Sunday, October 17, 2010

Uncle Jimmy Loves You

How do you fix something that is not in your control? And why should you worry about other peoples problems even though you have been there and know how the outcome was for you, it’s no skin off your nose so to say so why do you waste time worrying about it, and another thing why do you fret and worry about the way the kids are struggling to make themselves independent from you, because they are now adults so it’s not your concern anymore, do you just put it out of your mind and enjoy life without them?

No this is not how life works, most things in life are not within our control and all we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride, but coming from a Parents standpoint, an Uncles standpoint, a Friends standpoint, or wherever I am standing at the time I want all of you young-un’s to pull up a chair and listen to “Uncle Jimmy’s” rant and rave session, if I am your Uncle then you can call me Uncle Jimmy, if I am not then you can call me Uncle Jimmy too, and if you have my phone number then call me.

Life sucks sometimes, but sometimes it only sucks if you allow it to, we all fall in love and get ourselves into situations that improve our lives drastically, and sometimes we get ourselves into situations that make us wonder why all of our friends, family, and people we don’t even know are telling us things like “Boy you need to make a change”, “Man how did you get mixed up with this girl---Walk away”, or “I love you Man and I don’t want to be coming to your funeral anytime soon”, now whose fault is it when life sucks now, it’s not actually all the people telling you these things, it is the man in the mirror so take a look at the scars, bumps, and bruises that life is giving you and make some changes, sit down and listen to your parents and those who are trying to help you, look at the source of your problems and ask that person who is causing the problems to move on before they end up getting you killed, your Parents are not on your butt because they want to be, it’s because they Love You and “Uncle Jimmy” Loves you too.

For others life has sucked and it is going in a direction that looks pretty good now, you have been down a road exactly like I described above and you finally got out of it, and now you are scared it is going to happen again, well life does go in circles but the circles are not that tight, and this time you are going to be just fine, I have a good feeling about this and you need to jump off the fence and keep moving in the direction you are right now because it is the right one. Sometimes you have to take a chance and trust those around you who are slapping you on the back and complimenting how good you are doing, you have to trust the fact that the advice they are giving you is from their heart and they know what they are talking about because they have been there, your parents are not on your butt because they want to be, it’s because they Love you, OK call me “Uncle Jimmy” if you want to but the truth is I Love You too.

And others are in a new situation, just out on their own and everyone is telling you what color you need to paint that wall, when you need to paint that wall, or which aisle the stuff you should be buying is on at the store, you are overwhelmed and think everything you are doing is wrong, you just know everyone is looking over your shoulder waiting for you to make a mistake, and the repeated calls telling you who to call and what to say is for your own good, and how would I know this? It’s because I have been there and want you to know that you are going to be just fine. Guess what? Your Parents are not on your butt because they like it there, they are there because they Love you, and guess who else Loves You—Yes that would be “Uncle Jimmy”

Growing up is hard, and everyone who tells you what they think, are not doing so because they think you are wrong, even though sometimes you just may be, and they are only here to guide you because they care, everyone who gives advice is not a busybody and everyone who tells you what they think is not trying to get in your business, sometimes it’s just because they can see where you are going simply due to the fact they have been there before, and looking at the “Big Picture” sometimes comes from outside the box, which can’t be seen when you are too close.

The above situations sound pretty serious and they are, if you are having doubts, fears, bumps, bruises, or even worse, there is always someone who has been there before you, and they are the ones looking you in the face with their tear filled eyes trying to give you guidance, sometimes these tears are from fear, sadness, or joy but they all carry the exact same message, they are saying I Love You and I want to help you, so now it’ up to you to listen to your Parents, Friends, and Loved Ones because all of them know you, and if you give them any trouble they will call “Uncle Jimmy”


  1. Oh y goodness I need to send my sister to your blog, this post is everything I have been trying to say to her. I'm not trying to be all up in her business, it's just that I have been there done that and it don't end well.
    Thanks Uncle Jimmy!

  2. As I read this i could not stop the tears I hope this touches everyone that needs to hear this.Everyone that reads this please take your time and understand what he is saying.
    Thank you I feel like you are here always knowing just what we need even far away big brothers are the best. love you

  3. Hey Heather, A lot of times people are too close to realize they are being abused, set up, or whatever and those of us on the outside looking in are thought to be the bad guys getting into their business, we mostly give advice when we have been there done that, and Love takes us right to them.

    Send your Sister our way Heather she is welcome in this little family, but you already knew that.

  4. Melinda, I was going to call you to let you know I wrote this last night after we talked, this one goes for a bunch of people as you can see, even the girls just flip flop the Him/Her, everything is going to be OK and you just send them to read this and any questions they all know they can call Uncle Jimmy.

