Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't Fear The Reaper

Fear is something that keeps a lot of people from living life in my opinion, we all have things thrown into our laps that we did not plan on and we learn to deal with them, as we get older we lose the abilities we had when we were younger and gain a whole lot more aches and pains, conditions and diseases invade our little world and it scares us to death thinking of where they are leading us.

Death is inevitable and will come to all of us at the given time, I think we are all predestined to die at a certain time but as you know we have no way of knowing when that will be, Doctors sometimes give people a length of time they have left to live when faced with Cancers, my step Dad was given six months to live and it was three years later when it was his time, a very good friend of mine was diagnosed and given two to three years and it was less than six months when he left us so you never know and no one can predict something like this.

Not wanting this to be a downer post and I will get to my point, my Step Dad continued to live life in a normal manner you know about as normal as you can when facing something like this and he continued doing what he could and gave up doing things as his body slowed him down, my friend kind of gave up he did continue doing what he could but I saw a fear in his eyes he never had before and this fear stopped him in his tracks. Both I think went just when they were supposed to but the quality of living life was sure different because I saw fear of what was coming in one and doing as much as he could while he could in the other.

I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes when I was fifteen and then the Doctors said I would be lucky to live through my twenties, I have heart trouble in my family although I have never been diagnosed with any heart problems a lot of the men in my family died at the age of forty two, I have now lived through my twenties and next month the fearful forties will be behind me, why did I beat the odds? Simply because it wasn’t my time yet is the answer.

How hard would my life be had I sat back waiting to die in my twenties or my whole forty second year of life, it would have sucked and I’m not one who wants to sit back and worry about when my time will be, so here is where I get to the point I have been dragging out. Don’t allow your life to Suck.

Enjoy life to the fullest without fear of what may happen because if it is going to happen it will be there whether you are out playing or hiding under the covers, if fear is going to consume you then life will surely pass you by before you know it, I would rather be out somewhere doing something I like when my time comes rather than hiding somewhere in a dark room when the Grim Reaper comes calling.

He may get me at just my proper time but I wont go down without a fight, and I will be smiling in his face the whole time.


  1. Hi there! I just found your blog through Pat and I was completely drawn into your latest post. A close family member is living with cancer. He was told he may only have 6 months, but we are now over a year on...hopefully he has lots more time as he still has a lot of living to do!
    Every extra day is a gift and should be lived to the full!

  2. "Every extra day is a gift and should be lived to the full"

    Amen to that one my Friend, my prayers are with you for him to have the chance to do as much living as he can possibly enjoy.

    Glad to have you stop by, hope to see you again.

  3. Wow. I agree with everything you have said. That's one thing that I believe. I also was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in my 30's and I been in remission for 4 years!!! Don't ever go by what they say. God will take you when he is ready!!!

    Love this post!!!!!!

  4. You have such a great attitude! (Can I please borrow it?)

  5. Well Jimmy..why do I feel like this post was written for me. I know it wasn't but in this time of serious flux for me I think you have hit the nail on the head. As I have told you before (my fellow diabetian) that in some strange way I think coping with that disease,as we do, on a daily basis has allowed us to cope with many of life's other miseries. It is that attitude displayed right there in your post that drew me to you on DD and made me actively seek out a friendship with you. I could sense this in the things you posted in response to other people's questions. As you know, our friendship is very valuable to me and it is easy to see why with great inspirational writings like the on above. Thank you...for being you!!!

  6. What an inspiring and uplifting post, my friend!

    "Enjoy life to the fullest without fear of what may happen because if it is going to happen it will be there whether you are out playing or hiding under the covers."


    Fear has been one of my greatest teachers. I wrote a blog post sometime last year, about how fearful I can be. And it's ironic, because I have always chosen professions that push my "fear button." When I was an actor, I was incredibly fearful of getting onstage. However, it taught me that I can either stand at fears' door, or open it, and walk right through.

    Luckily, I'm a very stubborn person, so I will not allow myself to be paralyzed by fear.

    Fear always makes me wanna move forward.

    I must ditto what Ms. Anthrogy shared.....

    "You have such a great attitude, my friend!"

    You're an inspiration!

    Hope you had a great day!

  7. Amen Cindy,

    You have to go with how you feel rather than what they say, I am proud you are in remission and also proud to have you as part of our little family here.

  8. Thank You Ms A,

    I am proud to share, especially with friends like you :)

  9. Wow Susie,

    I am honored to have found you as a friend also, and I agree that dealing with a condition like diabetes conditions us to face other problems a bit easier.

