Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trip To The Vet

We made a trip yesterday down to the local veterinarians office to take Cindy’s Dads dog Buddy, he is a Border Collie and has such a good demeanor about him, I have seen other animals and humans both at the Vet’s office who were better off left outside for a bit of training before brought into a situation with a bunch of other animals and people.

The cast of characters waiting in the busy office this day ranged from the quiet one sitting and shaking in the corner to the yappy one who was bouncing from person to person making sure everyone knew she was there, the one in the corner appeared scared to death and not very comfortable in a large group of people he just sat there quietly with his eyes shifting from person to person like he was trying to avoid anyone speaking to him, the one bouncing around the room seemed to want everyone’s attention and did her best to visit each person individually to make sure she was seen, there were a couple sitting by the door that I feel were raised together, they seemed to compete with the one visiting everyone and their yapping gained quite a few looks and stares from everyone in the room, then there was the one who was in the office for the very first time, you could tell she had no idea what was going on and simply did not really want to be there but had no choice so her demeanor was not the best I have ever seen.

Then there were the animals that in my opinion were better behaved than the humans, Buddy as I mentioned has a very good demeanor and just sat there watching the goings on in the room without getting himself into any trouble, The quiet one in the corner had a cat in a carrier and never made any conversation with anyone, getting up and going back when his cat’s name was called and hurrying out at the end of his visit, the couple by the door had a large dog that weighed one hundred thirty pounds, he was a mix between a Shepherd and Golden Lab and the weight was something they couldn’t control they told everyone, this big guy sat there and was actually well behaved from the time they brought him to when he was loaded into the backseat of the convertible sports car and had his ears flying backwards as they pulled out of the parking lot, the young girl who was in for her first time had a small cat that was only a few weeks old and from what she knew was nothing about this cat other than it needed to be seen by the vet, heck she didn’t even know if it was male or female but at least she was taking care of it. The one bouncing from person to person actually was very interesting, while we were waiting for Buddy to get some blood work done we walked out to see this lady’s pig, he was huge and very well behaved, very clean and well taken care of, needless to say he was using the back door to go in and see the vet, I can just imagine had he come in through the front.

Buddy passed his checkup with flying colors and we like to never got him back due to his good nature I am thinking, we got to pay the bill and still had no dog, asked where Buddy was and the girl just grinned saying, Did you have a dog? I replied well we came in with one, she called back and asked if Buddy was ready to go, it seems he was visiting with the staff and having a snack before coming out to where we were waiting, going from the waiting area to the pick up and entrance to examining room area is where all the animals have to get on the scale for their weight to be documented, when we were called to meet Buddy after his visiting time the receptionist pointed us in the proper direction and by instinct pointed to the scale, I asked if she really wanted my weight and after a blank stare I actually got a laugh from her and the confirmation that I could skip it this time. We got to Buddy and made our way to the door, I think I heard a heavy sigh from the crowd as the announcement was made as the door closed behind us “Buddy has left the building” everyone please remain in your seats, well maybe this didn’t happen but it could have.
The menagerie of animals we saw yesterday was quite impressive, from a small yellow bird, several kittens and cats, a small Daschund that reminded us of Dixie when she was a pup, dogs of every flavor to a large pig, all of these animals were well behaved and well taken care of, some were rescues and several were purebreds, their masters even though not as well behaved and the fact they had stranger characters than the animals I commend for taking time out of their day to make sure their animals were taken care of.

Buddy was diagnosed with cancer not long after this trip, it had already gone too far for any chance of reversal and so we all had to say a tearful goodbye to a wonderful dog who always made you smile.


  1. Alas, our two dogs, Buddy and Hutch, actually enjoy and look forward to their vet visits. The needles bother me more than they bother them, and they know the routine and procedure and follow through...including getting their treats at the end of the visit.

  2. Ok, first I gotta say....Buddy is ADORABLE! What a great face! A happy face. You can tell just from his photo that he's got personality-plus.

    What a great post, Jimmy! I could actually see these people and animals that you spoke of, as if they were in front of me. You're so right, some animals act better than some people.

