Monday, July 12, 2010

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead what do you see, go ahead and do it just turn your head and squint your eyes if need be and look into the future, look as far ahead or as close as you want but take just a minute and ponder what you really see if you think about it?

What you really see is wishes and dreams of things you want to happen, in my life I have a new Grandbaby that will be born in the next month sometime and looking out the back door we just may have a colt any day, as far as the Grand Baby goes I know his name will be Benjamin and I hope for him to be healthy and a Papa’s Boy, Benjamin’s Mom has done real well as far as taking care of herself so I have no fears about this birth. The colt I also hope to be healthy but time will tell because the Mom is the rescue horse we adopted for Cindy and we have no way of knowing when she was bred, I hope for a healthy colt but that is a wish and nothing I can see until the colt arrives.

Looking ahead I hope for a long life but as you all know the Good Lord can take us any day and until he does we need to have as much fun living the life He has given us, Looking back a few of you have mentioned living in the moment and I don’t disagree with you because living in the moment is within our control, where Looking Ahead or Behind we have no control over whatsoever.

Look ahead and see what you can see coming up in your life and get ready for it as best as you can, Babies, Grandbabies, Jobs, Moves, Marriages, New Friends, New Mates, Losses, Death, Sickness, and Health are all possibilities, we all will have good times and sadness in our futures but as I have pointed out in many of my posts we can’t dwell on the bad stuff and spend our lives worrying about things we can’t change, am I trying to convince you or myself with this point? Not sure that any of us need convincing but it feels good to talk about it once in a while because I need reminded every now and then.

Looking Back I see things that make me both happy and sad, I see a lot of potential blog posts that make me smile, Looking right now I see a lot of good friends who grace me with their comments and suggestions about the things I look back upon, Looking Ahead I see many years of happiness filled with these same friends, new Grandbabies that I plan to spoil while teaching to ride that colt, and living my life out with Cindy no matter where we live or how long the Good Lord allows me to enjoy this fantastic ride we call life.

Looking Ahead gives us hope and stretches our imaginations with the dreams we are hoping to achieve, Living in the moment keeps us comfortable with who we are and what we are doing right now, and looking back makes us laugh, cry, remember, and see where we have been that got us to where we are in this moment.

I’m going to end this post just like I did my last one with one addition just because I think it fits here too. Always look forward and plan for new things, live in the moment to keep control on your life and sanity as this will help make living fun, and look back once in a while to remember but don’t dwell on things that don’t matter, Life is a blessing and if you can live it without worry then your life will be filled with joy, if you let worry consume your thoughts then life will pass you by before you know it.


  1. I would love to not be a worrier! I don't think I have it in me.

    I don't have a fantastic memory, but did I miss a post where you confirmed the suspicion Cindy's horse was indeed pregnant? or, did you neglect to mention it? Please tell me you neglected to mention it!

  2. Amen to all you have said. Have you considered hitting the road as an inspirational speaker. I think I see a future there for you!!! You are right...the past can make us laugh and cry and hopefully learn some good lessons. The future is full of hope and promise and best of all the unknown. And as I have stated recently...the present is a fine place to be for me...right now.

  3. You are so right. My granny always said, "worry is advance payment for trouble that seldom arrives! Enjoy life however it comes at you."

    Life is indeed a roller coaster, not a merry-go-round. I know it's been an up and down thing for me, but I'm happy as a clam now. What does that mean anyway? Are clams happy? Sorry....

    Great post Jimmy! as always...

  4. I guess I have a hard time believing that life, today can be lived without worry. There is worry and then unnecessary worry for me.
    My life is filled with joy, my past filled with lessons I pull from daily and my future is a place I'm taking my time getting to to.
    But I also worry.

    Great post.

  5. Once again, Jimmy....I THANK YOU!

    You could not have said this more perfectly!

    Have an AWESOME day, my friend!

  6. Yep, the past and future both have ups and downs.
    It seems that as I get older, I anticipate a lot more ups...but maybe that is just my perception letting me know that even the downs can be dealt with.

  7. Hey Ms A, I think we all are the same way with worry, it is always there and my outlook on it is to find a positive to counteract the worry so to say, there is always a positive no matter how hard it is to see.

    I more than likely did neglect to mention that Sally is now rounder than a barrel, I guess I think that just because I know it then everyone else does, sorry I’ll take the blame here for not confirming it :^0

    Susie, Nope never thought about hitting the road for anything other than a road trip :^) my inspiration is right here with my Family and my good friends like you all who read my thoughts and opinions, I am honored to find so many like minded people who enjoy each others posts as much as I enjoy reading them.

    You said “the present is a fine place to be for me...right now” only thing is the present quickly becomes the past where the future is headed your direction rather than moving away :) Don’t you just hate it when I twist things!!

    Yes Sir Pat, Your Granny had it all figured out my Friend "worry is advance payment for trouble that seldom arrives! Enjoy life however it comes at you."

    Grab that roller coaster and enjoy life rather than turning round and round forever, I don’t mind Happy Clams as it sounds like a good group to be in.

    Good Morning Kerri, I don’t think you can ever get totally away from worry, it’s the unnecessary worry you have to eliminate and that is where you have to start.

    The future will be upon you before you know it you just have to get yourself ready for it by simply living in those joys that fill your life now and let the heartaches from the past stay right the past :^)

    Morning Ron, Thank You Buddy and a Great Day to you also my Good Friend

    Hey Joe, You said a ton right there my Friend “even the downs can be dealt with”

    There is where most people lose it, the downs get them so worked up that they never properly deal with them, looking back how many times have we said “now that wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be” I suppose as we age we see the downs a bit easier to handle, Thank You Joe for pointing that out.

  8. I found your dite through your comment on Joe Cap blog! It's brilliant!
    Love this post, and your blog!


  9. Thank You Betty,

    Any friend of Joe's is a Friend of mine, I am proud you stopped by and honored at your kind words.

  10. I am more a right now kinda girl. Everytime I try to look to the future I start to worry and they are worries I can't do anything about.
    But then again I do do a lot of dreaming, thats healthy, right? LOL!

  11. Dreaming is good, we have to do that otherwise it would be unhealthy :^)


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