Friday, May 14, 2010

Winging It

My wife is a planner, no matter what we are going to do Cindy gets it all lined out in her head and this is how we do it, from going to town for groceries all the way to driving across country everything has to go in order.

This morning I told Cindy that I would be mowing the front yard today, I try not to do more than one project like this a day but you know how that goes, one project leads to another and I get myself into trouble for getting things out of order. Yucaipa, Ca has an Iris Festival once a year and we had made plans to go tomorrow, I am walking down the steps this morning when Cindy mentions going and starts in with what time we would be waking up to begin getting ready, I stop her and say “Now Cindy can’t we just wing it tomorrow” I get a blank stare, I tell her “Everything doesn’t have to be planned we can just go and have a good time” I can now hear the wheels turning in her head, I laugh and say “You already have it all planned out don’t you” she says No I was just mentioning how we should get started early, I stop her and say You have it all planned from what time we are leaving, what restaurant we will be eating at, and what exactly you will be eating when we get there, she laughs and tells me yes but you don’t know where we will be eating, I reply there are more restaurants in Yucaipa, California than the Philly Steak place, she gives me a grin and challenges me to guess what she is ordering, I respond with “You were thinking about trying the breakfast menu but have decided to go with what you normally order” I get that blank look again and a confirmation that she was indeed thinking of trying the breakfast menu but decided to stick with the usual, she also admitted that I know her too well.

We sort of decided that there will be no plans for tomorrow and we will try somewhere else to eat after the Iris Festival, I actually saw a look of panic on her face when she agreed to this plan. I walked into the garage to get a rake and thought that I really needed to be working on the tractor since the repair parts came in but it would have to wait until another day because I had already planned to mow the yard, I am walking back down the driveway when Cindy asks me what I am doing, I reply that I was thinking about needing to work on the tractor, but----when she interrupts me with “I really don’t think you need to work on the tractor today since you have already planned to mow the yard” Ok are we on the same page here or not, it’s like she knows me as well as I know her, it’s really nice having someone who you can trust with all of your thoughts and emotions and also someone who knows about them almost before you do.

I bet tomorrow I will get up and be ready for the Iris Festival right on time and will watch Cindy eat her usual order at John’s Philly Steak and after we will drive up through Oak Glen, Ca just to do it and because we like it there, heck I may throw a monkey wrench in the works and order off the breakfast menu for myself, but she probably knows that already.


  1. Have a great time! It is cool to know each other's thoughts. And ever so fun to mix it up intentionally just to keep the other person guessing. Peace.

  2. Thank You MC,

    We will have a good time I know and It's good to see you my friend.

  3. I will show him we will have chinese

  4. That's awesome! And very cute! You guys enjoy the fesitval!

  5. Cindy and I have much in common! I tend to be an over-planner. Have tons of planned and unplanned fun! (Cindy, I heard that)

  6. You have met another Tim and I have the same sort of discussions all the time. I think it ives me a sense of security if I think I know what is going to happen. However, I do have to say after becoming diabetic I am much less this way. I think because the diabetes monopolizes all my planning skills I don't have as much left over for the other things. Hmm...maybe that's a good thing!! Have a great time at the Iris Festival!!!

  7. Cindy is my kind of gal!!! Go Cindy!!!

  8. Hey There Cindy,

    Now why does that not suprise me, you know how much I love going to chinese ;-{

    Love Ya Babe!!

  9. Thank You Sarah,

    I'm looking forward to a good time.

  10. Hey Ms A,

    I guess we all need a good planner in the family to keep us all in line, I just like to wing it and watch her reel me back in Ha Ha

  11. Yes Susie,

    Diabetes is one of those plans we are forced to stick with whether we want to or not, but it is all worth it to keep up upright and breathing and also it makes us appreciate little things a bit more I think.

    My planning things is one thing at a time, I don't even attempt the old multi task routines anymore.

    Getting ready to head out to the festival and maybe get a pic or two

  12. Good Morning Betty,

    Yes I was afraid of that now I will have all of you teaming up on me Ha Ha

    She is a keeper in my book.

  13. What a cute post, Jimmy!

    I bet you two are a wonderful couple!

    I'm a planner up to a point (like planning the time I leave, bus or train schedule, etc..), but once I get to where I'm going, I'm all about "winging it." I like flying by the seat of my pants and seeing where the day takes me. Whenever I go into NYC for the day, I just allow the day to unfold as it will. Some of the greatest adventures I've had, have been from not planning. I'm one of those people who could literally go on vacation alone (to say, Europe) and be happy not having a step-by-step plan.

    Have a FAAAAABULOUS day tomorrow, my friend!

    Can't wait to read all about it!

    Enjoy your evening!

  14. Thank You Ron,

    I guess you get a planner and a winger together and it works because one is not trying to outplan the other Ha Ha

    I like winging it but it's always good to have a plan to fall back on and she always has a plan.

  15. This is too funny! I can't wait til Jason and I are like this. I hope you both had a great day and enjoyed the festival and the plan or not the plan along with whatever you collectively decided to eat. :-D ha.

  16. You're awesome, and you should definitely go here:

    I gots a surprise for you!

  17. Hi there...

    Found you through Sarah, Nodontandstop.....

    I am a planner too and I think my husband purposely tries to throw me off my A-game. He rarely wins...but I'm in the process of trying "to go with the flow". Not workin so well but I'm trying.

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  18. Hey Angelia,

    You and Jason are probably closer than you think already, you will soon be finishing each others sentences.

    Had a great day and the plan came together Ha Ha

  19. Sarah,

    Thank You so much, I am truly honored my Friend.

  20. Hey Kerri,

    I am proud to have you join us here.

    I am like your husband I think and I also rarely win but thats OK we have fun anyway, going with the flow will get easier for you, it works well mostly with a backup plan Ha Ha

    A Great Weekend to you too.


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