Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday



  1. WOW....what an awesome set of wheels, Jimmy!


    And I can see the pride and joy in your expression.

    I remember getting my first car. It was a Chevy Nova (cream colored) and it lasted me yeeeeeeeeeeears. I took care of that car like it was my baby.

    Thanks for sharing a great Wordless Wednesday.

    Hope you had a great day!

  2. Thay was right after I Graduated and made a road trip to NM, 72 Gran Torino Sport that was a good car another one of those "I wish I still had" cars.

  3. Look at you rocking the license plate!

  4. Don't think they make them like that anymore, actually had a friend who knew this guy that made them and hooked me up, the letters actually reflected when lights shined on them.

  5. I love your picture!!!! You look so happy and proud!! I like the stripe going down the side of the car. I always wanted that on my pea green Firebird...but alas my dad was too busy getting it repainted and fixed up all the time from the many accidents...or should I say... other cars I encountered.

  6. You were one stylin' dude! That car is SWEET! Not to mention your outfit and hair. :-)

    Great photograph!

    Stopping by from Peg's place. :-)

  7. Ha, is that the car you used your gun as collateral for? Good look so proud.

  8. Hey Susie,

    That stripe just may have saved you from some of those encounters with other cars as it was reflective :^)

  9. Angelia,

    That was a good car and along with the hair and outfit what can I say it was the 70's Ha Ha

    Thank You I am glad you stopped by please come back anytime.

  10. Thank You SC,

    Nope this was actually the car I traded that one for, I drove that one while I was in school and this one towards the end and for a few years after.

  11. I wonder who that handsome feller is...OMG look at that car!!


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