Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Riding With Tom And Jerry

How much food can you eat at the Sizzler, it always ends up being too much for me, because while you are there just one more plate sounds like a good idea, and topping it off with a bowl of ice cream topped with all the stuff you usually don’t get to eat just adds to the misery later on, I usually get just the “Salad Bar” because there is more stuff than I can eat there, but with the price of about fifty cents more I can add a plate of fried shrimp on top of all the stuff that is already more than I can eat, so as a good American I state, Yes I’ll take the Fried Shrimp.

We went to Sizzler with Bob and Martha on Saturday and for those of you who have been here for a while know that a little scuffle just had to break out between Cindy and Bob, picture this happening at the register, Cindy and Bob were both poking and pointing at each other laying blame on one another for being the one causing all the trouble, the girl at the register was laughing at us, but behind that smile you could see the expression that says “I’ll be glad when they move along” but in my opinion if you can’t have fun with family then it’s hardly worth it, so when Bob and Martha retreated to our table I had to mention of how quiet it was now that Bob had left the area, so for tonight it was decided that Bob was actually the troublemaker, the girl at the register smiled in agreement, we will just say she agreed with me as she pointed us toward our table.

After the meal was finished Martha mentioned that she needed batteries for the Christmas Village that she and Cindy would be setting up back at their house, a quick stop at Rite-Aid was anything but quick and left Cindy a bit restless sitting in the vehicle, yes you could say Martha was in the store for a while so about Forty five minutes later Cindy, Bob, and I bailed out of the vehicle to have a look around, we never made it inside because there was a Tom and Jerry kids ride sitting right there in front of us, Cindy yelled to see if anyone had a quarter and the ride began, picture this Cindy riding with Tom and Jerry while a young Father is trying to explain to his young daughter why that lady got to ride and she couldn’t, not that Cindy wouldn’t have given up her seat but the little girl would have to wait her turn just like the rest of us, Bob took out his camera and took a few pictures to be used as blackmail later on, but that’s OK too we were actually a quarter short because now it takes two, just what is this world coming to when you can’t ride a kids horsy for a quarter?
Cindy and Martha began setting up the Christmas Village with help from Kathy (Bobs Sister), everything was going well with Hot Cocoa for everyone, well almost everyone had cocoa, Bob and I were standing watching in utter amazement on how nice of a job these ladies were doing, they needed six more batteries which Bob was going to pick up the next day but I had to suggest that batteries only came in packages of twelve just to get Martha going and going she did get, we argued numbers for a while and questioned things like why do hotdogs come in packages of twelve but there are only eight buns, this argument ended with the girls sending Bob and I out to the Rite-Aid to pick up six batteries only, we walked right by the horsy ride and resisted the urge to ride Tom and Jerry, although I did see Bob hesitate and look back with a tear in his eye as we got into the car, I had to laugh when the batteries she needed came in a package of eight, it wasn’t a twelve pack but it was more than six, we were doing good until I also made the mistake of mentioning that I thought there was so much snow that Martha’s village actually looked like a foggy little London town to which a look from Martha caused Bob and I to retire to the back room of the house and leave the art of Christmas displays to the ladies, I’m sure proud she didn’t send us packing on a quest for less snow or something, I will have to admit how well the display turned out and I am sure that she actually needed four more batteries.


  1. Okay, this is yet another reason why I love Cindy....the fact that she wanted a quarter to ride Tom and Jerry, because I would have done the SAME THING!!!

    You GO, Cindy Girl!

    You know how to have FUN!

    LOVED this post, Jimmy! I was giggling and chuckling through the whole thing. It sounds like you guys and gals had a great evening!

    I much food can you eat at Sizzler? I usually just get the salad bar too. But then that also leaves me more room for dessert!

    Fun post, Jimmy!

  2. OM Gosh-- I LMBO as whenever I go to Wally World- I buy a 12 pack of all sizes of batteries except "B"!

    What don't they have that size??? Hmmm...? Because you would be asking for B-Batteries and people would just think you stutter! Where are the B Bateries?

    What type?

    The B Batteries!


    Stolen from Comedy Central--Demetri Martin!

    Man I Love the Sizzler!


  3. I used to love The Sizzler but they shut down all their restaurants in our area many years ago. I was shocked to read another blog that they were still in business!

    Cindy definitely knows how to have fun! Love it!

  4. We have an expression called "The Sizzler Strut" for how we walk after a huge dinner!!!

    Take extra quarters next time and a video camera too!!!

  5. I have never eaten at a Sizzler. Now I have to find oe and try it!

  6. omg i love cindy i so would have rode that ride to cute

  7. LOL... My kinda gal.. Ride Em Cindy-O!!!!

    Oh I miss Sizzler.. None here in Florida. Yu guys had fun. Kinda remind me of Lucy/Ricky/Fred?Ethel..

    I'll say this, you all know how to have good, simple fun..the best kind!!!!!

    and why are hot dogs and the buns count mis-matched?

  8. Hey Ron, Now why does this not surprise me, I can just see you and Cindy running to see who gets to the ride first Ha Ha

    I always eat too much at the Sizzler although I am getting it figured out a bit better :^)

    John, Maybe that is why they don’t sell B Batteries, I do stutter every once in a while and it would be bad if they sold B Batteries because there would definitely be too many b’s Ha Ha BBB B Batteries

    Hey Cocotte, The Sizzler is still going strong here and we do like going there, we always have a good time especially when we get together with Bob and Martha

  9. Betty, I will have to remember the Sizzler Strut because I am sure we were all doing it the other night ha Ha

    Extra quarters and a video next time :^)

    Hey Linda, I am sure there is one not too far from you and I know you will love it as much as we do

    Becca, You and Cindy will have to take turns riding with Tom and Jerry, that would be a blast :^)

    Hey Lynne, I had to look it up and Sizzler says they have two locations in Fla still, but that’s about it for the east coast.

    Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel I will so think of this next time we go out Ha Ha and from my calculations you can buy three packages of buns and two packages of hot dogs to come out even, but that’s just messed up isn’t it.


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