Thursday, October 14, 2010

Politics and Religion

These two subjects always open a can of worms so to say because there are so many different opinions and beliefs regarding both, no wonder I was always told to be careful when discussing Politics and Religion, I am now going to step out of line just a bit and share with you some of my opinion on these subjects.

Politicians in our country are our own worst enemies at times, and whose fault is that? Why it is our very own because we keep electing these jokers to office, we have major problems going on right now and with the mid term election coming up this is the time for us to make a statement when we vote, I think if we are ever going to change the way our government operates then we have to make our votes count.

The political atmosphere in our country right now is divided between two political parties, and the sad thing about this is the fact that these two parties represent no more than just a different arm on the same monster. In California we have six candidates running for Governor but the only ones you actually hear anything about is the two major party candidates, and there is so much mud and money being thrown at and between each others campaigns, this just makes me think that if you really want to be elected to a public office depends on how much money you spend on the election. We are in a world of hurt financially, people are out of work and there are not enough jobs out there for the ones who really want to work and make the mortgage payments on the homes they are losing due to the fact they are out of work, how much would the cost of one less political commercial each help people in this situation?

The politicians are preaching to us how they are going to “Create Jobs”, “Reform Healthcare”, “Improve Education”, etc. and when they are elected we really see no change other than how much worse things are getting, just think if these politicians threw as much money at the problems they are going to fix, as they are at their campaigns how much less of a problem these problems would be. Look back at the past presidential election, there was so much money spent on both parties campaigns that world hunger could have been taken care of, OK maybe that’s an over exaggeration but you see where I am going. If candidates for an office were given a limit on what they could spend on their campaign and the media was made to allow each and every candidate equal time to discuss their positions and pitch their cause to the public then we could all make a legitimate decision on who we think the right person for the job is, rather than end up voting between the ones who spent the most money.

And speaking of limits, we limit the President of the US two terms of four years each to lead our country, at the end of these terms he is out and we have new blood so to say leading our country, equally as important we have senators and congress who represent us and make the laws we live by, now how long is it before we get new blood in these positions? How long do we complain about things not being done properly and at the same time re elect the people who are not doing their jobs to our liking, if you have a problem with your senator or congressperson then don’t vote for them again, send them a letter with your suggestions and as long as you speak civilly in these letters you can throw in that an election will be coming up and how important your vote actually is, and vote according to how you feel rather than wait for them to live out their lives in office.

We are supposed to be an equal opportunity country but from what I see the one who dies with the most toys is the winner, throw money at the ones you want to impress and use it to gain status rather than take care of actual problems, money is the root of all evil but if you spend it to get to the top then you can blame that evil on the ones below you, there is no real winner in these scenarios and there never will be, I really believe that our situation now is so far away from the Christian Constitutional country our forefathers founded that they would be ashamed of us now.

We have gotten ourselves to the point that we hold in our opinions and ideas for fear of offending anyone, we have to be so politically correct and use the proper terms because if we say Merry Christmas rather than Happy Holidays then the world just may come to an end, so rather than speak what we feel, we are forced into hiding what we believe for fear that someone out there just may not like Christmas, and if we do write the dreaded term we have to replace Christ with an x, now this is just not right in my opinion.

I think people should have a right to go anywhere they want and make a good life for themselves, I have no problem with people coming to our country and living the American Dream as this is how our country was built, I totally respect anyone who comes here and lives that dream by working hard making sure they contribute to the community they are living in and learn the ways of our country, I do have a problem with people coming to our country and all of a sudden we have to learn their language to get along with them, we have to hide the word God and not speak of our religion because we may offend, we have to bend over backwards and make sure we don’t discriminate against some of these people who have no intention of making a life for themselves here, instead they are only here to take what they can get without giving back to the communities they have moved into, they end up on assistance from our government and take us to court and sue us for our hard earned money when we “discriminate” against them, their lawyer fees are paid, their medical bills are paid, and they laugh in our faces because we can’t afford to pay the lawsuit we were just slapped with, now who is really being discriminated against. If I decide to pack up and move to any other country do you think they will learn English, do you think they will fly the American Flag so I will feel at home, do you think they will give me free healthcare just because I have none, do you think I could get their politicians together to make a law requiring their people to talk in a manner that does not offend me and allow me to take legal action if they disrespect me, nope I didn’t think so but our politicians will for them.

Religion is something personal for everyone, we all read the Word Of God and live our lives in a manner that is comfortable to us, I was raised in the Baptist Church and I read the King James Version Bible and I always will, but if you read the NIV Bible and go to the Methodist Church, or are from another country and read the Word that your religion teaches, this has no bearing on what I believe nor do I look at you any differently, I don’t think any of us who believe in God has the right to say that someone who worships a little differently than we do is any less deserving of the right to worship. If you believe in God and live your life in a Godly manner, whether you go to church or not as long as you believe in your heart that God loves you, pray for guidance, and treat others in a respectful manner then there is a place in heaven for you.

Politics and Religion are subjects hard to discuss but in a nutshell are very simple, Believing in God and Family is as easy as respecting your fellow man, elders, and yourself, worship in the manner you are accustomed to and don’t force your religion down the throats of other people. Politics can be simple if we just get back to basics and vote the jokers out of office who are not doing their jobs, look past the ones with the large amounts of money taking up all the air time on TV and study everyone who is running for a position and vote for who you think is the right person, and don’t re elect them it they don’t work out, as soon as we all start doing this and stop worrying about party lines then the best people will end up guiding our country in a Christian Constitutional manner once again.


