Monday, March 22, 2010

I Do, Done

Tim and Elisa are now officially Man and Wife.

The rehearsal was something you should have seen, being low on funds Tim pulled a good one, instead of ordering flowers to decorate the Church he went down and bought a bunch of ribbon, roses and I don't know what else but he put them all together and made arrangements to decorate the pews, added some vine type runners and a couple flower arrangements that made the Church look like it was professionally decorated, I was impressed and never knew he had this talent, heck I had a hard time getting him to clean his room when he lived at home, first fear of clowns and now a decorating talent with a small budget, he has to start filling me in a little more on these hidden talents.

The rehearsal went well although Tim said it was a headache, it wasn't funny but first of all while he was getting the flowers set just to his satisfaction he raised up to bump his head on a shelf he didn't notice, the knot on his head added a little character to his appearance, then after instruction from the minister the practice commenced and included the minister pointing towards the grooms men only to hit Tim in the head during the process, the vows were gone over and the music coordinated for them to walk back down the aisle as Man and Wife, well after the introduction Elisa forgot to wait for the music to begin and attempted to sprint down the aisle with Tim in tow, she is going to be a good wife and I am proud she didn't hit him in the head also.

Josh's son Johnathan was the ring bearer and at his young age he had no interest in the rehearsal, we were playing with him to keep him occupied and Cindy got him to say "Timmys a nerd" which everyone including Tim thought was cute, the rehearsal ended with everyone getting their parts right and the option of carrying Johnathan down the aisle in case he wasn't up to walking during the ceremony, he had a Tux to fit him that matched all the other guys and looked good, I'll post some pictures once we get home and I get them downloaded.

Next evening the wedding time finally came and most everyone was on time, everyone was ushered in and the bride came down the aisle with her Father, she was very pretty and Tim looked very proud to see her, Johnathan had no interest in walking so he was carried and once the ceremony began he started walking all over the place, no one could seem to catch him without making a disturbance and I am afraid if he had been caught there would have been a little crying which happens with small children, he didn't get noisy but did make his way in and out and around all the decorations and kept walking behind Tim and Elisa, during the lighting of the Unity candle by the bride and groom Johnathan laid down and propped his chin on his hands to watch, then all of a sudden we hear a cute little voice saying "Timmys a nerd", Tim gave him a grin and the minister introduced the couple as Mr. and Mrs. the music began and they took one step when Elisa pulled Tim back and raised her hand to stop everything, she looks at the minister and says "I didn't get to kiss him!!!" after a few laughs the kiss was made and the couple began their life as Man and Wife.

Little things like this make memories you will never forget, Tim will always be a nerd now and we will give Elisa a hard time for putting her foot down to give the proper kiss, The wedding was very nice and I feel proud to have Elisa as a Daughter in law, she and Tim will go through tough times like we all have, but the love I see in their eyes for each other will carry them through anything.


  1. "when Elisa pulled Tim back and raised her hand to stop everything, she looks at the minister and says "I didn't get to kiss him!!!"

    OMG...that's hysterical!

    So glad to hear everything went well, Jimmy!

    I so enjoy attending weddings. Even the ones where I personally don't know the couple very well, there is still something so moving about watching two people take their vows.

    It's as you shared...

    "the love I see in their eyes for each other will carry them through anything."

    It's the love.

    Have a safe journey home, buddy!

  2. Now that is a woman who knows what she wants/is entitled to and knows how to get it.

    If the wedding should end with a kiss, then by gosh! The wedding should end with a kiss.

    GO ELISA!!!!!! :-)

    (I clicked over from The Water Witch's Daughter)

  3. Hey Ron,

    This wedding was so enjoyable especially knowing the attitudes of these kids, You just have to love the way it concluded.

    Lookin at leaving here about Thursday so will be home by Saturday

  4. Thank You Terre,

    I am happy to have you stop by and hope to see you again.

    Yes Elisa knows what she wants and will make it work, Tim had better listen to her :^)

  5. Love weddings, but isn't nice to get back to "normal" again?

  6. I'm ready for normal Trisha, have really enjoyed the trip but it seems we have been gone forever.

  7. I love the whole saga of your wedding week. I feel in some way as if I have watched a movie from the beginning until the end. Your wonderful descriptions of your arrival, bachelor party, family squabbles, rehearsal dinner and finally the wedding...I feel like I was there with you. I am glad everything turned out so well. I wish the best for your son and your new daughter-in-law!

  8. Great family fun, and lots of memories made! They sound like a great couple. Have a safe trip going home.

  9. Thank You Susie,

    I appreciate you and am proud you came along for the ride, they will do just fine I know and as you know already this little story is just at the beginning :^)

  10. Yes SC they are a great couple, the fun and memories will be with them and us always.

    hoping to be home by Friday or Saturday then I will share a few pictures with you all


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