Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Cake Fight

Birthday Cake Fight


  1. Details...come on, spill it! Both versions, Cindy's words as a participant and then yours as an onlooker.

  2. I love it. We have a winner! But it kinds looks like both lost! LOL

  3. I am smiling just thinking of this!!

  4. Bwhahahahaahahahhhaaha!

    What a FLAWLESS shot, Jimmy!

    I agree with Suziecat..."Details, come on, spill it!

    Have an awesome Wednesday, my friend!

  5. What could be better than having yummy frosting covering your face...I would have a very hard time stopping my tongue from twisting around to try to catch every lick. You have to know of all the sugary things in the world frosting is by far my number one favorite thing. In fact, who needs cake when you can have frosting??? I still eat it if too short!!!

  6. Looks like someone had a good time

  7. Good Morning Suzicate, Peg, Betty, Ron, Susie, Leanne, and Kristy,

    Sorry I'm going to cheat on this one and give details all in one Ha Ha

    Most of you remember the Blue Beard post where I accused Cindy of starting the cake fight at our wedding, well this picture helps show she is the Cake Fight Queen Ha Ha

    My little sister and Cindy's birthdays are a few days apart and on our last trip home we had a dual party so to say, I knew this was going to happen when I saw Cindy pick up her slice of cake bare handed.

    My sister who is very particular on how she looks joined right in and gave her a run for her money, this spread to several of the kids and my brother in law who was trying to get out of the house, he looked almost as bad and about three of the kids were in worse shape, needless to say most of the cake had to be licked off of their faces to get a taste.

    This sums up most of our birthday parties Ha Ha, and I am expecting about the same when mine rolls around, I wouldn't expect any less though :^0

  8. I prefer my cake on a plate, but love seeing how "fun" people do it.

  9. That looks like too much fun!!


  10. Hey Pat,

    Thank you Sir, a lot of fun with these two ladies some lost due to frosting on the lens though :)

  11. Yes Ms A,

    sometimes what we prefer and what happens are two different things huh.

  12. Never too much fun Spot :^)


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