Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Speed Of Bright

They say that Light travels faster than Sound, is this why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

I ran across this in my file of random things I keep, and at first it threw me right back into the election we just went through, and the so called pretty people who were anything but when they opened their mouths, and rather than talk politics I will just say that I do not miss the commercials nor the random phone calls that made each and every candidate look so bright, I will just say that I’m sure proud most did not get my vote.

Now getting into the informational part of this post, which verifies that my statement above is correct and I have completely gone over all of my research which proves that I have no idea what I am talking about, but since this is all about fun and opinions then most of it wont really matter anyway.

From my vast amount of research, I have found that light travels at a rate of approximately 186,000 miles per second or 671 million miles per hour, so with this said you can look into the light and see all sorts of people and places rather quickly without knowing exactly what they are all about, the speed of sound is a whole different ball game, from all the equations I have found, they seem to measure the speed of sound in so many different ways that just doesn’t apply to our conversation here, I really don’t want to know how fast sound travels through helium at 0 degrees Celsius, or through walls, water, milk, mud or anything else on their chart, I was just looking for an example of how fast my voice would travel across the room regardless of the temperature or the look on Cindy’s face. So with all of the confusing stuff aside, it appears sound travels at approximately 1,087 feet per second or 741 miles per hour, so with that said I can safely say that I can see that look on Cindy’s face a whole lot quicker that I hear the reason behind it, so this explains why sometimes we can see the fact, but really don’t know why we are in trouble until it’s too late.
People are a funny breed, we do our best to look good and to be smart about everything we are involved in, the people on the TV commercials selling us things we just cant live without seem to be the best of the best, their skin is perfect because of the product they are using, their food is the most nutritious because of the brand they are selling, their weight loss is astronomical because of the meals they purchased online, and their love life is without any problems whatsoever, because they followed the instructions of not drinking alcohol in excess with this product and they called their doctor if everything was still good after four hours, if everything is still good after four hours how many of you would be calling the doctor? Yes that’s what I thought you would say, and of course back to drinking alcohol you just have to love the one that taunts you to stay thirsty, I suppose if you are forever thirsty then their beer is the one to keep you there.

Now here is where these people begin to look a bit foolish, you have seen their products and heard their spill on how good everything works, then in a really low and quick tone you hear a bunch of jabbering that is explaining all of the possible side effects, these side effects make me scared to even watch the commercial again much less buy their product, everything from choking to death on the artificial peanuts in their peanut free peanut butter, to becoming suicidal due to the medication that is supposed to make you feel better and keep you from being depressed, because depression hurts and if you are suicidal then you are either taking too much, not enough, or shouldn’t be taking anything at all, then there is that four hour thing again, I am still wondering if this is a side effect or a selling point, by this phase of the commercial I am wondering why there is a need for separate bathtubs, and why in the world are they outside, heck I’m not even sure what product they are selling now, too bad they talked so fast and showed me so many images, I’m wondering now if my plumbing products really need that kind of attention.

Then you have the young ladies and gentlemen whose names pop into your household from out of nowhere, these celebrities are so beautiful and the pictures you see make you think, this is someone who you would like your kid to be like, their image is everywhere and the endorsements bring their face right into your living room via the TV commercials, these kids look like the “All American” kid and you rush out to buy the product they are pitching, simply due to the fact they represent themselves as a good kid and look as if you should trust them, you cant help but hope that your kid looks this good to other folks. With this said the visual is there until one evening you hear an interview with this “Role Model” and the vulgar and vile lifestyle they are promoting makes you sick at your stomach, or you see that this “All American” kid has been arrested for Lord knows what and the image you see now is not near as pretty, especially when they open their mouth to blame everyone but themselves for their situation and the F word fills each sentence followed by showing the camera that they are number one with the wrong finger, now you are proud that your kid is nothing like this.

Never judge a book by it’s cover and never judge a celebrity or politician by the cool look they give you in front of the camera, get to know a book by reading it, and a person by how they portray themselves in real life and treat their friends and family, because contrary to popular belief looks are not everything, it’s what people hear coming from your heart that makes them love you.


