Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bells Are Ringing

Which of the Christmas programs do you really like and which one just reaches out and touches you no matter how many times you see it? A Charlie Brown Christmas, all the way from Snoopy decorating his doghouse to the famous Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is one that I have always loved, but the one that reaches deep inside no matter how many times I see it is, It’s A Wonderful Life.

We are talking all the way back to 1946 when this one came out and the message is still an important one today, George Bailey played by Jimmy Stewart finds out what the world would have been without him, Clarence played by Henry Travers is an angel assigned to him so to say, to show him how different life would have been without him and by completing this task he is to earn his wings, one of the funniest lines in the movie is when George Bailey states something to Clarence like “Well you look about like the kind of angel I’d get”, if you get a chance to watch this one do it, no matter how many times you have seen it before it is well worth watching again and again.

Yesterday I threw out the question “What if you had the chance to go back and do it all over again, would you do it any different.” The responses from my friends and blogging family were awesome, the general consensus was that we would do things exactly the same, because if we did change something from the past then our future would have been changed also, some wanted a do over on some things and wished to have listened to themselves at the time, but for the most part we all would choose where we are right now.

Take it a step further, what if you had never been born, just how different would the world be and would you actually be missed at all, your accomplishments would have never happened and just how did your accomplishments effect your friends and family, your children would have never been born simply because you were not there, and if they were someone else’s children… yes you see where I am going they would have never existed, How would your parents have gotten along with one less child? And without you how different would their lives have been, the pleasure and pain you shared with them was never there, the lessons learned were never taught, and the Love you hold in your heart for them never lived.

Our good deeds, bad deeds, accomplishments, failures, pleasures, and pain, whatever we have experienced simply due to existing, plays a part in so many different peoples lives, so next time you are thinking that maybe the world would have been better off without you, think of your friends and family and the times whether good or bad you have been through with them, no matter the outcome your life is worth millions because even the smallest thing like a smile in passing plays a big part in someone’s day.

Clarence the Angel said “Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?”

Think of the hole that would have been left without you, no matter how bad things get we always find better things after we let go of the bad, holding onto things from the past that we can’t change need to be left to fly in the wind, these things only drag you down, look ahead for new things in your life and let the past become a memory, looking back you will see where your accomplishments have gotten you, and looking ahead you will see where you want to go, listen to your gut and follow your heart but don’t fret over the times you failed to do so, Clarence also said “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.”

Cherish your friends and always leave your heart open to make new ones, Love your family with all your heart and smile next time you hear a bell because they say when a bell rings an angel gets his wings, and if everything is going according to plan that ringing bell just may have been for your angel.


  1. My Gosh you are awesome!

    And Don't put your eye out with that Red Ryder BB Gun!

    Classic, and I hope and pray that I have touched lives in a positive way. I believe I have, as some people have actually said that to me. It is VERY HUMBLING when you hear that and REALIZE people are watching, listening and reacting!

    It all goes back to Character like we said earlier.

    I know in this brief time- YOU have dramatically impacted my life for the positive!

    Merry Christmas my Friend-- and THANKS!!!

    Clark Griswold!

  2. John, I am honored my Friend, you are so right in that it all goes back to character, people are watching and listening to us and I do appreciate the impact of good friends like you.

  3. My fave is definitely the Charlie Brown one, although I also adore 'The Year Without A Santa Claus' just for the songs and those old fashioned puppet characters.

    I've been blessed with many friends in my life; some have been my friend for over 40 years.

  4. Awwww...Jimmy! Loved this post! You made me feel all warm and fuzzy and determined to go out there and do good things!

  5. Wonderful post Jimmy.
    I like what Clarence the Angel has to say!

    Not going to take much for granted today. Thank you.
    (I also think I'm going to sit down tonight with that movie....)

  6. Beautiful post. Love "it's a Wonderful Life" all the Christmas Spirit...and it's snowing here! Really starting to feel like Christmas!

  7. Good Morning Cocotte, Yes the “Old Fashioned” programs are the ones that carry a special meaning for me also, Friends both old and new are great but most of the old ones always have a special place in your heart.

  8. Hey Betty, Warm and Fuzzy is a good feeling and I know in my heart you are doing good things for others out there my Friend, Thank you :^)

  9. Thank You Dawn, Sitting down with that movie is a good plan, Clarence the Angel has a lot of good things to say and his antics sure make you smile, take life as it comes because life is good even though hard to see at times, in the end it is always worth waiting for my dear friend.

  10. Hey Suzicate, That old Christmas Spirit is a special feeling, it doesn’t appear we will have a white Christmas here since the temperature is pushing 80 right now, but knowing you have a bit of snow is great and having you as a friend will carry that spirit right over to us, Glad you enjoyed the post and yes it is “Really starting to feel like Christmas!” for me too :^)

  11. I have never watched "It's a Wonderful Life", but it is on my "To Watch" list!
    "The Grinch that Stole Christmas" is one of my favourites, but I guess that times change and it's what we were brought up with. But if it has Jimmy Stewart in it, then I'll watch it! I love that guy.
    There is not many Christmassy movies that are new in these past few years, and I think that is sad.
    Everything seems to be a re-make that they loose the original plot.
    Oh, I'm never going to grow up! I have definitely decided!
    Big hugs to you both!

  12. If I can look back and think I helped one person, it was all worth it.

  13. okay my brain officially hurts from all this deep thinking.

  14. OMG Jimmy, this post actually gave me a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

    How BEAUTIFUL your words are!

    "And without you how different would their lives have been, the pleasure and pain you shared with them was never there, the lessons learned were never taught, and the Love you hold in your heart for them never lived."

    Right you are, my friend!

    I agree, "It's a Wonderful Life' is one of the best Christmas movies ever! I actually own that film and need to rewatch it sometime before Christmas. Yeah, I also love "A Charlie Brown Christmas!"

    You GO, Snoopy!

    Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming post. It really touched me!

    Happy Holidays to you and Cindy!

    Talk to ya soon!

  15. Alice, You will love It’s A Wonderful Life, yes it old fashioned so to say but the message is still one we need to hear in my opinion, I too like anything with Jimmy Stewart and this one was really good, Hugs back to you my Friend

    Amen Linda, I do like that opinion and wish more could see life this way, if you help one person then it’s all worth it.

    Hey Becca, Now don’t think about it that hard, it really is not supposed to hurt Ha Ha, just watch It’s A Wonderful Life and it’ll all be better.

    Hey Ron, Thank You Buddy, I am happy you enjoyed it, Yes It’s A Wonderful Life is a classic but Snoopy Rocks :^)

    Merry Christmas

  16. Things sure would be different if I had never been here. But then again, things would be just as different if any given person had never been born. I'm glad that I'm here. I just wish that I had made different choices in my past. But we can't turn back time, and so just as time does, we march on.

  17. Amen Matty, We march on and enjoy the life we have been given, can't change the past but we can influence the future.

  18. Fantastic and thought provoking post Jimmy!
    I've been on both sides of the table on this one and I'm so happy to be able to say that being open and accepting is the best way. Closed down, with no feelings sucks and does nothing but damage everybody...

  19. Hey Pat, Thank You Sir I do appreciate your outlook on life, being open and accepting is the best way I agree with you my Friend.

  20. I almost died when I was six weeks old. It is astounding to think about. No Sydney. No step daughters. Wow. Makes me very, very grateful.

    I love the Santa Paws movies. They are sooo cute. But Christmas Story is my all-time fav. :-)

  21. Angelia, It is a lot to think about and thinking about it does make you appreciate the life you have.

    Christmas Story and Santa Paws are good ones too :)


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