Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm A Mutt

Immigration and the Law what do you think of this, when you get on this subject people a lot of times throw out the race card because in their opinion you are against them because they come from another culture so this makes you racist, my opinion is I don’t care what culture you come from or what color you are as long as you come into this country with the intentions of making a better life for yourself and attempt to do it legal, learn our language and ways, do your best to find a job and support your family and I will be there for you 100%

My problem is with the illegals who come here and expect our government to support them for the rest of their lives, free health care, free education, free this and free that, we have people here who need help getting to their next paycheck or help in finding a job to support their family and how dare someone step foot onto our soil and have a baby solely to gain citizenship, and then expect us to learn their language rather than learning ours, now if my wife and I go to another country and she drops a baby I think we will still be American and the folks in that country will not bow down to learn our language so they can accommodate us nor will they foot the bill for delivering our baby.

I know this country was built by immigrants so to say and if I look back at my family line there are so many lines going so many directions I proudly call myself a mutt, seriously my Scottish, Irish, English, German, French, Dutch, and Swiss Ancestors came here and made a name for themselves, they came with the intention of building a better life for themselves and made it work because from the late 1700’s here I am from their stock and the ones who landed here hoping for a free ride never made it past the first winter, so there you go it may sound cruel and heartless but we need no more leaches on society we have enough problems with that already without importing more.

Our Country is bowing down and becoming so politically correct in an attempt to not offend anyone that we have shot ourselves in the foot now, rather than enforcing our own laws we are bending them making it easy for the ones not contributing to our economy gain a better life with no responsibilities.

I met a man from Russia who came here with his wife and son, he told me of how proud he was of himself and family for gaining their Citizenship, he is working for a home improvement store installing appliances and his son is graduating from high school this year, I have known Hispanic couples who have made a name for themselves this same way, a Woman from South Africa who is learning our ways and going to school to make a name for herself, she too was proud of gaining her citizenship, now what is wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing I have respect for these people.

But shame on the ones who come here with no intention other than to get what they can from us and when they can’t then we have offended them and the law seems to be on their side and shame on us for allowing this to happen. It’s time to make a stand for people in our country and for the ones who want to contribute to our country by becoming citizens, it’s time to offend the ones who have no intention of doing anything other than taking from us while helping to cripple our health and welfare systems, we shouldn’t be forced to change our language or way of life because someone thinks they can force us to change our ways to suit them, if they are so offended that we wont convert to the culture they left then they can always go back where they came from since it is so good there.

Just My Opinion!


  1. I agree with you 100%...I have nothing against other races at all, not even a son is half hispanic, and I was just dating a Lebanese man...who came to america, learned english, got his citizenship and started going to college.

    I have the almost exact same point of view as you, with one exception... America makes it very expensive to become a citizen...I mean we're not talking obscene by American standards, but for a mexican immigrant for example, who in mexico makes next to nothing for working his ass off, to come up with 700 bucks (that may not be the exact amt.) for citizenship for himself is not easy at all. Alot of immigrants are just desparate to make some money for their families, doing jobs that I know for a fact more alot of americans would not want to do. I know and have known men and women from Mexico who are amazing and hard working, and learn to speak English, and they are dear friends to me...and not citizens. And this is where it's tough for me...because I can hardly sit here and say its ok for some and not others...because that's just not fair. I personally think, America, being as how we're so understanding and we are one of the most diverse countries in the world, if not THE most diverse, should maybe while controlling the immigration situation, and yes helping immigrants and teaching them the things they need to know and the skills they need to be here LEGALLY, should also help the naturalization process to be more easily attainable for a dirt poor immigrant...I betcha we might have less illegals that way, might not solve the problem, but in my opinion it would certainly help!

    What do you think about work visas??

    Great post Jimmy!!! Got my gears turnin' on that one!!

  2. Just realized I should have said I agreed with you 80% or something instead of 100 :)

  3. In the Dallas area, they have predicted it will be 75% hispanic population in the next 10years. Obviously, I can't be racist since it's our city life. It has to be close to that now. I met a guy once from Monterrey, Mexico. He could barely speak English but he was a U.S. citizen because his mom had him in a Laredo, Texas hospital.
    I understand her quest to give her son the best life possible, but I really would like to see it done in a more honest way. He didn't speak English because after she had him, she raised him in Monterrey.
    I hope they can work out something that is fair and just for everyone.

    Great opinion Jimmy!

  4. This country is getting so bad I wish I could leave it...but the only place I would want to go is Australia...and good luck getting in legally over there unless you are in a profession that is in huge demand.

