Monday, December 6, 2010

Just One Smile

Passing judgment on others is not a task assigned to anyone on the face of this earth in my opinion, yes I know some have the position of Judge when it comes to legal situations or deciding on who the best singer out of a bunch is, but when it actually comes to passing judgment on one another, there is only one that is qualified and by the time we meet Him if we have played our cards right then judgment will not be an issue.

My last post and the great comments from you all got me to thinking about judgment, Trailer Trash is a term given to those who are less fortunate than others it seems, or someone who just doesn’t have the gumption to get themselves out of the park and do better with their lives, how about the millions of young people who are just starting out in life and are proud of the Mobile Home they are either renting or buying, or what about the elderly couple who sold everything they had to make their elder years a bit more comfortable, since they can no longer handle the yard and house maintenance and no one seems to have enough time to come by and help them out. What about the people who are living there simply because it is exactly what they can afford and are happy with their surroundings, are any of these people Trailer Trash and who are we to label them as such?

What exactly makes one person less deserving of the compassion you have than another, what makes this person less desirable as a friend, and what makes you choose this person as the one you avoid eye contact with? And for the big question on my mind and many of yours, who gets to choose the one who can pass judgment on everyone else in our “Social Society”

Everyone puts their pants on the exact same way, and we all carry the exact same feelings and emotions, so during the Holiday Season reach out to those who may be down on their luck and give them a helping hand, smile at everyone you see while you are out and about and say Merry Christmas to those you don’t even know, hold the door for someone even if they appear capable of holding it for themselves, and for goodness sake do not let it slam on anyone.

None of us were placed on this earth to judge, so why do so many of us take upon ourselves to do so, never judge a book by it’s cover and never judge someone at first glance, we are all good people and it is up to each and everyone of us to get along with each other. Just think how many people you actually affect each day, you never actually know how far that smile carries because the person you smile at passes it to another then it multiplies throughout the day, the same goes with a hateful act, not that people continue to act bad, but that bad feeling you started will go just as far as that smile.

With the hard times everyone is suffering through during this economic downturn, wouldn’t it be nice to share a few smiles and shake a few hands with people you meet if only for one day, being nice to others will go a long way toward repairing the misery that just one hateful glare burns into your memory behind that slamming door, so stop allowing doors to slam on one another, make your Christmas wish be to pass a smile to someone who needs it, because Lord knows there are a lot out there wishing for just one smile.


  1. That last paragraph describes me. But when I am hurting inside, while I still do the above, (even unconsiously), I get even more hurt by the lack of other's courtesy. I begin to take it personally and it helps tear me down. Like - why are people like this? Does my kindness really matter to anyone?

  2. I think it's sad our society has gone this far in the way of judgement. Although...I'm sure throughout history it hasn't changed much- just become more obvious.

    Yes! I do believe a simple smile matters....and even if it seems to go unnoticed or ignored...I truly believe Someone appreciates it and holds on to that single act of kindness.
    If not here...than in eternity.

    Thanks for the reminder to smile for someone tomorrow.....

  3. I lost my first post!

    High Five, A Big Hug and I love ya Bro! And I'm NOT ashamed to say it openly!

    Great Great Great POst!


  4. For me, the judgment doesn't come from judging their outward appearance, but from observing their outward actions. But you are right, it is not my place to judge or play God. Good lesson for the holidays!

  5. Another faaaaabulous post, Jimmy!

    And you summed your feelings up perfectly in saying...

    "Everyone puts their pants on the exact same way, and we all carry the exact same feelings and emotions...."

    I have to be honest and agree with Cocotte and say that often my judgement comes from observing someones actions, rather than their appearance. But, that too is judgement. And I've been wrong several times.

    "smile at everyone you see while you are out and about and say Merry Christmas to those you don’t even know.."

    Yes, I will. Thanks for the reminder, my friend!

    Love the Christmas theme on your blog!

  6. Loved this post Jimmy, it is so true. I know that I am still fuming over stupid remarks that were made about me AND even sent to me!
    Some people just don't think or have the capability to think things out properly. I'm still around, and hope to be back permanently after Christmas and things return to normal!
    Big hugs to you both.

  7. Hey MC, It is so easy to take it personally but you have to remember that you are not the one who made these people this way and smile at them anyway, passing a smile and goodwill to other folks does not always get you a smile in return immediately, but later in the day if just one person feels a bit of joy and remembers your smile then it is well worth it.

    Dawn, I think you are right in that things have always been like this and we are just noticing them more so now, this is why we have to make an effort towards spreading joy and eliminating some of the judgment towards each other now before things get so bad that we can’t make a happy existence for our families.