    I'm proud to have you as my Baby Sister and hate that there are so many miles between us but I am there when you need me because I wouldn't want it any other way--Oh Yeah "Uncle Jimmy" Loves you too :)

    You stop by here anytime because we have a good group of people here that you will like.

  5. Good advice, Uncle Jimmy! I think if you should print it out and send it in your Christmas cards.

  6. Good Morning Suzi, You never know what Uncle Jimmy may do, it just may end up there :)

    Thank You My Friend

  7. Faaaaaaaaabulous guidance and advice, Uncle Jimmy!

    You brought up so many great points here about this topic. This has got to one of the most challenging things about either being a loving parent or simply being a good friend to someone; wanting to help them.

    But you summed it up perfecting...

    "it’s just because they can see where you are going simply due to the fact they have been there before, and looking at the “Big Picture” sometimes comes from outside the box, which can’t be seen when you are too close."

    I agree with SuziCate....I think this would be a great thing to put in your Christmas card.

    Thanks for sharing, Uncle Jimmy!

  8. Thank You Ron,

    It's not easy being a parent or a friend watching someone go down a road that you have been before with not so good results, and looking from outside the box shows the end a lot clearer than from inside.

    I am honored my friend and I know that Uncle Ron would give the same advice :)

  9. Oooh I like that Uncle Jimmy!!! Unfortunately, although everything you write is true it the same thing over and over agin. No one seems to listen to what others have to say ultimately. For some reason we were programmed to think only what we know is best for ourselves. Even if someone does it out of love (some do it out of control) we still usually do what we want. But it is nice to know there are people like you Uncle Jimmy with words of wisdom and great support as a friend!

  10. I think I need to have my daughter read this. Not because she thinks I'm on her butt now, but maybe she does and just doesn't say so, but because one day she will think I am.
    I remember thinking my parents hated me, and they didn't want me to be happy. I was sure all their advice was to get back at me for the years of hell I put them through.
    Then I grew up, I matured, and I became and adult. Now I would give anything to have my moms advice, her words of wisdom, or even just her opinion.

  11. Just reading your blogs make me feel better!
    I know that during my lowest points, someone told me that whatever had happened to me, you can bet that someone else has been there before and even written a book about it!
    Sure, things get really tough at times, and it is respect for people like you that gets us through.
    I am so pleased to meet you!
    Hugs to you both.

  12. Hey Susie, As the saying goes “The older I get the wiser my parents become” meaning that when we are younger we think our parents know very little and as we become adults and have children of our own is when we realize that our parents knew what they were doing, and then we long for their advice.

    I may repeat it over and over but that is part of growing older too Ha Ha

  13. Melissa, I would be honored for your Daughter to read this, she seems to be a fine young lady but as you pointed out it is wise to give them a reminder now in hopes they will remember later on that we Love them, yes at that age our outlook on our parents was a whole lot different than now, Thank God we grow out of that :^)

    “Then I grew up, I matured, and I became and adult. Now I would give anything to have my moms advice, her words of wisdom, or even just her opinion.” Funny how we change and what a blessing our parents actually were, this realization comes to most of us my Friend.

  14. Hey Heather, I am honored to have good people like you around me, you know I speak what I feel at the time and mostly its just common sense, but without that I wonder where we would be. Times do get tough and it takes us pulling together to get us through sometimes. Thank you for being part of our little family.

    Hugs back to you also my Friend.

  15. The kids don't believe it and are convinced that only they have the right answers for themselves. A never ending battle....but maybe that is the way it is supposed to be. If after a failure or two when they figure out that you had the answer after all....well, maybe they will listen a little more.

    Wonderful essay.

  16. wow! I know just what you are talking about! As you know, we have five adult kids. They were all totally different and are all on different paths in their lives. Some savor and value our advice, while others think they have it all figured out. Throw a little mental illness into the mix and we've see it all...
    GREAT and though provoking post my friend!
    you are deep...

  17. Thank You Jerry, Yes sir it seems that they realize that we knew the answer only after they have come to the same conclusion, Oh don’t you remember the day when we thought we were smarter than our parents—now we are on the other end.

  18. Hey Pat, Isn’t it funny that each kid is totally different in his or her approach to situations and the problems they go through we can relate to 100%, some do listen and others simply make us think they are but each one is a learning experience.

    Thank You my Friend.

  19. Love these thoughts, Uncle Jimmy! I needed to hear this today!

  20. Hello Betty, Thank You my Friend, hope you are having fun on your trip :)

  21. Helloooooo, Uncle Jimmy! I've missed your wise words.

  22. Hey Ms. A, So good to see you my Dear Friend, you have been missed here, now all is well again :)

  23. Great post, uncle Jimmy!! and great advise too...
    Just want you to know...i love this post!!

    have a wonderful day, dear friend!!

  24. Thank You so much Nensa and a wonderful day to you also my friend.


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