Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surviving Technology

What did we do back before we all had computers and cell phones, I love the idea of getting online and sharing my life stories and opinions with all of my friends and family, heck most of them are about my friends and family so most of you can relate to them.

Back before the home computer we had to write our thoughts down, fold the paper neatly, stuff it in an envelope then place a stamp on it and wait for the good old Postal Service to deliver it via what we call snail mail, today we get on our computer, write down our thoughts, hit send and then in a lot of cases we have a reply before we get through with the next persons email. We have two computers at home, Cindy's desk sits directly next to mine and while we are both working on the computer I have gotten an email from her and rather than turning my head to answer I have typed out a reply, hit send, then look at her to say I answered your email so be looking for it, How many of you are guilty of this, yes I see a few hands.

Years ago we left the house and wondered if anyone called while we were gone, we missed a lot of calls because we were away and missed many more because of the old busy signal, today most everyone has a cell phone, everybody except my Buddy Ron and I carries one from what I have gathered so with this said it looks like no one leaves home without a cell phone within their reach, and as far as the busy signal goes it has been replaced by a beep so we can talk to more than one person at a time, we are on vacation so to say right now and yes Cindy has a cell phone and yes I was standing in the middle of Randy's yard today talking with my Dad on Cindy's cell phone when I looked around to see Randy on his phone and also Josh talking on his, Tim was nearby texting a message probably to Elisa who was inside the house with the new baby and also her cell phone, I just hope the rest were at least talking to someone who was not on the property.

I told everyone that we were going to New Mexico to see our new Grandbaby and that we would be back in a couple weeks, I didn't expect to get any blogging done but waiting a couple weeks would be like sending a letter snail mail so with that said here is a little post for you all to know that I will be catching up on reading and responding to your blog posts as soon as we get back home to our own computers, I'm liable to be kicked off of this one soon because there is a little guy that Papa needs to get to one more time before it's time to call it a night.

Hoping to be home by Monday and until then you all take care of each other and be expecting a few pictures and tales of a good trip when we get back. I think I have a beep so I will have to text this message to Tim with this thumb while I hit the button to answer the beep to talk to Cindy who is calling me from the front porch with my other thumb, my right foot can hit send for the email I just sent next door to Randy and my left foot, will help me keep the computer chair from rolling away, I see I have a new message on my Face book chat and hitting that button is going to be trouble so with that said I am shutting everything down and getting back to vacation, oops better check my email again.

I'm still not sure how we survived without all of this technology!


  1. We survived, Jimmy my man, things were slower but simpler. But I love the technology a lot, mainly because I HATE to write anything down on paper! Because my writing is so bad, and it takes me so long....

  2. Though I love technology, I still love the feel of pen in hand with ink sliding across the page!

  3. This post is sooooooooo true, Jimmy!

    I mean honestly, WHAT did we do before all this technology? And you're looking at someone who said that he would NEVER get a computer. Yeah...and now I have TWO!!

    "I have gotten an email from her and rather than turning my head to answer I have typed out a reply, hit send, then look at her to say I answered your email so be looking for it."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....OMG, that's hysterical!!!

    The funniest thing I ever saw was two people walking down the street (next to each other) talking to one another on their cell phones!

    Looking forward to your return, buddy! You've been missed. Have a great week!

    Tell Cindy I said Hi!

  4. Good Morning Joe, Yes Sir we did survive and I do love the simpler and slower times but that's not how it is now.

    The technology is great it's just me trying to figure it all out, I do like it and it is easier but man what a change since we were kids huh.

  5. Hey Suzi, I have always loved writing things down especially now I do that to remember little things, I'm about to die and about to go and buy a note pad just to keep notes while we are on the road, it's funny how many notes I have on my desk and most do trigger a memory for a post :)

  6. Morning Ron, I am one of those back then who said that I would never have a computer at home and yes we have two, actually three now with Cindy's new one :^0 and look at how often I am on mine, heck I am on the road and found one to play with.

    And Cindy says to tell her Buddy Ron Hi!!