  1. Wow. This was great Jimmy!
    Had me laughing, re-reading, and hearing it run like a fast talking commercial on Light, Bright, and Sight:)
    I love your last paragraph. I have to copy that's a great "quote" already in my book.
    Thanks for this great read and meaning.

  2. Your first line was a classic! So true! And the opposite seems to be true as well - there are some people who open their mouth and say such great things that they become super attractive.

  3. You have explained a lot here including why HOB often closes his eyes when I start talking to him!!! I get it now!!!

    I love those commercials where the announcer says "Call your doctor today and see if __________ is right for you. We don't even know that the medication is for! BTW, doctors don't really like those calls. Believe me. I know,

  4. I agree with the end paragraph. You should never judge a book by its cover. you have to be far into the story to know how you really feel about it.
    This was a great usual Jimmy!

  5. Wow, fantastic! Great observations, it should have been obvious, but I needed you to point it out.

  6. Awesome post, Jimmy! Very informative and also very funny!

    "I can see that look on Cindy’s face a whole lot quicker that I hear the reason behind it, so this explains why sometimes we can see the fact, but really don’t know why we are in trouble until it’s too late."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant! And something my father would have said about he and my mother.

    You summend this topic up so well in your last paragraph in saying...

    "Never judge a book by it's cover....and because contrary to popular belief looks are not everything, it’s what people hear coming from your heart that makes them love you."

    Thanks for sharing, buddy! Wishing you and Cindy a super weekend!

  7. Hey Jimmy,

    It's been a while. I have been so busy but when I get on the computer your blog is one of the ones I really enjoy reading!
    You are so right!!! Very interesting!

  8. We haven't been watching commercials. We have gotten pretty swift with the fast forward on the fancy DVR. Not sure how we lived without one.

    But it's absolutely true -- don't judge anyone by their looks (and I will even say poise) -- especially politicians.

  9. Hello Dawn, I am so glad you enjoyed it and am honored to hear you added my quote to your book, Thank You my Friend

    Cocotte, Very true that the opposite comes shining through with some, the more you hear the more you want to listen.

    Hey Betty, I agree that the majority of the drug commercials I have no idea what they are attempting to treat, I just may have to ask my Doctor for one on my next visit just to see the look on his face.

    Thank You Susie, Like a book some people just seem to get better the more you know them. Glad you enjoyed it my Dear Friend.

  10. Hey Joe, Glad I could be of service my Friend :^)

    Ron, The statement probably rings true in many relationships and that look Cindy gives me is most likely the same one your Mom gave to your Dad :^0

    A Great Weekend to you too Buddy!!

    Hey Cindy, So glad to see you as it has been way too long, hope you are not out of pocket again for a while.

    Jerry, That fast forwarding routine through the commercials is a good thing in my opinion, most technology is great especially when it takes you around the nonsense.

    Yes sir judging folks strictly by looks gets us into nothing but trouble, especially when deciding which politician to trust.

  11. Oh I admit many moons ago I used to take politicians, celebrities at face value.. hit me..they are just like me only in the public eye..So, that being said, now i skim past the pretty packaging on anything and look inside...This post says so much more than at first read (see, even your post is a reflection of your post..huh? -well it made sense to me when i was

    I'm with Dawn, that last stanza is a keeper!!!!

  12. Hey Lynne, You have me thinking now about my post being a reflection of my post, I'll take that as a compliment :^) Thank You

    Yes the politicians and celebs can sure fool you if taken just at face value, looking inside sure tells a different story at times.

  13. Great post Jimmy. Love that you see the look on Cindy's face long before you know why you are in trouble. Brilliant. Hubby probably wishes he thought of that first.

    And I agree 100% about knowing a book by reading it and knowing people by spending time with them and not wanting some of those so called celebrities to be role models. GREAT post.

  14. Thank You Peg, I could talk with Hubby if you don't mind, heck I'll even let him share credit for thinking of it once he learns to recognise the look :^)

    I appreciate your kind words Peg


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