  1. You're on a roll, Jimmy! Good for you, this why we have blogs, to speak our mind.

    As you know, I passionately agree with your political opinions (as stated in my comment on your last post).

    I also agree with your opinion of being politically correct in saying....

    "we have to be so politically correct and use the proper terms because if we say Merry Christmas rather than Happy Holidays then the world just may come to an end, so rather than speak what we feel, we are forced into hiding what we believe for fear that someone out there just may not like Christmas."


    And as far as religious or spiritual beliefs go...

    "I don’t think any of us who believe in God has the right to say that someone who worships a little differently than we do is any less deserving of the right to worship."

    There are many paths to God. And each one is deserving, as it reflects our individual relationships with God.

    Great post, buddy!

  2. Thank You Ron, Yes Sir your comments on my last blog kind of got the ball rolling on this one, I had to make myself stop writing or else I would have never gotten it posted Ha Ha Our political situation scares me to death, and feeling like I have to be PC or hide what I feel in my own country is a shame.

    Religion is something very personal and in my opinion as long as you follow your heart and do what is right then even though we may take different paths we will meet up at the end.
    I appreciate you Ron, Thank You so much.

  3. My brother suggested that the president should only serve one 4 year term, that way we can get some things done instead of playing around and spending billions, cause they are up for re-election. I say that it should be for all offices, senators, congress, ect.. Just think how much they could get done if they were acually in the office, instead of out on the road camaigning.

    The money that floats around in these campaigns is heart wrenching, imagine how many lives could be changed with that kind of money.

    I don't have a problem with folks coming to this country, but for goodness sake do it legally! Become citizens and tax payers like the rest of us! Help our economy instead of draining it! Learn OUR laungage!

    Religion...ain't going there. I'm too worked up to hit that.

  4. Politics and religion is like oil and water...they not only don't go together but in fact they are not supposed to per the separation of church and state. I hate poiticians....I think the offices attract power mongers and self-centered egotists. and while religion is a personal thing, it seems that today people are trying interject their personal religious personal beliefs into politics which to me is really unsettling. It seems a lot of the world's problems arise from the fact that no one really can respect other's religious beliefs. the wars of the ages come from one group who believe one way trying to convince via violence in some cases to convert others to think in their ways. It is an age old problem and one I think is here to stay unfortunately.

  5. This country will continue its downward spiral as long as people continue to grow farther and farther away from God.

  6. Joe, I agree with much of what you say. However, I think the main problem leading us down the toilet is the totally out of control media. I'm not talking about one particular political bent either, I'm talking about all of them. It's too bad that there are so many sheep in our country that willinging believe and react to what they hear on the news.

    Very well written and thought provoking Jimmy!

  7. Hey Heather, Your brother just may have a good idea, one four year term for everyone would fix a lot of problems “Just think how much they could get done if they were actually in the office, instead of out on the road campaigning.” Very good idea in my opinion, it would be nice if they were working the job rather than getting ready for the next election.

  8. Susie, Oil and Water is a very good description here my dear Friend and like you I think the problem is here to stay due to the egos that continue to search out these positions, yes mam the problems are here to stay and it would be nice if we could respect each others beliefs without fighting so hard trying to make others see things just as we do.

  9. You said a mouthful Joe, and I agree that a lot of our problems are due to folks walking away from God, our country was founded with Christian beliefs and leaving God out of our decision making has gotten a lot of wrong decisions made.

  10. Hey Pat, I am going to agree with you 100% my Friend because the media is the cause of a lot of problems in my opinion, covering news is one thing but when the media steps in and makes the decisions that should be made by the people we are in deep trouble, in my opinion this last election was won by the media in an attempt to create history, well that’s all well and good and I have no problem with history being made but don’t write it before it has a chance to happen, I truly hate the way the media manipulates America and creates the problems they do when they should strictly stick to reporting what happens without their beliefs and opinions dictating what is reported.

  11. I must admit, I cringe at the amount of money spent on campaigns and all the good it could do. Really does bug me, thanks for speaking out about that.

    Both topics are sticky, but we should be able to speak our minds and opinions without being slaughtered for them. I applaud you for that. You make God very proud.

  12. Hey Angelia, It is a shame how much money is wasted here in my opinion.

    "we should be able to speak our minds and opinions without being slaughtered for them."

    Thank You my Good Friend, I am proud to be amongst people who understand this.

  13. Good for you to say what you think. Speaking up is what more of us should do. I agree that the two party system pigeonholes us into choices that often don't seem to make much difference. I can't say that I agree with everything you say, but I sure hear where you are coming from. We've got some serious problems that need addressing, and it does seem like there are those who profit from the problems, so getting meaningful change is hard to come by.

  14. Thank You Dreamfarm Girl, I appreciate you and wouldn't expect you to agree with me 100% that's what is so great here, we have different opinions and are free to discuss them without hard feelings.

    "We've got some serious problems that need addressing, and it does seem like there are those who profit from the problems" thats it in a nutshell and you are right we have a long row to hoe and the end is no where in sight.

    Good to see you my Good Friend.


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