Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Up On The Mountain

♫ Up on the mountain, up where the light breaks, that's where you'll find me
Gonna leave this worrisome world and it's trouble behind me ♪

Cindy’s Brother Bruce decided a few years back to move up on the mountain, this decision was questioned by a few in the family but has worked out really well for him, he has since retired and made himself quite comfortable in his mountain home and the surroundings where he lives are breathtaking.

We were invited to come up on the mountain yesterday for a cook out at Bruce’s place, the drive up there was filled with the usual California freeway experiences including a heavy haze that filled the air, once we began climbing the mountain the haze seemed to thin out the higher we climbed and upon reaching the top the air was so clear that it made you want to kick back and never leave.
Hanging close to the back deck of Bruce’s place is the top of several oak trees that you can reach out and actually touch, sitting on the deck listening to the conversations between Bruce, Cindy and their Mom and Dad was a relaxing experience, it’s a lot of fun for me to sit back and listen to the recollections and memories of days gone by and the poking of fun at one another that always goes along with a family gathering, add the beauty of nature and you have it made whether you realize it or not. Cindy even got a kick out of being this close to nature, it was either that, the thin air, or the smell of the steaks on the grill that were soon to take care of that hunger pang she was telling us about.
Yes that's an acorn

Bruce and Cindy at the grill
Bruce worked really hard making sure we all enjoyed our visit to his home, Cindy always gives him a hard time about being a single guy and how he should be cleaning his place but to tell you the truth his home was immaculate all the way down to the bathrooms
which sparkled and shined so much that Mr. Clean was kicked back with his arms crossed wearing sunglasses and the Scrubbing Bubbles had nothing else to scrub.
The kitchen and dining room was ready when we got there so nothing was to be done rather than sitting on the deck watching Cindy and Bruce’s playful sibling rivalry mixed in with the pleasant conversation.
As I mentioned before Bruce has recently retired which gives him more time to work around his home making it a place to be proud of, riding his motorcycle with friends and being involved within this small community in the mountains leaves those of us who live down below a slight feeling of jealousy at his good fortune of living so close to God.
Our time on the mountain and visit at Bruce’s home was over way too soon, we made our way back down into the traffic and haze arriving back at our home in plenty of time to sit on the porch and plan a return visit back up the hill. Thank You Brother Bruce we really had a good time and look forward to coming back soon.

♪ Up on the mountain, where the light breaks, that's where I'll be
I've barely got time to finish this song so say farewell for me ♫


  1. You know, Jimmy, I've travelled around a lot, especially when I was married, but out here was always Home. The nearest town is about 3 miles away, and we are so close to nature here. A river and moorlands to the South, a stream and hills to the North. This was always coming home.

  2. Oh, Jimmy...this was such a wonderful post to read! It totally made me feel all happy!

    As you know, even though I'm a city boy, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mountains and being around nature. I'm equally as comfortable hanging back in the wilderness, as well as feeling at home in the hustle of a city. I enjoy them both.

    When you mentioned "the thin air" it reminded me of when I spent the summer in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and it took some getting use to. You can really feel the difference in the air that way high up.

    "so much that Mr. Clean was kicked back with his arms crossed wearing sunglasses and the Scrubbing Bubbles had nothing else to scrub."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that made me laugh!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us, buddy! Thoroughly enjoyed!

  3. Sounds very nice Alice, Growing up in the foothills of South Carolina I am always comfortable in the mountain or rural areas.

    Hey Ron, I love people just not too many at one time so with that said I do love the country more than the city :)

    Glad you enjoyed the post Buddy!!

  4. What a sweet getaway and all the better to be with family. I love the pictures and how their brother and sister closeness comes across. Sing that tune Jimmy! What a wonderful day. :-)

  5. Thank You Angelia, You are so right about it being better when it's Family, it is a blessing for family to have a good time together :)

  6. Sounds like you guys had a great time. and Bruce has a kitty? awwwww That's so sweet.

  7. How lucky you are to have this as a getaway! I grew up in the country and am not sure I could hack it for a long time, but I love to visit!

  8. Hiya, I went to the mountains ( in Georgia) for the first time in December. I truly felt I was in God's country. When I lived in California, I never went up those mountains, now I wish I had of.
    Hey, he's single, I'm single, whaddyathink? LOL

    Great post and pics....

  9. It looks like he lives in a gorgeous place...and he is retired too? A very fortunate man!

  10. Hey Peg, We always have a good time with Bruce :)

    I agree with you Betty, We are lucky to be able to share the closeness to God with Family like this, I do love it out in the Country, the quiet and peace is what I like.

    Hey Lynne, The mountains in the Southern States are awesome, I grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in SC.

    "Hey, he's single, I'm single, whaddyathink?" I wouldn't have a problem with it Lynne but I suppose we had better get Bruce in on this one LOL

    Yes Sir Joe, It is a very nice place my Friend, an excellent place to be retired in.

  11. It's always so nice to go up the mountains. Relaxing...
    We're gonna be taking another roadie in a couple of weeks. Part of it is gonna be in the high country. We can't wait!
    Another great post Jimmy. Glad you enjoyed yourself...

  12. Thank You Sir, You have to Love the Road Trips, we have a good one coming up and will have an interesting post for you all next week, man I can't wait :)

  13. Wow! I would love to live up on a mountain, but I guess I'll just be content with the country.

    Even though it was a short visit at least it was a good one!


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