  7. Keep pushing those buttons, Jimmy! I love technology. but I struggle to keep up with it all too!

    Kiss that grandbaby for me!

  8. Hey Betty, I am with you 100% here I do love the technology but have a hard time understanding a lot of it.

    Kisses for the Grand Baby will be given for you :)

    Thank You

  9. I kind of saw myself in that one. When I was in VA last week I had my computer but no internet. I felt lost.

    Last year in line at Disney there were 4 kids standing together in line texting each other as they all four stood there together instead of talking.

  10. That is so funny to watch Peggy, I have seen so many doing the same thing by texting one another in the same room, I find it easier to talk and furthermore I think when using a phone it's easier to call than text for me, email is a different thing done on the computer :)

  11. I have four computers, but, except for this one, the other three are kept for business. I would be lost with out technology to keep up with things, but even that has a habit of playing up at times!
    I love writing and receiving mail, the feel of the paper, the smell of the ink....all these seem so "Old Fashioned" now when I can "chat" to friends thousands of miles away all night.
    Now, if only we could get over all these different time zones without me having to stay up all night!
    Hope Baby Benjamin is doing well!
    Hugs to all!

  12. Hey Jimmy,
    Looks like you are a pro at this technology thing. :-)

    I still love good old fashioned cards myself! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  13. You take all of the time you need and have the very best time ever. Before you know it, you will be back to blogging. :) Have fun.

  14. Yes Alice, I think we all would actually be lost without it now, I look back and think about how different things were when I was young and the difference amazes me.

    Benjamin is doing really well Thank You and Hugs back to you too.

    Hey Trish, this technology thing is a challenge to me and I love a challenge, now the texting just confuses me and I don't like being confused Ha Ha

    Hey Luisa, Hoping to be back home by Sunday night so next week I can start catching up :)

  15. Can't wait to see some more photos!

    My brother works for a big tele-communications corp. He said they expect there to be very few lands lines left by 2020. I'm not a phone talker anyway. I used to enjoy getting in my car and being isolated there. Not today. too bad!
    congrats again Jimmy...

  16. I think taking a break from my blog was my way of trying to recapture the slower ways of the past. In fact, my house phone went out about a week ago and I did not really care. Because of what you pointed out is just a bit too easy to get a hold of someone. I miss a kind of anonymity like we used to have. Now everyone thinks they are entitled to get to you whenever they want. I think there was some value to the less is more way of living. Plus, if you wrote a letter to someone you must have really wanted to talk to takes more effort. Can't wait for the pictures of your new addition.

  17. Nowadays noone who no need the technologies...
    I love technology... make anything become more simple and easy to do...
    Enjoy your trip, jimmy!!
    We all wait to see more pictures and tales from you..

  18. Yes, it can be good and bad. :-) I have snail mail in my purse from 3 days ago, and I still haven't popped in the mail box, but I've sent quite a few emails!

    It's also good to see that new grandbaby right away. Wouldn't have happened by in the "old" days. :-)

    Glad you are back, hope the fur baby colt is doing well. :-)

  19. Hey Pat, I think we are pretty close to where there are no land lines anymore, I suppose they will be like the 8 track tape before long. More photos will be coming soon :)

    Hello Susie, Yes the less is more attitude I do like but the technology available we have to keep up with or be left behind so to say, Writing a letter does take a lot more effort and is worth it but now days how many actually do it, I like the line in the song "Old Hippie" I'm trying real hard to adjust :)

    Thank You Nensa, Yes it does make everything simpler and easy for us all I am just amazed at how fast things change. I am hoping by next week to have stories from our trip here for you :^)

    Angelia, This is true that in the "Old Days" we would not have known how he looks until we had made the trip rather than immediately after the birth, this is a positive.

    I suppose you had better make a trip to the mailbox if you want that snail mail to get a move on Ha Ha or email them and let them know it's going to be late :)

    Hoping to be home by Sunday evening--will let you know for sure.

  20. I guess I haven't completely changed over to today's tec. I still do snail mail and I still miss a lot of calls. The complaints from my family still come everyday! LOL!

    Can't wait to see and hear all about little Ben.


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