Monday, March 8, 2010

Date Night

Have you ever started a post and it makes a quick turn and goes off in a whole other direction, this is what happened with my last post I was going to tell you all about our night out Saturday but when I began with the part about coming to California I just fell right back to sleep in that U Haul that probably had a number like C8ntDo45 or OU8ntGoN there, sorry looks like I’m making another turn.

After living here for a little over a year we have made a lot of changes, Cindy has gone to school to get her California CNA and Home Health Care certifications and I have gotten myself a couple straw hats from the hardware store that I look good in while mowing, here I am retired and we have about three acres that need mowed every once in a while and since I’m retired and don’t actually do anything to spend all this money the kids just know I have, I mow those three acres for free and I enjoy doing it, Cindy calls me Forrest Gump, sorry looks like I’m making another turn but that’s what you have to do when mowing three acres or writing a post you already skipped, just keep turning.

We left all of our long time friends back in NM and the only ones our age we actually spend any time with is Cindy’s cousin Bob and his wife Martha, Bob is the cousin who you will remember as the one who got to ride Cindy’s horse first when they were teens. We usually go over to their house on Saturday nights and just have a good time, Wii is a sport even a guy using a cane can do, I don’t have to put much effort into getting a strike here and the bowling ball doesn’t weigh that much either.

Cindy and Martha decided it was a good idea for the four of us to get together for a Date Night to just get out and have a nice dinner without worrying about anything else for a change, Bob and I agreed this would work for us. Cindy and I arrive at their house not too early we thought but Martha was on “Martha Time” as usual and just held up the whole evening, it was all her fault we got to the restaurant so late, just kidding Martha I threw that in to get you riled up. Everyone was ready and none of us knew where to go and to make a long story short I know nothing about restaurants in California so I just threw out the last commercial I recalled and off to Outback we went, here we are riding down the freeway in the rain, I’m sitting in the backseat listening to the wipers thinking I could probably sing along with them but Martha is driving so good I don’t want to get her laughing too hard, you see Martha is a good girl who likes to laugh at me, she just loves a good Southern accent or just likes to laugh at me one on another, back when we were all newlyweds Cindy and I went with them to buy dog food for their pets, we were reading the labels and I suggested the Lamb and Rice, Martha laughed and asked me to say it again as all Southerners have heard so I repeated it, she says I said Laaaaammm N Riiiaacceee so ever since then we have had a good laugh and I include the term Lamb and Rice in most of our conversations, sorry did I get off track again, I actually did that on purpose.

After Bob’s phone broke and we popped into the cell phone store which was on our way and was only going to take a minute, forty five minutes later we were back on the freeway with Bobs phone erased but working, we got to the restaurant and forty five minutes later got a booth and had one of the best evenings out, the food was great and the company was excellent, I’m really excited for our next Date Night to get here because Bob and Martha need good people like us who know how to mow a three acre tract and speak clearly about Lamb and Rice with a barrel racer who holds a CNA certification, what better couple can you get to hang out with? Seriously Bob and Martha we had a good time and for everyone else I hope your Date Night goes as well.


  1. ohmygosh, this was such a fun post. i totally get the 'say it again' thing and have friends we actually just call me 'Virginia.' sounds like you guys have a great time together and that is priceless (priiiiceless, ya'll know). you spin a good tale, dude.

  2. Thank You Karal,

    Yep we always have a good time even when we aint even trying to Ha Ha

    Glad you enjoyed the post I was hoping there would be a few grins.

  3. You made me smile with your fun post. I love Date nights with my hubby...I make him take me often...we loving wives deserve it!!!

  4. Date nights are always awesome!

  5. Oh, what a charming and fun post, Jimmy!

    I could actually hear...

    ..." Laaaaammm N Riiiaacceee"...

    I use to live in the south, so I know that accent well. Having been an actor; portraying someone from the south, it came in very handy!

    "Ya'll come back now, ya'hear!"


    Have a great day, my friend!

  6. Yes Susie you fine ladies do deserve a Date Night more often than you get them, we try :^)

  7. Hey SC, we always have tried to get out on a regular basis but it's been awhile, Date Nights are something we all need especially when they are fun

  8. Hey Ron,

    Yes the Southern Accent is something we never lose, I was thinking about Karal saying some friends call her Virginia that sounds better than if they called me Carolina Ha Ha

    Did you ever hear "Ewe aint frum aroun heah are ya boy?"

    Talk to ya soon my Good Friend

  9. People just don't understand my timing and ought to conform with it.

  10. Martha,

    The problem is not conforming to your time it is trying to figure out what time that is.

    Love Ya Martha :^)


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