Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary Cindy

I’m going to step back a bit and do a repost for today, when I posted The Bakers Daughter about a month ago my good Buddy Ron asked if it was our anniversary and I thought then that this story should have been told on our anniversary, today is the thirteenth anniversary of the day Cindy and I said I do, so without further ado.

The Bakers Daughter

Born in Holland He departed the Netherlands May 23rd 1903 on the ship SS Noordam arriving at the port in New York, New York on June 1st 1903, he made a home in Kalamazoo Michigan and returned to The Netherlands in 1906 to purchase a ticket to America for his bridesmaid. She left Groningen, Netherlands from the port in Rotterdam on April 6th 1907 with the ticket to Michigan paid for by him on the ship Niew Amsterdam she arrived at the port in New York where he was waiting for her. They married and lived in Comstock, Michigan working as Celery Farmers, after his death she returned to the Netherlands for a visit with their three children returning back to the USA June 25th 1928.

While there the youngest son learned the trade of baker and in 1945 he moved to California bringing his wife and the first three of four children born to this family, the last son being born in California. Yucaipa, California was the home of the bakery he started and for thirteen years the family proudly ran this successful bakery.

His oldest son worked along side his Dad in the family bakery learning the trade mastered in Holland from his Dad the son of a proud Dutch immigrant. In 1960 this Son married the love of his life and from this union a Daughter was born, this Daughter the Great Grand Daughter of the man who bought a ticket to America for the Woman he loved and crossed the ocean to live the American Dream is the Girl who said yes when I asked her to marry me.

Happy Anniversary Cindy..I Love You!!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Cindy! You are so luck to have a man that loves you so much!

    (Happy A to you too, Jimmy)

  2. Good Morning Joe, and Thank You Sir


    (((( Cindy and Jimmy )))))

    You guys are the best!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Thank You Ron, And a Great day to you too Buddy!!

  5. Another great story Jimmy!
    I'm loving this series of posts...

  6. I almost forgot!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  7. Hey Pat, Thank you so much, I truly appreciate you my Friend.

  8. I feel like I know you two and wanna drive over for a glass of iced tea and look in on the chicks and pet the pregnancy horse.. Loving your writes and

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  9. Happy 13th Anniversary! ...and many more!

  10.'s so sweet, Jimmy!!
    Cindy was really blessed to have a wonderful man like you.
    Happy anniversary to both of you!!

    God bless you all

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!

  12. Congrats to the both of you!!!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful and blessed day.... and to many more years of course!!

  13. Happy anniversary to you guys!!!!!!

  14. Hey Lynne, Thank You for coming along for the ride, I feel blessed to have good people like you who come here willingly and become part of our lives.

    Thank You Ms. A, Thirteen is just a beginning we have a long way to go yet :^)

    Hello Nensa, Thank You I am honored by your kind words and God’s blessings for you too my Friend.

    Thank You Betty, I appreciate you :^)

    Dawn, A wonderful and blessed day it was and it only makes me look forward to many more.

    Thank You Susan, and welcome back :)


    Hope it was the vest. Many...many...more. I will be going on 26 years this November. You need to catch up with a smile. :)


  17. Still great even the second time around!

    Happy anniversary!!


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