Monday, July 26, 2010

Duck Tape?

Saturday being our Anniversary we planned to have ourselves a Date Night so to say to celebrate the day, the plan was to include The Cheesecake Factory for supper and to wing it from there.

On Friday Cindy drove over to Calimesa to run some errands and when she got back the taillight lens that I have been pushing back into place and thinking I should add a bit of glue to for the last year was now missing, evidently while on the freeway it came loose and disappeared into the wild unknown, I know it has vanished because we have retraced the path she drove and nothing red other than plastic Dixie Cups are to be found, now here it is Saturday and our plan to drive all the way to Riverside without a taillight lens will surely include sitting on the side of the road explaining to a CHP Officer how I had actually ordered a replacement light and it was on it’s way to our home even as we were speaking, I know that sounds like an old “the check is in the mail” story but I did order one, so to get us by until then we picked up a roll of Cherry Red duct tape at Walgreens..

OK I’m going to get off track here for a minute so bear with me, I picked up this roll of duct tape and I know you all have seen this brand and this one gets to me, the name on the label reads Duck Tape, OK now this is where my brain goes into high gear because this type of tape was created to tape Ducts not Ducks, now just picture this if it were the other way around and the label Duck Tape was actual and not a play on words, then this could be the result..

OK back to the story, we got home and I removed the taillight and completely covered the surface in neatly laid straight lines of Cherry Red Duct/Duck tape, I replaced the light and it looks so good that I am thinking about removing the other lens and using some more of this so called Duck Tape or in NASCAR language 200 Mile An Hour Tape, Cindy had another plan to which caused me to leave it alone and I am now waiting for the new light to arrive before the taillights will again match, but for now we are sort of legal because the light does shine through the tape just fine.

The Cheesecake Factory is pricey but a very nice place to eat and yes they serve more than just Cheesecake, although a slice of the cheesecake ranges anywhere from seven bucks to seven and a half so needless to say we didn’t bring any home with us, I ordered the Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo which was out of this world and a few insulin shots later until the next morning so was my blood sugar but I have to say I would order it again but judge my amount to eat and insulin dose a bit different next time. Cindy had a Crispy Beef that they prepared in the orange sauce that the Orange Chicken is cooked in and she raved about it, she couldn’t eat all of it so about half of her plate came home with us, to give you an example of the amount just the part Cindy brought home fed two other people. Dessert was a slice of cheesecake with Happy Anniversary written in chocolate syrup around the plate with hearts and the ticket which was as I mentioned before very pricey but well worth it for the experience of a candle light dinner with my wife.

Walking our meal off at the mall next door was pretty entertaining also, we love to people watch and some of the styles of dress is enough to make you grin just to think of them, a lot of kids with the skinny jeans but sagging at the same time, the hairstyles everywhere from neon colored tips to Mohawks makes you remember back when we were that age, we looked a whole lot better than that. And speaking of looks Cindy is a lady who wears no makeup what so ever, she never has except on rare occasions and this day was not one of those occasions, there was a makeup display in the center aisle of the mall and the young lady there asked Cindy if she had time to give the products a look, Cindy made the mistake of saying yes and answered none when asked what type makeup she was wearing, a Mini Makeover later we were back to walking through the mall with Cindy now wearing a completely new face, it didn’t look bad but Cindy requires no makeup in my opinion, we spent the rest of the night laughing and joking with Bob and Martha talking about everything from politics and school policies to chicken coops and skunk skin caps, I know that’s not a typical topic but our friendship is anything but typical, we had a good evening out on our Date Night even though Bob and Martha didn’t go with us at least Martha and Bobs Sister Kathy got to eat at the Cheesecake Factory in the comfort of their own home due to the generosity of my wife.


  1. What a great job you did on the tail light!!! Happy Anniversary! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Cindy!!! I am glad you ate what you wanted..sometimes we just have to even if we pay the price later. Life is too short!!! Whenever Tim fixes things around the house he calls it "Hanking" because he thinks a good handyman should be called Hank...for some reason I am not sure. But I have always loved it when he says I need to do some Hanking today!!! honor of that...Jimmy...I think you did some pretty good Hanking the other day with the duct tape and mirror!!

