Friday, March 19, 2010

Drama Vent

People are strange, we all have quirks that sometimes gets you funny looks from others or qualities that make others want your advise, some are lucky enough to have both. Others seem to be instigators who love drama, now this can be a good thing as long as this drama does not cause hurt feelings.

Drama is something that I do not want in my life, I want my friends to remain good friends and I want to live long enough to see my grandchildren grow up and to be a part of their lives.

I have no respect for thieves or liars and people who make others miserable because they thrive on this drama fall into the above category, You can't control other people this way and when someone is doing this to you all that can be done to keep yourself sane is to not participate in their little game, if they want to play this way take your football and go home because if you do this then you won't look like the evil one, if you lower yourself to their level then you are no better than them.

Thanks for listening to my little vent and I promise to have a more positive post next time.


  1. jimmy...if you can't vent to your friends who can you vent to? I hope your drama is not coming from something at your wedding event. If so, just know that weddings and all the people who gather for them bring out the drama. It is an emotional time and emotions tend to run high! Hopefully, like you always do, you will put things into proper perspective and be your usual positive self!!!

  2. Thank You Susie,

    Some people seem to want problems, I myself am just the opposite, my outlook on this wedding is that we are here for the Kids and it is their day, shame on those who try to cause problems where they are not needed, we actually have it going the right direction and the Kids will have a wonderful wedding, Cindy and I are doing all we can to make sure of this and those who can't see this will only make themselves miserable because we will not be dragged into the pettiness.

  3. I think you and cindy are on the right track! No need to involve in petty behavior. You are both bigger people than that. I know the wedding will be great. I cant wait to hear all the details!!

  4. Rehersal dinner tonight went well with no drama at all, looks like a few discussions relaying feelings and suggestions paid off.

    I look forward to the wedding going well, only problem now it it has begun to snow with about an inch on the ground already, shouldn't be a big problem as it wont be snowing inside the Church:^)


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