Friday, November 5, 2010

Driving Miss Cindy

We took a ride to Redlands today for a bit of “Window Shopping” to get ideas together for Christmas, when you are Grandparents it is never too early to get all your ducks in a row so to say, yes we got some ideas and had a ball trying to find our way around the huge Toy store and the new Coat factory.

I simply could not believe the number of people out and about today, it seemed we were being overrun by people no matter where we turned, in one store there were a couple of young women pushing their shopping carts around, in which only one was carrying a couple of throw pillows, for the life of me I couldn’t figure why they needed two buggies for the throw pillows nor why they were walking side by side, blocking the aisles so no one could get by them or huffing and puffing when they came up behind you, I suppose it would be too hard for them to have formed a single file line long enough to get by but rather they made everyone uncomfortable by huffing and puffing like you were in their way, I was courteous and tried not to be a nuisance but it seemed no matter where we went there they were either blocking or huffing and puffing behind us, I actually got myself so tired that I just leaned and relaxed myself on my crutches and let them huff and puff for a while until they turned around and went the other direction, rather than fall into line and go around me as they had plenty of room they chose to turn around, some people are just funny because all you can do is laugh at them.

When there are this many people out and about with their friends and family the number of cars around you increases dramatically, especially on the California Freeways, the driving styles and comments coming out of my wife’s mouth is uncountable, pulling out of the Toy store we were followed closely behind by “Oh No You Don’t, You Had Better Think Again” the lady who appeared to be pulling into the same space Cindy was attempting to park in when we first got there, she wisely chose to park beside us but inside the store she and Cindy were eyeballing one another while sliding the rear of the shopping carts around the corners leaving black marks in a semi circle seeing who could get to each section first. Her name was changed as she tailgated us up until we got onto the freeway, switching lanes quickly and finally passing us Cindy sweetly said goodbye to her good friend as she went around us, “It’s about time you got off my… I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination because it wasn’t over with the next word.

Our next encounter was the “Driving Miss Daisy” car that was occupied with an elderly couple going about 50mph and we were blocked behind them being passed by everyone behind us, now to clarify a little here I am thinking this just may be Cindy and I one fine day, it appeared Miss Daisy had gotten tired of being driven and she was now behind the wheel, her husband was sitting on the passenger side smiling at Miss Daisy talking, just like I was at the language coming out of my wife’s mouth, because I could almost hear Miss Daisy saying something like “It’s about time you got off my… as we went around them, to add insult to injury, just as we got past them the traffic ahead of us slowed down suddenly and Miss Daisy switched to the right and gunned it leaving us in her dust, finally catching back up and being blocked by them again going 50mph Cindy looked at me and said “Can You Believe This, Did You See What She Did” I didn’t help the situation any when I said, “Bless her heart now you know that she has just as much right to block traffic on the freeway as you do”, I think I got that look I talked about in my last post right about then.


  1. Ha!! I had to laugh, because I can certainly see you and Cindy in that same situation 20 years from now.. Aww, how cute.. Jimmy being driven around..(BTW- i love that movie)

  2. Oh lordy, I was chuckling and giggling through this whole post!

    "the driving styles and comments coming out of my wife’s mouth is uncountable."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! You GO, Cindy! Yeah, Cindy and I sound the same when it comes to our driving and commenting style, behind the wheel. I've also been known to use a 'certain' hand gesture - hahahahahaha!

    "Driving Miss Daisy" is one of my all-time favorite movies. Awesome film!

    Fun post, Jimmy! Thanks for the morning laughs!

    Have a super day!

  3. Hahhhaaaa.
    Oh love this. I could visualize the entire scene(s).
    Sounds like your Cindy and I have the same tolerance for certain drivers...
    Have a wonderful weekend both of you!

  4. Oh, I go crazy in those crowded stores with all the huffing and puffing. Hard to get away from in Dallas. Too funny about the spitfire Miss Daisy on the freeway. :-) I don't blame Cindy for her "choice" words. Being tailgated is thr worst. Ha.

  5. Hey Lynne, I am with you in thinking Cindy and I will be right there in 20 years Ha Ha, Gotta love the ride because the entertainment is sure worth it :^)

  6. Ron, You wouldn’t be the type to gesture to someone that they are #1 would you? I once saw Cindy lean out the window to show a trucker that she thought they were #1 while I was driving :^0

    I Love Driving Miss Daisy too, just may have to rent it just to enjoy it again soon.

  7. Good Morning Dawn, Certain drivers do get under your skin and it’s a whole lot easier to smile about it from the passenger side.

    A Great weekend to you also my Friend

  8. Hey Angelia, Yes the crowded stores I do not tolerate very well, here in California I am sure is comparable to Dallas, I have been in Dallas and the crowds remind me of here, heck I have been forced into taking the exit towards Waco against my will too many times while passing through Dallas/Fort Worth, I pay more attention while passing through there now.

  9. I can't believe how crowded the stores are already! And the traffic, sheesh!! I'll do my shopping online thanks and avoid the holiday crowds.

    I probably sound a lot like Cindy when I drive. Glad you and my husband are content to ride and laugh at us!


  10. Hey Spot, It is amazing how crowded things are in the stores, online shopping is how the majority of ours will be done also, Mike and I will sit back for the ride and laugh as you and Cindy drive us through the traffic :^)

  11. My son (who only has his learner's permit) has shamed me on more than one occasion about my 'impatience' when driving.

    Maybe I should stick with this Christmas season.

  12. The stores and malls were really crowded here too! This does not bode well for the coming months. Funny post, Jimmy! Glad Cindy is there to deliver those looks.

  13. It seems like I get one of "those" looks from my wife also, from time to time...

  14. Good for you for deciding to rest awhile until they went the other way. Love it! I'm with Cindy in the driving department. I suffer from sudden onset road rage sometimes! Loved this post.

  15. Cocotte, Yes the online shopping seems to be the way to go and as far as your son goes just bide your time because you will be able to remind him one day when he has been driving longer about patience when he gets frustrated at other drivers :^)

    Hey Betty, You are right if they are that busy now we will not stand a chance as it gets further into the season, Glad you enjoyed the post Betty

    Yes Sir Pat, I think they pass out those looks with the marriage licenses, I don’t remember her having that look while we were dating Ha Ha

    Hey Peg, Sometimes you have to change the game plan a bit, when you do this it confuses some folks and everything gets better, sudden onset road rage or SORR can be a serious condition, if you or someone you know suffers… oops sorry almost started another post Ha Ha


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