Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh To Be Twenty One

Oh to be twenty one again, How many times have we all said this? As you all know we are on the road for our son Tim's marriage, his bride to be Elisa is a welcome addition to our family who we accepted a long time ago, their wedding is this coming Saturday and the planning stage is in full force, the rehearsal dinner is Friday, Cindy and Elisa are going in the morning to make sure all the plans are in order for this.

Night before last Randy held a bachelor party for Tim and graciously invited me to join in, Cindy had plans with a friend to hang out while I was there, these plans fell through so dinner with Randy's girlfriend were made, I went to dinner with Randy, Tim and a few of their friends at a local bar and grill which went well, we returned to Randy's for the beginning of the party, the invitations were sent, the keg was in place and it all started, have any of you ever played "Beer Pong" I have heard of it but have never been involved, I watched a few games of this and listened to as much Rap as I could stand, I suggested a little Classic Rock and with a smile walked out the door. It's funny to see the boys you remember as little kids interacting with their friends just like you did at 21, pretty scary to have to admit they are now adults so to say, but also don't they say "the terrible two's only last until they are twenty one"

Cindy ended up with no plans after dinner with Abby so I walked back over to see her for a minute, Randy lives across the street from our old house and we are staying with a friend next door to it so my walk was a short one, Miss Dixie needed a walk so we hooked up her leash and walked back across the street, Randy is now about to have a fit as it just ain't right for Mom to show up at her son's bachelor party, we agree and I am walking Cindy back across the street, all of the guys at the party are about 21 an call my wife Mom so they walk out the door with us, sitting on the porch for "just a minute" to say Hi to them all as they have not seen her in a while lasted about an hour, then "Little Cindy" who bought our house saw us and walked across the street with her husband who joined the party, Randy is freaking out now because there are two women who are not strippers here and one is his Mom.

OK now it is up to me to get this all straightened out because I have now messed up the party, we go back across the street and the boys went back to the party without Mom or me, I did have a good time interacting with the small boys who are now all grown up and after it was all said and done all of the guys who were there were happy to see Mom and think it was pretty cool we showed up, Randy even admitted that he thought it was good. I have decided that after hanging with these twenty something year olds who were no problem that I no longer wish to be twenty one, thirty is looking better now.


  1. Honestly I am not sure I would ever want to be 21 again...but on the other hand I am not sure I like the idea that more than half of my life is over. I guess it is fun to look back in nostalgia but it is more important to look forward with hope!!!

  2. I love your stories! I especially liked this part:

    "Randy is freaking out now because there are two women who are not strippers here and one is his Mom."

    I don't want to be 21 again. I'll keep my 37.

  3. I have played Beer Pong. Lol. We have a lot of friends in their 20's & 30's (I say friends,but I mean extra children, lol) so sometimes I get to try things no self respecting 40 yr old would admit too. I'm not very good so I don't play often, the point at this age is no longer to get drunk as fast as possible, but to stay awake and enjoy the night! I don't think I would want to be that age again. I like 40. If only it didn't lead to 50 and beyond.

    It's so much fun to watch them grow. I'm glad you're having a great time!

  4. OMG, I laughed my tush off at this post!

    Mainly, because of....

    ..."because there are two women who are not strippers here and one is his Mom"...


    And speaking of stippers, Nikki is always available!


    Me too, buddy. I no longer wish to be 21. Life just keeps getting better with age.

    Like wine!

    Sounds like you're having a great time!

  5. Amen Susie,

    Looking back is fun but planning ahead is exciting, and it's a whole lot more fun at this age rather than twenty one :^)

  6. Thanks Trisha,

    It was pretty funny watching him freak out a little bit because I knew it was all going to be just fine.

    Twenty one was a ways back for me I would settle for thirty seven because I was a lot more mature by then Ha Ha

  7. Hey Spot,

    The Beer Pong was interesting but I could see myself losing pretty fast if I had played, I chose to sit back and watch, a couple drinks and a lot of laughs with no headache in the morning is the way I like it.

    My fortys have been a comfortabe age but I will be fifty this year, I'll have to let you know how that works out Ha Ha

  8. Yes Sir Ron,

    "And speaking of stippers, Nikki is always available!"

    I should have gotten in touch with you, we could have had a plan, I get mom off the porch and you slip Nikki in Ha Ha

    I am like you I believe life is getting better and I do like it better than when I was twenty one.

    We are having a ball my Friend

  9. I'm still laughing at Ron sending in Nikki the stripping troll doll...soo not what they had in mind!!! Would not want to do twenties over again. Loving life now! The only way I'd ever want to do any of it over is to be able to take the wisdom I have now with me!

  10. My favorite line, along with the strippers of course, is the one about all of them coming to sit out on the porch "for just a minute." that's good stuff.

  11. Yes Suzi,

    I wish now we had gotten in touch with Ron sooner Ha Ha

    "The only way I'd ever want to do any of it over is to be able to take the wisdom I have now with me!"

    Sad thing is we probably wouldn't have that option so I will choose to stick where I am :^)

  12. Yes Karal,

    I thought that was pretty good to have all of them out on the porch and for such a long time Ha Ha, Memories are a good thing and creating them is even better


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