like Tim's does.

    A promise is a promise. Lol.


  10. I love it! Gotta love those family traditions!

  11. Hey there Jimmy~

    Just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.

    Miss ya, buddy!

    Please say Hi to Cindy for me!

  12. Hey Jimmy!

    Just wanted to stop by and wish you and Cindy a Happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, buddy!

    Hope all is well.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Buddy!!

    All is well here hoping your Thanksgiving is the best :^)

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  15. Hey Jimmy! You out there? Hope things are going well for you.

  16. Hey Pat, Living life and loving it my friend, hope all is well with you and yours also.

    Talk Soon,


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