    And I have to tell you. A girl I once did some theater with in Florida had a potbelly pig as a pet and I got to meet it. OMG, it was so cute. And very affectionate too. My friend had a baby's playpen in the middle of her living room where the piggie slept. It was a riot!

    Hope you and Cindy are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

  3. I LOOOOOOOVE me a cute dog. And your dog is just begging for me to ruffle his fur and scratch his ear in that picture!!! I love how you described the demeanor of all the dogs in the place, goes to show you how much dogs can be like people sometimes!

  4. Buddy looked so cutie on the pic...!
    I have a pet...but never go to the vet...
    Love to read your trip to the Vet.

    Hope you and Cindy have a great week ahead!

  5. Oh, OK, I am one of those people with the embarrassing pet in the waiting room--OK? Maddie is a slobbering, panting, all-over-the place, ungroomed and uncouth dog. I HATE taking her in and usually make HOB do it!

    Hey, Jimmy! Does this mean I might be a slobbering, panting, all-over-the-place, ungroomed and uncouth person? OH OH!!!!

  6. My dog, Harry, was a Border Collie, and a rescue dog too, but he was just skin and bone when I got him. I've always loved Border Collies, they are so easy to train and are so loyal.
    Sadly, after 18 years he developed a tumour on his spine and we decided to have him put to sleep last year, but, boy, do I miss that old dog!
    He was about three years old when I got him, so 21 was a good age for a dog. He would be the one sitting smiling at everyone....yes, I am sure that he smiled, in fact, he would have been the dog that laughed! Everyone knew him, he was just that kind of boy!

  7. Hey Jerry, It’s funny how well our pets comply to the routines that they are faced with, Buddy seemed to have no worries here although I am like you when it comes to the needles.

    Thank You Ron, He really is such a good dog we really do enjoy having him in our little Family, you are so right about people and animals as he is much better behaved than some humans I have met.

    Funny you mentioned the potbellied pigs as Melissa our Daughter was just talking about them today.

    Hey Sarah, And he would let you and give you a hug in return :^) strange how close people and animals do act at times this was very evident on this trip.

  8. Thank You Nensa, I am happy you stopped by and enjoyed reading about our trip, I hope you have a wonderful weekend my Friend.

    Well Betty, We do tend to act just like our pets at times or is it the other way around? Anyways I bet you and your pet are welcome at the vet with or without HOB :^)

    Hey Alice, Buddy is the first Border Collie I have been around and easy to train and loyal describes him to a tee, I am sorry you had to lose your dog as they do become such a strong part of our families, I bet he was one that everyone remembered.

  9. We call our three birds family. I love when I see the dedication of people to their "family." People should really understand the dedication it takes when they make the decision to have a "pet." I loved reading your story. Buddy seems really cool. :cool: I hope you keep having fun in this life. I also enjoyed your other recent posts. Angels do make the world a much happier place. Have a great week. :grin:

  10. Buddy is a beautiful dog! I bet he and my dog Keaton (an Aussie) would be friends. Keaton is also a very sweet doggie.

  11. Buddy is a cutie! My dog loves going to the vet!

  12. Hey Luisa, I am like you, when you dewcide to take a pet into your family then that pet is exactly that "Family" and you should treat them as such. Thank You my dear Friend.

    Dreamfarm Girl, I bet you are right, just throw a tennis ball into the mix and you can't get any better :)

    Thank You SuziCate, Buddy seemed to enjoy his trip there too.

  13. What a sweet pooch you got there Jimmy!
    Our dogs and cats truly do become part of the family....Ours seem to go to the vet more than we go to the Dr...

  14. Thank You Pat, He is a good dog and a big part of our Family, the pets do get right into our lives and just like the kids you have to Love them.

  15. Sorry I'm late! I am probably one of those that is more nervous about a vet visit than my dogs are! LOL! I have that nervous chattered box that talks too much. The dogs are in and out in no time and no worse for the wear, me, I need a nap!


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