Saturday, July 23, 2005

Things that make ya say Hmmmmmmmmmmm

I have been especially busy these past couple of weeks going to Dr. appointments, Physical therapy, X-rays, MRI's and so on and so on. It's not like these are new to me but it just feels like they are all coming together lately. I went to see a new Dr. this week for my shoulder, been having some problems there I guess since starting to use the wheelchair more often now (but that’s another story).

While sitting there filling out the forms I noticed a young man across from me also filling out forms as it appeared to be his first visit also. He had what looked like a back support around his waist and his right wrist was secured to it in the front, He was really struggling to fill out the forms with one hand and really had a hard time getting up and walking when his name was called to go back and see the Doctor, But the nurse was patient and assisted him through the door and down the hall. I thought to myself there is always someone in worse shape than you and was glad to see the nurse being so patient with him, as he had no crutches to help him walk and with his wrist secured to the support he couldn’t use them if he had them anyways.

I was called back shortly after him and after a short visit with the Doctor I was sent for more X-Rays in the same building. While sitting there waiting to be called back for the X-Rays I was thinking Man haven’t they done enough X-rays and tests, I understood going to a new Doctor and not really knowing him I was going to have to re tell my whole medical history to a guy I wasn’t really sure of and was going to be there a while and was not looking forward to it. Then from out of no where I saw a site that really got me to thinking.

This young man that was having so many problems in the waiting room was walking out of the Doctors office with his back support rolled up under his arm, He had a spring in his step, No more indication of pain in his eyes, and as he swiftly strutted by me I came to realize "Man This Is The Doctor I Been Needing To See All Along!!!!" He cured this young man in one visit.

As I said earlier, there is always someone in worse shape than you. I will accept my pain and use my crutches and wheelchair to get along and feel secure knowing I am telling the truth. I would never want to gain back the spring in my step in exchange for the knowledge that I had lied to beat the system to gain whatever this young man thinks he gained by not being truthful about his condition. There are people who really need these Doctors and people "Beating the System" just add to these honest peoples pain when they have to prove that they are really telling the truth. If you have to Lie or Hide to do something then you are Wrong. I appreciate honesty and feel sorry for the ones that feel they have to lie to get by in our world. I feel blessed to know I aint that bad off.

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