  5. Ms A,

    Short, Sweet, and to the Point.

    Thank You my Friend

  6. As you know Tim is half Mexican and he was actually born in Mexico City. But his mom moved here and became a citizen and speaks perfect English and is probably one of the most intelligent women I know. I do feel bad for the illegal migrant worker who is only trying to better the life of his family. However, I work my but off. I pay almost fifty percent of my income to "the man" and I have to say I resent it. I resent having to spend almost half my earnings supporting other people who in fact have come here by breaking the law. I am in the health profession. I have seen the decline of the health services due in part to the strain caused by people seeking "free" care, coming across the border just to have their children in our hospitals etc. The decline of the health care system is not fully due to this, The insurance companies and drug companies have much to do with this as well, However, I do believe this has aided and abetted the situation. From a different perspective though, I wonder how many legal Americans would be willing to go into the fields and pick strawberries for ten hours a day at less than minimum wage? It is a complex problem with two sides that can be argued..with valid points on both.

  7. Hey Sarah,

    First you agree 100% and now only 80% whats up with that Ha Ha

    I don't have a problem with anyone trying to make a better life for themselves as long as they are not sneaking in the back door so to say with no intention of contributing to our communities.

    I too have had friends who were not legal as of yet but were working and attempting to get themselves their citizenship status, I have a problem with feeling like I am forced to learn another countrys language to get by in my own, we should learn things like this because we want but not as a job requirement, I was told I had to learn "Conversational Spanish" for my job I refused and believe it cost me some promotions but oh well.

    Also I have had people living next to me who were several families under one roof with only a couple who spoke english, a young woman living there told us they cashed their paychecks and sent the money to their home country because thats all they wanted here, I have problems with these types.

    Yes we should help the ones who are trying to gain citizenship get there easier, but shouldnt be hiring the ones with no intention to do so.

    Got me thinking too Sarah :)

  8. Good Morning Angelia,

    Thats one of the things I hate some want our Citizenship but never fully grasp our language.

    I have more respect for the ones who actually try.

  9. Good Morning Suzicate,

    Thank You

  10. Hey Joe,

    I know I have been preaching to the choir here so to say, and that is another thing that bugs me it appears we make it hard on the ones who try but give the ones who are not the world.

    Nope we are not like other countries because we allow it and they wont :(

  11. Amen Susie,

    I have total respect for families like yours and Tims but you knew that already :)

    I agree that the decline in our healthcare is noy totally the fault of this situation but it has been pushed further down because of our free handouts.

    And there is a very valid point that Sarah mentioned also, we make it easy for the migrant workers to find work because we just wont do it, that is sad but true especially in this day and time of few jobs.

  12. OMG...I LOVED this post, Jimmy!

    There is so much I would like to say, however it would be enough for another post, because I could go on and on.

    Philadelphia is a PERFECT example of what you shared here, and you said something that I say about this city ALL THE TIME.

    "Our Country is bowing down and becoming so politically correct in an attempt to not offend anyone that we have shot ourselves in the foot."

    That's Philadelphia, exactly! They tip-toe around everyone, afraid to speak up in fear of offending, so they end up offending EVERYONE.

    We have more "I want this for free-people" here, than any place I've ever lived. And it has nothing to do with the present economy because they have been doing this for years and years.

    I have absolutely no objection whatsoever to anyone coming to this country and living here.

    But, the rest of us do.

    And learn how to speak ENGLISH.

    I know MANY people who have come to this country and have worked, learned English, and are contributing to the country.

    And BRAVO to them!

    Ok...I'm finished ranting now.


    Hope you're having a great day, my friend!

  13. Hey Ron,

    Thats it in a nutshell "bowing down and becoming so politically correct in an attempt to not offend anyone" we need to get away from that and offend a few folks because the ones who are honest will not be offended.

    Having a good day here my Friend, I hope yours is a Great one too.

  14. I do feel the goverment has been to lax for too long and has caused a serious problem. The answer to this problem, I have now idea. It would be one thing to close down all of the borders, but that still doesn't help the situation already here.

    It is like my bf said..I have to show my driver liscence and ss for nearly everything, but yet illegals some how can get away with not having any paperwork. How is that possible?

  15. I agree Heather,

    The Government has been too lax for a long time and the problems will be hard to fix, closing the borders I don't think is the answer because as you said that won't fix where we are already.

    If we are going to be fair it has to be across the board, everyone has to show the same credentials for the same benefits and if they don't have the credentials then they should be obligated to get them as we would.


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