    You too have been there for me dealing with daily diabetes stuff and I plan on keeping your friendship safe.

  10. Hey Ron,

    Yes Sir Fear does stop a lot of us but being stubborn and forcing that fear aside just makes us stronger, I have also lived with fear but I don't have time for that anymore, I'd rather enjoy life instead.

    Thank You my Good Friend,
    I am honored.

  11. I have written about fear and how I find that it is often a motivator of mine. I still haven't decided if that's a good thing or not but I think I live my life differently because I choose to allow the fear to creep in just ever so slightly. With the fear as my fuel I tend to accomplish things I never imagined possible.
    I like having a slight fear of death because it drives me to live life...the way I want to live it.
    The Grim Reaper is gonna have his hands full with you....
    Your thoughts and posts are inspiring...

  12. Thank You Kerri,

    You always have to let fear creep in just a bit as you said, just enough to make you respect it but not enough to stop you, this way you are not truly afraid of living.

    You are right when my time come although I may be afraid I will show no fear because you aint living if you aint fighting for it :)

    Seriously I really am comfortable where I am with God and knowing this I have no reason to fear.

  13. Amen, my brother. The Lord will take you when He sees the meantime, live your life as well as you can, when your day of reckoning comes, then you will be ready to stand tall and be judged for your good deeds, and be forgiven for your bad deeds.

  14. You are like my Jason then, he has Type 1 since his early twenties. My heart breaks for you guys. I even pricked my finger and checked my sugar in sympathy of him.
    My great aunt decided she was going to die. She laid down in bed and didn't die for FIVE years. Instead she lost all use of her muscles. It was terrible. Not a fun way to go at all.
    I believe you are right. It's all in your attitude. When it's your time, it's your time but until then LIVE life and enjoy!

  15. I also think "when it's your time, it's your time" and that's the way it goes. My grandpa was given 3 months and lived years beyond that. He changed nothing about the way he lived and continued to do things that gave him pleasure right up until his last night.

    Faced with my own mortality briefly, last year, I decided that it was time to stop putting things off because we never know how much time we have. I honestly feel my life is so much richer and fuller since I stopped waiting for "the right time".

    Great thoughts Jimmy. Thanks for sharing. Look at the great conversations you started!


  16. That's the whole deal right there Joe,

    People will be much happier if and when they ever realize this.

    Thank You my Good Friend.

  17. Hey Angelia,

    Type 1 Diabetes is a never ending learning experience, about the time you think you have it figured out then something changes, that is just part of dealing with it and the condition forces you to continue learning, I suppose that's a good thing.

    Your Aunt is a perfect example of what I was saying, you either lie down and wait for it or live life to the fullest until your time comes, I choose the latter.

    Good to see you Angelia

  18. Thank You Spot,

    I couldn't agree more, when we are faced with our own mortality it makes you think "Why am I putting this off or why am I saving this for another day?" Do it now and enjoy while you can, life is too short to put things off.

    Good discussion here, just may have to start a discussion board :)

  19. I have seen all types of dealing.
    One friend spent what time he had left fighting the cancer, by spending all his time in the hospital and being extremely sick all the time from the meds.
    My bf's mother broke her leg and refused to do her therapy, instead she camped out in her bed and died four years later.
    Bf's fought her cancer, but refuses to spend the time and energy again if it should come back. She would rather live life as she always does, instead of being sick from the chemo.

    Me..If death comes, then it comes. I don't want to know numbers of when, for that matter I don't want to know I'm sick. In this topic, I perfer ignorance.

  20. I don't know how I missed this post. I'm sorry you have had to deal with this stuff, but happy to see that you are! You are a good guy and seem to enjoy your life to the fullest. I'm sure you will continue to do so, my friend.
    Along that line...
    Tomorrow, I start my Iodine depletion diet in preparation of what I hope is my final gamma ray scan looking for a reoccurence of big Mr. C. If it comes out negative, I'm supposed to be in the clear...Either way, we go on with our lives and enjoy what we have!

  21. Hey Heather,

    People sure deal with this differently and like we have said end result is the same it's just how you deal with it until that time comes.

    I see what you are saying about not wanting to know if you are sick, I'd rather know and at least do what I can to stay somewhat comfortable so to say if at all possible while I'm out playing :)

  22. Thank You Pat,

    I appreciate you Sir and will be praying for a negative result when it comes to your scan.

    Yes Sir you have to enjoy what you have and go on with life no matter what.


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