    “I truly believe Someone appreciates it and holds on to that single act of kindness.” Just a simple act may go unnoticed but it does go a long way in changing someone’s spirit for the positive.

    Thank You John, I knew you would like it my Friend and: “High Five, A Big Hug and I love ya Bro!” I’m proud to say it right back :^)

  8. Good Morning Cocotte, Yes I see what you are saying, outward actions go a long way in determining who you want to be around, I suppose it is still a form of judgment but these folks deserve a smile too whether we like them or not, looks like this would take the judging aspect off the table if just choose to show a little respect. Excellent point, Thank You my Friend

    Thank You Ron, Cocotte made a very good point and we all have been guilty of this, Judging is judging no matter how you say it and it is wrong, making some amends in our actions by showing respect towards others with something as simple as a smile can make a big difference.

    I just had to come up with something for Christmas, I threw a few pictures on the background but think I like this one best so far, I appreciate you Buddy!!

    Alice, It is so good to see you my Dear Friend, it is easy to fume over remarks made by others and even harder to let them go at times, and you are right “Some people just don't think or have the capability to think things out properly”, I would sit back and smile knowing that false statements are no more than that and those who spread them are only making themselves miserable because you are smiling at them and they cant ruin your day :^)

  9. It's sad in so many ways, that so many I have met along the way have been what main stream society would consider 'trailer-trash.' Those people were the most honest, sincere, give-you-the-shirt-off-their-backs, feed-you-when-they-had-not-enough-food-for-themselves, love-you-for-yourself people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and still loving.

  10. Most people who are judged in this manner are exactly the type you described, they will go out of their way to help you out when they are really struggling to make it themselves. These people are good friends who treat you like family.

  11. Common courtesy really isn't all that common, is it? I think being kind to everybody pays off. We must never judge people based on where they live or what they wear or how they speak. If someone is cruel or dishonest or spiteful, fine, cut them out of your life. But we are all in the same boat with each other.

  12. very well said and i agree. personally for the record i like being said "trailor Trash" point taken that simply means i am very proud of the trailor my husband and i bought and are raising our son in. it may not be much but it' home and it's filled with love.

  13. YOU--Are awesome. My wife and I are going to Downsize and move into a Mobile Home for the exact reason you mentioned! Affordable, maintainable and I thank you for mentioning this.

    We had the NEW HOUSE, DINK, and a lot of stuff at one time. We are better people now because of our relationship, and longer walk with Jesus Christ!

    So to judge us NOW-would be a terrible mistake.

    GREAT INSIGHT & COMPASSION--that we sorely need!


  14. Yes Linda, It pays to be nice to everyone and I agree with you on cutting the hateful ones out of your life, this part is not judgment it is actually experience in knowing what you want in life, being nice on the other hand goes for everyone whether you like them or not, because as you said we are all in the same boat on this one.

  15. Hey Becca, I would so much rather be inside a trailer house filled with love and family than a mansion filled with hate and resentment, nothing trashy about being happy.

  16. Thank You John, Downsizing and buying a Mobile Home is the way to go my Friend, it gives you more time to spend with your wife and as you mentioned a longer walk with Jesus will give you the proper perspective on life.

    Glad you enjoyed the post my Friend.

  17. excellent post. People are way too judgmental. Some I think do it as a power thing, maybe they were raised that way, maybe a diversion to take attention from themselves, or maybe they are just not nice. We really could make this world a much better place if everyone was a bit more compassionate. If the media would promote compassion the way they promote their current ideals, maybe society would catch on!

  18. I agree Jimmy. Great post, full of your engaging passion and insight.
    My dad lived in a trailer and my sister when she first got married. Both parks were very, very nice. I think until you walk in someone else's shoes you have no room to judge.
    More love.
    More smiles.
    I hope to pass that on and will definitely wish that for Christmas.

  19. Beautiful post and words to live by all the time, not just at Christmas. You have a good heart.

  20. Hey Suzicate, Yes I am afraid some do this as a power trip and you are so right in that if the media promoted compassion rather than the misery they show we would be a whole lot better off.

    Angelia, “I think until you walk in someone else's shoes you have no room to judge.” If more folks were on the other side of the coin so to say they definitely would have a different outlook on life.

    Hey Lisa, So glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for popping in and hope to see you again soon.

    Thank You Dreamfarm Girl, I do appreciate you my Friend.

  21. Hey, Jimmy! Wanted to tell you how much I like this new theme!

  22. Thank You SuziCate, Gotta love it :^)


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