Monday, December 13, 2010

Just Follow The List

We went Christmas Shopping Saturday with Bob and Martha to finish up our gift giving search for each other, Bob and I teamed up and Cindy and Martha did the same, the plan was for they guys to get everything on the lists that we were given by the girls, and for the girls to have a shopping trip all by themselves.

The trip went well for Bob and I, there was no zig zagging through the stores because we went directly to what we wanted, got it and left the area, now since both Cindy and Martha read this blog I will do my best to not give any secrets away.

Our first stop was at that store where you can buy all kinds of stuff, we went to the area of the store that had the stuff Martha wanted and Bob bought everything on her list, well maybe not everything because you know how it goes, just because she wrote it down doesn’t mean that’s how he read it, I sure hope she likes Camo because it is the new White…right. Bob did buy Martha a cool cover that stands up all by itself holding her new Kindle where you can read it, but since this was actually for her birthday and he gave it to her at the end of the trip I can tell you about this without getting myself into trouble.

Our next stop was to about one hundred stores looking for things on Cindy’s list, I think I either read her list too literally or she was sending me in circles in an attempt to keep me zig zagging even though she wasn’t with me, after going over the list more times than I can count I stuffed it into my pocket and listened to Bob, I sure hope she likes Camo because it is the new White…right. I got her some things that I am sure she will like and since it is not her Birthday I suppose I can’t share this delicate information with you right now.

We met up with the girls at Applebee’s for supper, I knew it was going to be a fun stop when Bob and I got there first, we got to pick where we wanted to sit and even though where I wanted to sit was not where Bob wanted me to sit, I reluctantly moved to the other side of the booth and left him to sit by himself waiting for Martha and Cindy, our waitress came to get our drink order and like a good boy I ordered myself a glass of iced tea along with everyone else, she looked at me and said “You look like a beer drinker, allow me to bring you a tall frosted glass of beer” heck you can’t argue with a statement like this so when it actually got to be my turn to choose a beverage I blurted out “I want a beer”, yes I got a few strange looks but the beer was good.

Martha just had to get a song and a sundae, I mean she was acting like it was her Birthday or something, so we sang along and enjoyed the three part harmony from the waitresses, it sounded a whole lot better than the two part harmony from Bob and I, Martha even got presents and a cake at home, I guess I’ll have to try this birthday thing next Christmas.

Christmas Shopping this many times in one year can drive you crazy or make you imagine things that may or may not have happened this way, I am thinking it could be all the zig zagging but anyway we always have fun with Bob and Martha whether or not we go according to the list.


  1. Haha...that sounds like a headache day to me....but maybe it's because I do NOT enjoy shopping.
    At ALL.
    I am up for the beer though;)

    Can't wait to hear just what it is that kept you zigzagging ......

  2. Hey Dawn, Beer and Ice Cream Cake is always a good ending to a shopping day Ha Ha

  3. You are a better man than I...
    If I don't have it purchased by the end of November, It's not gonna get purchased.
    I know what you mean about men and women having different shopping methods. It seems like it takes me about 10% of the time it takes my wife to find the same things! Thanks checking in on my Jimmy and for the nice words!

  4. Glad to see you doing good Pat and even more proud to have you back with us, Men and Women do shop a whole lot differently, I am still not sure if the Camo is going to be her favorite color afterall Ha Ha

  5. I love Applebee's! I need to get some shopping finished up but the 2 feet of snow that dropped yesterday is putting a damper on that.

  6. Chug a Lug! WE got three big Budweiser's today and I won't get a DROP. They'll all go into my wife's boiled shrimp!

    I'm going for Babyback ribs---well- after Wednesday! LOL


  7. Glad you had some fun! I am also SO glad you didn't slip and give away what you got for me for Christmas. I want to be surprised Sunday morning.

  8. Lordy Cocotte, I can see how two feet of snow would put a damper on your shopping, when we lived in New Mexico I remember 16” one weekend I was on call, that was really a pain, hopefully you will get a chance to get your shopping done and treat yourself to dinner at Applebee’s.

  9. Hey John, I can almost taste the boiled shrimp I bet it will be so good, The Baby back ribs are good also, enjoy them my friend.

  10. Yes Mam Betty, We did have a good time, I hope you are not disappointed come Christmas morning, by the way little Betty is now an egg layer :^)


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