  3. That tail light is impressive! Sounds like you had a great night. I love Cheesecake Factory!

  4. Excellent tail-light-repair work.. Yummy to the CCF.. I love their Sheperds pie..Delish.. So glad you both had a wonderful night!!!!

  5. First off, that looks better than my "real" taillight! Good job on that!

    It sounds like you had a good evening...

  6. Holy cow did an AWESOME job on the tail light! At first, I actually thought you had replaced the cover with another cover!

    LOVE the duck tape photo you used - HA!

    We have a Cheesecake Factory here in Philly too, and OMG...not only is the cheesecake to die for, but the food is great too! Sounds like you two had a wonderful anniversary day!!

  7. Neil and Susan, Thank You so much, I appreciate the both of you.

    Hey Susie, You are so right there, we have to go for it once in a while even though we know we are up against a battle to get it back in line, it’s sure worth it :^)

    I’m proud to be grouped in the category with Tim’s Hanking if you are comparing my work with his then it has to be a good thing.

    Thank You Kristy, The evening was awesome and the Cheesecake Factory food was great but it appears I am preaching to the choir :)

  8. Hey Lynne, I considered the Shepherds Pie but had ordered the Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo in the past and loved it then, will have to try the Shepherds Pie next time :^)

    Pat, Thank You Sir I joked with Cindy about removing the other lens and duct taping it so they would match Ha Ha, we really did have a good time.

    Howdy Ron, I’m kind of picky when it comes to things like this as if you haven’t already figured that one out, just hope the CHP doesn’t have a problem with it :^)

    I can’t even remember where I got that duct tape picture as it has been in my pictures for so long, I always thought it was funny.

    They had some sort of a kahlua/coffee flavor cheesecake I wanted to try but had already pushed my luck..maybe next time.

  9. Happy Anniversary (belated)! I love Cheesecake Factory, but yes, it is pricey. Youch! I love the Bang, Bang Chicken. Last time I went there, Syd & I just had appetizers, so it wasn't so bad.

    I bet she doesn't need any makeup. I think women are prettier without. I try to wear it, but it just melts off. Now I don't bother. :-)

    What a great night, especially after you got home! Those times are always the best.

  10. Happy anniversary! Cheesecake Factory rocks!

  11. sound like you have a very memorable anniversary's celebrations... with the duck tape on the taillight, dinner at CF... and Cindy's makeover...
    I bet you both have a wonderful time.
    happy anniversary to both of u!!


  12. You did a great job customizing that vehicle. I am thinking you should come over and fix mine up too. Our anniversary is next week, we will probably go to the cheesecake factory too, and with my new customized tail light, I hope to have an evening as fabulous as yours!!

  13. Thank You SuziCate, I agree :)

  14. Hello Nensa, Yes we had a wonderful time my good Friend :^)

  15. Good Morning Joe, It sounds like a plan my Friend, heck I still most of a roll of Red Duct Tape there is no sense in you having to buy one.

    Early Happy Anniversary to the both of you.

  16. Very nice job on the tail light! If HOB had done that he would have just cancelled the real one coming in.

    Your date sounded great! I assume no ducks were harmed in the celebration?

    P.S. How is Betty doing? Is she Bossy? I will send her tips if need be.

  17. Morning Betty,

    I thought about cancelling the new one but Cindy said I had better not Ha Ha, and no Ducks were harmed, one was a bit tied up as you can see :)

    I have a post coming soon to fill you in on Betty I think you will be pleased.

  18. That has got to be the best tape job I have ever seen!
    What a perfect evening for you anniversary.

    Cindy requires no makeup in my opinion...The best and most loving thing you could ever say.

  19. Thank you Heather, I appreciate you my Friend.

  20. Hi..

    first of all..happy anniversary to u both..all d best wishes.

    the "duck tape" tale n photo is funny..hehe..and that actual tape to the tail lights was nicely done..but hope the actual one has arrived by this time.

    and such a nice compliment to your wife regarding her needing no make-up :-)

  21. Hello Cheqna, Thank You so much for the anniversary wishes, the new taillight is due here by tomorrow so hopefully will be on time, the tape is still in place for now.

    And Thank You again as I do think her beauty shines through and needs no makeup :^)


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